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Review: Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps

Review: Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps

Overview : The Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip is the perfect accessory for all DSLR photographers. It fits an endless variety of lens caps, keeping the cap close to the lens and user at all times. It can connect to all types of camera neck straps (up to 1-inch wide), and is ideal for sling-style straps.

Features :
  • Keeps Lens Caps Clean, Safe and Handy
  • Improved for Narrower Camera Straps
  • Easily and Securely Attaches to Straps
  • Holds All Types of Lens Caps

Press Release: Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card Sends Photos to Mobile Devices

Eye-Fi has made downloading digital camera photos onto mobile devices a lot easier. Eye-Fi users have been wirelessly transferring images from card to computer for some time now, but the new Eye-Fi Mobi card uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly send images to your mobile device via a iOS, Android or Kindle app.

The Eye-Fi Mobi card functions as a normal SD card inside a digital camera. By entering the card's unique 10-digit code into the Eye-Fi app, users can download and transfer images to their mobile devices. Once the photos are on a smartphone or tablet, users can edit and share them as they would any mobile photo.

Eye-Fi hopes that the new Mobi cards will mean easier DSLR photo uploading for mobile-only editing apps and photo-sharing social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The new cards could also mean lighter traveling for photographers. Instead of hauling around a laptop, photographers can back-up photos to both their smartphone/tablet storage or to the cloud through the mobile device.

For those users who prefer to edit their pictures on a computer Eye-Fi still offers the "traditional" Pro X2 16GB card, which offers wireless transfer to PC/Mac, RAW upload support and optional cloud backup.

You can purchase Eye-Fi products from Amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama.

Continue reading for full press release.

Source: DPreview

Deal: SanDisk One Day Memory Card Sale Special

Today only, enjoy special savings on memory cards from SanDisk. This one-day offer is valid on June 3, 2013.

B&H Photo has discounts on selected Sandisk memory cards. Amazon is also offering discounts on selected Sandisk memory cards – up to 60%.
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