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Review: CPTech B-Grip UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster

Overview : Photographers who value being quick on the draw and fast to get the shot will appreciate the UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster from B-Grip. This holster is designed to hold a compact, mirrorless, or bridge camera. A versatile product, the UNO may be attached to a backpack, belt or bag. Unlike many other holsters, the Uno suspends your camera vertically both for comfort and to help prevent the lens from bumping into you.

The UNO comes with a variety of mounting hardware such as tightening nuts, and a steel u-bolt for attaching to your backpack, bag, or belt. An included quick-release plate screws to the bottom of your camera with a solid brass screw. The brass helps protect your camera's tripod thread. Press the release lever on the holster to mount or remove your camera. For added security, an orange, safety-lock lever provides peace-of-mind. For speed and convenience, UNO's Arco compatible mounting plate fits Arca-sized tripod heads. This makes transitioning from holster, to handheld, to tripod fast and easy.

Features :
  • Swap from carrying to shooting in a second
  • Designed for mirrorless or compact SLRs
  • Made of high performance quality material
  • Quick mounting plate is Arca compatible
  • Can be used with belts, backpack or camera bag shoulder straps

Quality/Usability : If you've been following us or read our reviews, we reviewed B-Grip's first product known as the EVO back in 2011. The EVO was geared more towards heavier gear such as DSLR camera bodies. Fast forward 4 years later and B-Grip has released UNO. UNO is designed for mirrorless or compact sized cameras.

The B-Grip UNO includes the UNO unit, rear bracket, two nuts, belt hanger and quick release plate.

The B-Grip UNO is made of Durethan high tech polymer. Durethan of Lanxess is classified HPM (High Performance Material) and it’s used exclusively for high precision items. As stated, the UNO is designed for mirrorless or compact sized cameras. You can use SLR's such as the Canon Rebel series. I personally wouldn't go any bigger than the Rebel series or equivalent. For bigger cameras, you'll want to take a look at the B-Grip EVO.

The red lever is a lock. This prevents the UNO from accidentally releasing your camera and having it fall to its death. To mount/release your camera, simply lift up on the black lever and pull your camera out.

The quick release plate is also made of Durethan and is compatible with Arca-Swiss ball heads. You can use your fingers to tighten the mounting screw to the bottom of the camera. For added security, you can use a coin to help tighten the screw.

You have two ways of using the UNO. One of the ways is to use the rear bracket and nuts to secure it to your strap. The strap whether it be from a shoulder strap or chest strap from a backpack would go between the back of the UNO and the rear bracket.

The above is installed on a ThinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack. The strap on the StreetWalker Pro is fairly thick and I was able to mount the B-Grip UNO onto it. This reminds me of the Peak Design Capture Clip. The UNO is bigger and covers more surface area.

When mounted on a strap near your chest/shoulder, it provides easy access to the camera and less prone to be accidentally bumped into.

The second way to use the UNO is by hooking it to your belt using the belt hanger. You would install it the same as way as the strap but now you're including the belt hanger. This goes between the UNO and rear bracket.

The above image shows the UNO and belt hanger mounted on to a belt. You'll also see a Canon G1X Mark II mounted. Having it mounted this way, it's more prone to be knocked around because it now sticks out.

Conclusion : Overall, the CPTech B-Grip UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster is light in weight thanks to the Durethan polymer plastic. It's very durable. If mounted on your belt, beware that the camera will stick out further on the side and can accidentally bump into items. If mounted on your chest/strap, it will still stick out but its towards the front and not to the side.

Deal: Lowepro Nova Sport 7L AW Shoulder Bag and Passport Sling II Bag

In addition to yesterday's deal on the Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Shoulder Bag, Adorama has more great deals on some Lowepro bags:

Deal: Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Shoulder Camera Bag

Adorama offers the Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Shoulder Camera Bag in Pepper Red for $16.95 with free shipping. This bag can store one DSLR with an attached lens, up to three extra lenses, a 10" tablet, a flash, and accessories.

Kickstarter: Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag and Field Pouch

Our good friends over at Peak Design has released their 5th Kickstarter project. Their latest project isn't another Capture Clip or strap. Instead, its a messenger bag and a pouch.

The Everyday Messenger Bag doesn't look bulky and expands nicely. The flap has a zipper to let you easily access your camera and lens without having to lift the flap up. And if you already own a Capture Clip, there are two diagonal straps on the side of the bag to let you attach your Capture Clip. There is also a dedicated 13"-15" laptop/tablet sleeve and document pocket.

The Field Pouch fits in both the main compartment and the front panel of The Everyday Messenger. It’s made from the same materials, contains 5 stretchy mesh pockets, and holds a lot or a little without losing its shape.

You can even attach Peak Design straps to the Pouch (via Hypalon loops on either side) and attach Capture on the front Hypalon strap. It becomes the perfect excursion bag for you and a mirrorless camera.

The Field Pouch pledge is $30 and the Everyday Messenger Bag is $195. Buy both together for $225.

We'll bring full review of the messenger bag and pouch when we get them in our hands.

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Continue reading for full press release and images.

Peak Design Re-Thinks the Modern Messenger Bag
Launching on Kickstarter, The Everyday MessengerTM is for Cameras & Essential Carry

San Francisco, CA (July 22, 2015) — Peak Design, one of most innovative and disruptive camera accessory brands in recent years, is back to Kickstarter for the fifth time in five years to a launch their first in a planned line of bags. Partnering with professional photographer Trey Ratcliff, Peak Design set an ambitious goal to completely re-think every function and design element of the modern messenger bag. After a year of close collaboration and design, Ratcliff and Peak Design are proud to unveil The Everyday MessengerTM, a complete overhaul of the classicmessenger bag that meets the demands of not just photographers, but travelers, commuters and the creative class.

Product development was started over a year ago when Trey Ratcliff, an avid user of Peak Design gear, approached the team with a challenge to design a bag that accommodated photo gear, but also the implements of everyday life. “I’m sick and tired of camera bags,” Ratcliff exclaims in the Kickstarter video, “they’re bulky foam cubes with messy dividers and tons of dead space. I’m tired of switching bags when I’m not shooting – I wish I had one bag that I could use everyday.” The result of this collaboration is a bag that is of universal appeal, with camera-specific functionality, but delivered in a novel format that maximizes capacity and versatility, and with a clean, classic aesthetic.

The Everyday Messenger features the new patent-pending MagLatchTM, a proprietary closure mechanism designed to allow blind, one-handed operation, and both semi and full lock engagement. The bag expands from 13.5L to 20.5L, utilizing a system of 22 foam panels that expand and contract cleanly, without losing shape. The exterior is built from a 500D synthetic canvas with wax coating and DWR finish, which sheds water and provides good-looking rugged durability. The Everyday Messenger’s interior is constructed with several removable high-density compression-molded EVA foam inserts that fold to adapt to a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories, without creating pockets of “dead space” found in typical camera bags. The Everyday Messenger is finished with an internally-padded seatbelt-style shoulder strap that allows a huge range of adjustment with no hanging “tail” of extra webbing.

With the launch of The Everyday Messenger, Peak Design is celebrating both the company’s five-year anniversary and its fifth appearance on Kickstarter. As a company born, nurtured, and matured through crowdfunding, Peak Design has continually delivered meaningful innovation to stagnant product categories via the Kickstarter platform. To design The Everyday Messenger, Peak Design partnered with one of the world’s most acclaimed travel photographers, Trey Ratcliff, to integrate both photography and general travel expertise. “As a travel photographer, “I’ve used my fair share of bags but I’ve never found one that checks all the boxes,” Ratcliff says. Other than a camera, a bag is the most important tool a photographer brings along. This has been a major passion project — I've always wanted to build the perfect companion bag.”

Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday MessengerTM is more than just an innovative camera bag. It’s giant leap for all of bag-kind. Designed for photographers, creatives, travelers, urbanites and everybody in-between. Available on Kickstarter, 7/22/15.

The Everyday MessengerTM Characteristics:
  • Brand new patent-pending MagLatchTM operates blindly, securely and with 1 hand.
  • Origami-inspired FlexFoldTM dividers are made of high-density foam, and fold/flex around camera gear, eliminating dead space found in traditional camera bags.
  • Shell expands and contracts (13.5L to 20.5L) without losing shape.
  • 2 dedicated Capture clip attachment points for fast exterior camera access.
  • Front access panel allows fast external access to smaller accessories.
  • Top zip allows latch-less access to main compartment.
  • Converts from messenger bag to low-slung shoulder bag.
  • Quick adjusting 2-inch padded tubular seatbelt-style strap.
  • Removable waist strap for load distribution and stability.
  • Optimized for all photography kits, up to a full-frame DSLR with 3 lenses and accessories.
  • Equally optimized for everyday carry and use by non-photographers.
  • Dedicated 13-15” laptop pocket with tablet/document sleeve.
  • Color-coded internal pocket layout designed around photography workflow.
  • 2 side pockets for quick access to water bottles and smartphones.
  • Weather resistant waxed shell with high-density padding.
  • Premium water resistant exterior zippers.
  • Hypalon-reinforced and bar-tacked stress points.
  • Lifetime warranty from Peak Design.
The Everyday Messenger™ is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable messenger bag designed around the workflows of photographers, creatives, travelers and commuters. It's more than a camera bag, it's your day-to-day essential carry workhorse, and it does things other camera bags can't.

Behind every good bag is a wing-bag. The Field Pouch™ is a manager of cords, hard drives, toiletries, socks, Pogs slammers and all those other pesky doo-dads that can’t seem to get along with the big boys.

Review: GoWorx GoKnuckles for GoPro HERO

Overview : Hit the streets, surf, or snow in style with the black GoWorx GoKnuckles for GoPro HERO. Inspired by the classic look of brass knuckles, the GoKnuckles is a functional handheld mount with an integrated three-prong GoPro mounting interface. Your HERO camera can be mounted facing towards you or away from you, letting you capture yourself and others during action sports and adventures. An anodized aluminum thumbscrew with stainless steel hardware comes included for securing your HERO housing or frame.

Features :
  • Works with all GoPro HERO cameras
  • Handheld Mount
  • Provides secure handsfree grip
  • Three-Prong GoPro Mounting Interface
  • Aluminum Thumbscrew Included
  • Durable, waterproof and safe
  • Ultra-Portable size
Quality/Usability : We were contacted by GoWorx to see if we were interested in reviewing their GoPro HERO accessories. Here at 1KIND Photography, we love to review all kinds of products not only to help spread the word but to potentially help the manufacturer improve their product and to give them unbiased feedback.

The GoWorx GoKnuckles is really simple. It comes with the knuckles and thumbscrew. It comes in multiple colors: black, orange, blue and slime green.

The GoKnuckles resembles brass knuckles but is made of durable lightweight plastic with a rubberized texture to it for added grip. The top of the GoKnuckles is a three-prong mount that lets you attach a GoPro HERO. One thing I noticed when I opened the package was that one of the prongs was bent in. Not a big deal since I bent it back but I noticed on the inside that the edge turned white. Same as if you bend a piece of plastic, it turns white/cloudy. It would be nice if this was more reinforced and more sturdy but once the GoPro is mounted, you have nothing to worry about.

The images above show a GoPro HERO mounted onto the GoKnuckles. You can either have it facing forward for POV (point-of-view) or turn it around for a selfie.

Holding the GoKnuckles felt comfortable. I would say my fingers are average and there was still plenty of space left for bigger fingers. I can even open my hands and the GoKnuckles still felt secure in my hands.

Want to get a lower shot with the GoPro HERO? You can flip the GoKnuckles upside down.

Conclusion : Overall, the GoWorx GoKnuckles for GoPro HERO is a nice product that lets you get steady shots. I would like to see the prongs a bit more sturdier and maybe a strap attachment so I can attach a wrist strap for when I'm not using the GoKnuckles.

Manufacturer: GoWorx
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

Deal: Amazon Prime Day

Don't forget, today is Amazon Prime Day. Amazon promises it will have more deals than Black Friday. The only catch is that you need an Amazon Prime membership, which is free for the first 30 days. Sign up for Amazon Prime and take advantage of Prime Day.

Review: GoWorx The Original Handle for GoPro HERO

Overview : The Original Handle by GoWorx gives you a scorpion tail handle for capturing new and unique camera angles with your GoPro while providing better stability rather than holding the camera by itself. Not just for hand-held work, the Original Handle is free-standing, so you can rest it on a flat surface and use it like a mini tripod.

The Original Handle+ version features a rubber grip and a strap for mounting the GoPro WiFi remote so you can operate the camera while holding the grip. The Pro version comes only in anodized silver and gold.

Features :
  • Works with Any GoPro HERO Cameras
  • Constructed from High Strength Plastic
  • Aluminum Thumbscrew
  • Adjustable 550 Paracord Wrist Strap
  • Lightweight Design
  • Strap for GoPro Wi-Fi Remote

Quality/Usability : We were contacted by GoWorx to see if we were interested in reviewing their GoPro HERO accessories. Here at 1KIND Photography, we love to review all kinds of products not only to help spread the word but to potentially help the manufacturer improve their product and to give them unbiased feedback.

No packaging was included with the Original Handle other than a little hang tag attached to the paracord and a thumbscrew. The Original Handle is made of durable plastic and nothing else. If you want a rubber handle, you'll have to purchase the Original Handle+ (see below).

The "+" version features a strap that lets you mount the GoPro WiFi Remote so you can operate the GoPro while holding the grip as well as a rubber handle. The Original also has a Pro version which includes the remote strap and comes in anodized silver and anodized gold.

The Original Handle is compatible with any GoPro HERO. When I was mounting the GoPro using the included thumbscrew, I noticed it was a bit tough to screw in. Upon looking closer, the screw itself and the plastic was off-centered. So the plastic on the thumbscrew was rubbing against the base of the hole on the Original Handle. I tried a different thumbscrew and it was smooth while screwing in. It could be an isolated situation and not a big issue. I did contact GoWorx and they sent out a replacement screw out immediately. Their customer service is top-notch for a small company.

Since the Original Handle is made of plastic, you'll have no issues taking it with you in the water if needed.

Conclusion : Overall, the GoWorx The Original Handle for GoPro HERO is great if you're looking to capture unique camera angles with your GoPro. It offers nice stability when you're looking for a steady shot. I would of liked a rubber grip rather than plastic. This would of offered additional grip.

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