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Review: GoWorx The Original Handle for GoPro HERO

Overview : The Original Handle by GoWorx gives you a scorpion tail handle for capturing new and unique camera angles with your GoPro while providing better stability rather than holding the camera by itself. Not just for hand-held work, the Original Handle is free-standing, so you can rest it on a flat surface and use it like a mini tripod.

The Original Handle+ version features a rubber grip and a strap for mounting the GoPro WiFi remote so you can operate the camera while holding the grip. The Pro version comes only in anodized silver and gold.

Features :
  • Works with Any GoPro HERO Cameras
  • Constructed from High Strength Plastic
  • Aluminum Thumbscrew
  • Adjustable 550 Paracord Wrist Strap
  • Lightweight Design
  • Strap for GoPro Wi-Fi Remote

Quality/Usability : We were contacted by GoWorx to see if we were interested in reviewing their GoPro HERO accessories. Here at 1KIND Photography, we love to review all kinds of products not only to help spread the word but to potentially help the manufacturer improve their product and to give them unbiased feedback.

No packaging was included with the Original Handle other than a little hang tag attached to the paracord and a thumbscrew. The Original Handle is made of durable plastic and nothing else. If you want a rubber handle, you'll have to purchase the Original Handle+ (see below).

The "+" version features a strap that lets you mount the GoPro WiFi Remote so you can operate the GoPro while holding the grip as well as a rubber handle. The Original also has a Pro version which includes the remote strap and comes in anodized silver and anodized gold.

The Original Handle is compatible with any GoPro HERO. When I was mounting the GoPro using the included thumbscrew, I noticed it was a bit tough to screw in. Upon looking closer, the screw itself and the plastic was off-centered. So the plastic on the thumbscrew was rubbing against the base of the hole on the Original Handle. I tried a different thumbscrew and it was smooth while screwing in. It could be an isolated situation and not a big issue. I did contact GoWorx and they sent out a replacement screw out immediately. Their customer service is top-notch for a small company.

Since the Original Handle is made of plastic, you'll have no issues taking it with you in the water if needed.

Conclusion : Overall, the GoWorx The Original Handle for GoPro HERO is great if you're looking to capture unique camera angles with your GoPro. It offers nice stability when you're looking for a steady shot. I would of liked a rubber grip rather than plastic. This would of offered additional grip.

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