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Review: Orangemonkie Foldio360 Smart 360° Product Photography Turntable

Overview : Foldio360 is a smart turntable that allows you to create stunning 360 images. All you need is the Foldio360, your smartphone, and a light box.

Foldio360 was designed to be available for everyone, no matter if you are an amateur or professional photographer. Foldio360 is easy and simple to use, but creates high quality 360 pictures.

Features :
  • FOLDIO360: The Foldio360 is a smart turntable that allows you to create 360° images using just a smartphone. Create your own stunning 360° images with the Foldio360.
  • 360° IMAGES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Foldio360 is designed for everyone. All you need is a light box and your smartphone or DSLR camera to use the Foldio360. Now it's easy to create 360° images. Pairs nicely with the Foldio2 (sold separately).
  • AUTOMATIC SHOOTING SYSTEM: The Foldio360 uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to connect directly with your smartphone and DSLR camera. Once you click the start button, it will automatically rotate, take photos and combine them to create one final 360 image. It’s truly simple, but incredibly awesome.
  • HALO EDGE LIGHT SYSTEM: Experience 360° images to the next level. Foldio360 has a unique feature called Halo Edge light system to further enhance the quality of your 360° images. This helps eliminate any boundary line to create high quality 360 images.
  • SIZE: 250mm x 250mm x 45mm (10″ x 10″ x 1.7″)
  • MAX. LOAD: Up to 5kg (11lbs)

Quality/Usability : If you do product photography or sell on eBay or Etsy, this may be the product you've been looking for. The Foldio360 is a portable motorized turntable that rotates your product 360°. It can work as a standalone or with the Foldio2 15" Portable Light Box. This is a great way to show your products off in 360° fashion.

The Foldio360 measures 250mm x 250mm x 40mm (10 inches x 10 inches x 1.7 inches) with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and IR sensor that connects directly to your electronic device (smartphone, tablet) and DSLR cameras.

The front of the Foldio360 is where your IR (InfraRed) is located. This is what communicates with your DSLR camera. Below the IR sensor, this is also where the power adapter comes out from.

Even though the Foldio360 measures at 10 inches x 10 inches, that is the base. The base is wider than the turntable itself which measures approximately 9.81250 inches x 9.81250 inches.

The Halo Edge lighting has 45 cells with a Daylight 5700k. The brightness can only be controlled through their Foldio360 app.

The Halo Edge light only activates when the app is in use, otherwise it won’t activate. It would have been great if there was a dial or something that would let you control the brightness manually.

The bottom of the Foldio360 has five rubber feet that keeps the Foldio360 planted on the surface. There is also a spot to insert the power adapter and a small black button. This button is to change your modes.

Hold down the button for 3-seconds and it changes it to Display mode. Display mode lets the Foldio360 spin constantly until you hold the button down for another 3-seconds. When Display mode is active, the Halo Edge light and Bluetooth connectivity is disabled.

The power adapter of course powers the unit. It would have been nice if the cord itself was a little bit longer. I had to move my setup closer to an outlet. If you don't want to move or have a specific location, you can use an extension cord.

If you are using the Foldio2 or another portable light box that has lights, you'll probably need a power strip that has additional outlets.

One of the Stretch Goals on Kickstarter for those who backed them, received black and gray color sheets. If they are going to include black and gray, they should of included green as well to match their backdrops. It would have been nice if they offered these to all Foldio360 purchases or made them available for sale.

Since they don't offer these for sale, you can purchase the extra backdrops for about $15-$20 and just cut them to the size of the turntable. You can get two or three circles from each backdrop and an extra white backdrop in case it gets dirty.

The other Stretch Goal was a center guide film. When you think film, you think of something transparent. Instead, what they provided was a center guide printed on thin cardboard paper. If this is not included with Foldio360 purchases, it could have been made available for purchase or made the template available for print — after all, they did have a prototype of it printed on paper.

With Orangemonkie's center guide, it stuck out a little from the edge. Below is my own center guide that I created from scratch prior to Orangemonkie sending me the exclusive Kickstarter Stretch Goal items.

My template is as perfect as you can get to the top of the turntable (at least to me). You will need to print it out and cut it out yourself. If you do need the center guide, you can go ahead and PRINT (click on the magnifying glass to enlarge and print). See our paper template below as well as instructions:

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: Since the Foldio360 is just shy of 10x10, it will not print on 8.5x11 (Letter/A4) paper unless you print in halves and tape them together or print on 11x17 (Tabloid/A3) paper or if you happen to have 11x17 transparency film. Once printed, all you have to do is cut out the circle. If you want it to last longer, you can laminate it as well.

The Foldio360 turntable uses their own Foldio360 app, that lets you control various parameters (iTunes and Google Play). Open the Foldio360 app, setup your shot, and press start. When you click the start button, the turntable starts rotating automatically and the camera begins to take pictures. Images are then stitched or combined together for a 360° view. It can take 24, 36 or 48 images. The less images it takes, the more choppy it will be and the more images, the smoother it will be.

When using the app with an electronic device (iOS and Android), in addition to the ability to control the Halo Edge light, you can also control image resolution, focus, zoom, exposure compensation, color balance and composition grids.

When you download the Foldio360 app and have connected it to the turntable, there are four modes to choose from:

MODE 1: Smartphone
This allows you to connect to your electronic device whether it be an iOS device or Android. You will be using your iOS or Android device to take pictures and control the Foldio360 through the app.

[Apple iOS - iPhone, iPad]
  • iOS 7.1 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Smartphone with bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher (Required LE version)
Below are the camera settings that you can control through the app for electronic devices only:

  1. Exposure : Control exposure. You can also control the exposure by swiping the screen up and down. This function helps you to create a clean image by using Halo Edge light function together. (For Android phones, the result of exposure can be different depending on the manufacturing company.)
  2. Color (iOS only) : Control color temperature. You can alos control the color temperature by swiping the screen left and right.
  3. Grid : Grid on/off
  4. Gyro : This function helps you check the horizontal balance by using gyro sensor.
  5. Help : It shows the description of screen.
You can also export your file to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or ZIP file (JPG, GIF, MP4) to the cloud or to your email.

Foldio360 communicates with your DSLR camera through IR (InfraRed) technology. All you would need to do is put your camera in remote control mode in addition to your typical settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Pentax
Below are the controls within the Foldio360 app for Smartphone and DSLR camera mode:
  1. Speed : Rotation speed. Choose a desirable rotation speed depending on the subject’s weight.
  2. Frame : Choose the total number of photos. We recommend 24 or 36 frame setting for sharing online.
  3. Halo Edge : Control the Halo Edge light brightness. It helps you to create a clean image with camera brightness function.
  4. Rotate left : Rotate the turntable to left direction manually.
  5. Rotate right : Rotate the turntable to right direction manually.
There is a chance that the automatic shooting can stop even though the Foldio360 keeps rotating. It means that the image processing speed of your camera is slower than the Foldio360’s rotation speed. All you would need to do is go into SETTINGS on the Foldio360 app and change the IR Delay to match that of your camera.

MODE 3: Video
This lets you record a video of the product spinning on the Foldio360 instead of taking individual images. At the time of this review, it is only available for iOS. Android support will be coming soon. This will not work with DSLR cameras.

MODE 4: Turntable Control
This mode basically allows you to control the angle degree of the turntables rotation. You can have it automatically do a complete 360° spin or infinite (constant spin). You can also control it manually.

Below are the controls within the Foldio360 app for Video and Turntable Control modes:
  1. Speed : Rotation speed. Choose a desirable rotation speed depending on the subject’s weight.
  2. Number of rotation : One time rotation / Infinite rotation
  3. Halo Edge : Control the Halo Edge light brightness. It helps you to create a clean image with camera brightness function.
  4. Rotate left : Rotate the turntable to left direction manually.
  5. Rotate right : Rotate the turntable to right direction manually.
If you're using your smartphone or tablet, the images are sent to your electronic device. The app can easily stitch together the 360 product image. But if you're using a DSLR, you can transfer the images to your computer and use a program like Photoshop to make your own animated GIF. Orangemonkie also has a site called SPINZAM. It is an online platform where you can upload and store your images onto the Foldio site and directly link it to your store, social media or another site — or embed the image directly. With SPINZAM, your customer has the ability to rotate the images themselves manually.

Through SPINZAM, you can set your images to be:
  • Public - Your images will be visible on SPINZAM's community for others to see
  • Private - Your images will only be visible to you
  • Linked - Your images will only be visible when linked to but not to the public on SPINZAM's community
Here is our unboxing and setup video:


Here is the results of our 3D printed Canon Eg Eyecup Extender taken with the setup above:

(use mouse cursor to rotate image left and right)

Animated GIF created with Adobe Photoshop CC using the same images from above:

As you can see, if uploaded through SPINZAM, the user has the ability to rotate the image. If I create it myself, its automatically animated and constantly rotates. I'm sure if you're technical enough and have a place to upload scripts, you can probably set it up yourself.

Conclusion : Overall, the Orangemonkie Foldio360 Smart 360° Product Photography Turntable is a nice product for product photography. If you sell online whether it be eBay, Etsy or at a local flee market, this is a must. It's very easy to use, the app gives you control not only on the Foldio360 but also the images. I love the fact that I can also put it in display mode and just let the turntable spin non-stop. This is a great way to show off your product at events, tradeshows or even at special events like a big birthday party or wedding.

I would of liked the ability to control the Halo Edge lighting not only through the app but also manually with a dial or something on the Foldio360. What if I just wanted to use it as a display or something? I would have to open up the app just to turn on the light.

I wish that I was able to export the interactive rotation from SPINZAM's website and host it on my own instead of on theirs.

It would of been also nice if they included or at least offered to sell the Kickstarter Stretch Goals as I feel they are important to the Foldio360. Luckily, there are alternatives such as purchasing the extra backdrops and cutting them out and printing out our center guide template.

Manufacturer: Orangemonkie
Site: Buy from Amazon

Review: Peak Design Range Pouch Lens Holster

Overview : Whether you’re toting a lens (or two), flash, mic, drone, tape measure, or other oft-used piece of gear, Range Pouch will keep it secure, protected and instantly accessible. And it does so with a low-profile design, clean aesthetic, and thoughtful features that you won’t see in other pouch systems. Sturdy belt loops allow mounting without removing your belt. Expandable opening with silent, unidirectional hook-and-loop closure facilitates lightning-fast access. Thick premium felt padding protects, and folds down to allow stacking of multiple smaller lenses or items. Anchor attachment points let you carry Range Pouch with any Peak Design strap.

Features :
  • Rapid belt attachment
  • Works with Peak Design straps
  • Silent 1-way closure
  • Easy reach opening
  • Expandable top flap
  • Waterproof shell
  • Interior slip pocket
  • Available in small, medium and large

Quality/Usability : When Peak Design announced the Everyday Backpack, Everyday Tote and Everyday Sling to their Kickstarter campaign, the Range Pouch was a late addition. But I'm glad that they added it. These are a great compliment to the Everyday bag line and even as a standalone.

The Range Pouch comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Unfortunately, if you own other Peak Design products that are either in the Heritage Tan or Ash, the Range Pouch only comes in least as of this review. They may release Range Pouches in other colors in the future.

The small is best for pancake and prime lenses. The medium is best for prime lenses and mid-zooms (i.e. 24-70). The large is best for mid-zooms and telephoto lenses (i.e. 70-200). Peak Design says that it can fit with lens hood but from what I have tried, it fits best without. The lens hood just adds more bulk and not only makes it harder to insert into the Range Pouch but to also close.

The front of the Range Pouch has a long strip of velcro. This allows you to close the flap as low or as high depending on how much room there is to close the flap. When you lift the flap, you can either lift it up as normal which would result in the typical velcro sound. Or you can pull down on the flap and than lift away. This will result in a much quieter opening of the cover.

During my testing, I was able to fit smaller items into the small Range Pouch such as batteries, smartphone, chargers, etc. With the medium, I actually used it to carry my G1 X Mark II during my trip to Disneyland. And with the large, I was able to fit a 20 oz. water bottle, flash, telephoto lens and larger items.

I do not own a DJI Mavic Pro drone but Peak Design has shown pictures of the drone fitting into the large pouch WITH the controller.

Inside all three sizes of the Range Pouch, you have your main compartment as well as a small pocket to store batteries, memory cards, ID, money, etc. It's kept closed with velcro.

Tucked inside the flap is a felt flap. This allows you to fold it down into the main compartment which will allows you to stack multiple lenses and offer protection.

Take a look at our video below for better demonstration and view of these pockets and flap.

On the back of all the Range Pouches, you have a small mesh pocket with a plastic card. This lets you label your pouch or add whatever information you want to add. They also included anchor links for you to attach either the Peak Design Leash, Slide, Slide Summit Edition or SlideLite (all sold separately).

The medium and large Range Pouch are the only two pouches that come with a handle on the back.

If you don't want to use a strap to carry the Range Pouch, you can wear it with a belt either by sliding your belt through the pouch or by loosening the velcro and putting it over your belt.

Take a look at our unboxing and gear load video:

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Range Pouch Lens Holster is great if you want to keep smaller items near your or even your lenses. These make great carry cases without the added bulk.

Although the pouches may hold and protect your gear nicely, I would of may be liked the sides to have a little bit of elastic so that it can expand easier. Depending on the item, sometimes it takes a little force either trying to get it in or to get it out.

It may be on other products but this is the first time I've seen the velcro be opened two ways. You have the usual way of just opening which gives you that sound of the velcro ripping away. But if you pull the flap down and away from you, it releases quietly.

Video and Update to our 3D Print Canon Eg Eyepiece Extender

We have some great news about our 3D printed Canon Eg Eyepiece Extender. Since our last update, we made a very minor fine tune to our CAD file and did some test 3D printing and they came out great. We printed a few just to see what the demand will be so when they become available, it will be very limited. Not to mention, printing these on a 3D printer takes some time.

We are in the process of finishing up our post with additional product shots and information along with pricing before we push it live. For those curious, pricing is approximately $25 including shipping within the US.

For now, you can take a look at a video we made with an overview and comparison to the JJC as well as test fitting onto a Canon EOS 7D.

If you're interested, please sign up so we gauge interest and demand as well as notify you when it is available.

When you receive an email, please confirm so you can be added to the list. If you did not receive an email, please check your junk/spam box. Thank you!

Deal: Veho 360-Degree Timelapse Stand for iPhones

Amazon offers the Veho 360° Photography and Timelapse Accessory for iPhones / Cameras, model no. VCC-100-XL, for $9.99 with free shipping. (Non-members can spend $49 to bag free shipping; otherwise, it adds $5.14.) It features the ability to take 90°, 180°, 270°, or 360° timelapse and panoramic photos and supports cameras that weigh up to 750 grams.

Review: MindShift Gear rotation180° Travel Away 22L Backpack

Overview : Rotation backpacks provide the fastest access to your gear. Now MindShift introduces this patented, award-winning technology to travelers and outdoor explorers with the rotation180° Travel Away backpack. When traveling in unfamiliar places, knowing where your critical items are is very important. Having one place to access all of these necessities puts your mind at ease.

In one swift motion, only the wearer can rotate the concealed beltpack to the front for instantaneous and secure access to their camera, passport, guidebook, tablet, or other travel essentials. No more stopping to remove a backpack to gain access. Travelers will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their critical and most valuable items are stowed away securely and are inaccessible to others due to the rotation180° Travel Away’s innovative design. The backpack also has dedicated pockets to conceal a 15” laptop and 10” tablet, while the beltpack can fit an 8” tablet.

Features :
  • Holds a 15" Laptop and 8 & 10" Tablets
  • Rotating Beltpack for Travel Essentials
  • Beltpack Can be Worn Separately
  • Top Compartment for Personal Items
  • Breathable Padded Airflow Harness
  • Curved Back Panel for Comfort
  • Aluminum Back Stay for Stability
  • Stretchable Side Pocket for Water Bottle
  • Made of Lightweight Nylon Materials

Quality/Usability : If you're hiking or doing things outdoor, you don't want to be weighed down with large cameras or weight of carrying a lot of stuff. The MindShift Gear rotation180 Travel Away 22L is geared towards outdoor adventures but keeping things minimal and light.

If you're looking to carry your large DSLR camera, this is not for you. You can carry a camera but it will have to be point-and-shoot or a mirrorless camera with the lens detached.

The Travel Away is minimal on the outside. There's a large zippered pocket in the front and a bigger one in the back. There's also two external pouches on each side to items such as water bottles.

rotation180 product line is what MindShift Gear is known for. rotation180 is exactly what it means. This allows you to rotate the beltpack that is within the backpack from your back to the front without having to take off the backpack.

The shoulder straps has a slight curve to it and its not your standard straight strap. The straps are also slightly padded and features a sternum strap that can slide up and down according to your preference.

The first zippered pocket on the front allows you to store your 15" laptop as well as a 10" tablet in the smaller pocket. You can also put your gloves, jacket, hat, food and other bigger items in this pocket.

There is also a mesh pocket to hold your batteries, memory cards, wallet, keys, money, etc.

The back zippered pocket has one large compartment to store additional items such as magazines, food, snacks, etc. There is also two elastic pockets which you can use to store slightly bulkier items such as chargers, even a point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera and lens separately.

The back padding on the Travel Away is padded and has two "channels" that allows your back to breathe.

One of the great features of the rotation180 is that unlatching the magnetic latch can be done with one hand. The magnetic latch system prevents the beltpack from coming out. To slide the beltpack to the front, you simply slide the latch system to disengage. Once its disengaged, you can rotate the beltpack to the front.

If you need to tuck the beltpack back into the backpack, rotate it back in and the magnetic latch will automatically connect itself when it gets close enough. No need to slide it back together.

The images above show you the front and back of both the backpack and the beltpack. The beltpack is tethered to the backpack but if you don't need the backpack, you can untether the waist beltpack and wear it on its own if you want to travel light.

On the beltpack, there are pockets on each waist belt. This gives you quick access to batteries, memory cards, smartphone, keys and other items. It can also hold your compact point-and-shoot camera, mirrorless camera or even a small DSLR prime lens.

The waist beltpack isn't meant to hold large cameras such as a DSLR. It's meant to hold a 8" tablet (iPad Mini), maps, passport, currency, documents, pens, etc.

The above animation shows you how the rotation180 Travel Away is deployed to the front.

Conclusion : Overall, the MindShift Gear rotation180° Travel Away 22L Backpack is a very lightweight backpack that keeps essentials close to you and easily accessible. The Travel Away isn't meant for overnight use and more for light traveling mainly holding your laptop, tablet and smaller cameras such as point-and-shoot or mirrorless close to you.

You won't be able to put a DSLR into the backpack but you can however use a Peak Design Capture Clip and mount it to your backpack strap.

Manufacturer: MindShift Gear
Site: Buy from MindShift Gear / Buy from AmazonBuy from B&H Photo

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