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Kickstarter: Zendure SuperTank 100W Portable Charger and SuperPort 4

Zendure is pushing the boundaries of travel technology with SuperTank, its latest power bank for laptops, phones and tablets that recently launched on Kickstarter. This is great to charge your camera batteries (if charger is run off of USB), microphones or even power your camera via USB-C.

With 138W of maximum total output, SuperTank can quickly recharge a compatible MacBook Pro or other USB-C powered laptop, so users who are away from home don’t have to constantly search for an outlet while catching up on work, gaming, or connecting through social media. With two USB-C PD (Power Delivery) ports and two ZEN+ 2.0 ports (compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 technology), SuperTank can charge up to four devices at the same time. A digital LED display conveniently indicates the remaining charge.

The new power bank has a charge capacity of 27,000mAh, enough to recharge most phones 7-9 times or supply a compatible laptop with about 13 hours of typical usage. Despite its massive storage capacity, SuperTank weighs just 17oz / 483g and is within the limit for FAA-approved carry-on batteries, making it an ideal travel companion.

SuperTank’s high-density battery cells can be recharged in about one hour with a compatible 100W charger and high-power charging cable. The new external battery is also capable of pass-through charging, which means SuperTank can be recharged while it is also supplying power to other devices.

“The one-hour recharge was an important milestone in developing SuperTank, as determined through our extensive consumer research,” said Bryan Liu, founder and CEO of Zendure. “Travelers constantly get back to their hotel late at night and have to leave early in the morning. Between the quick refill capability and the pass-through charging technology, SuperTank is a true travel essential.”

To compliment the SuperTank, Zendure is also offering the option to pledge for the SuperPort 4, either by itself or with the SuperTank. The SuperPort 4 also has a 100w USB-C PD port which is great for either charging your SuperTank or powering your laptop. The second USB-C port and two USB-A ports are each capable of 18w for charging your devices.

SuperTank will be available in black or silver via Kickstarter. One SuperPort 4 is available for $69 and one SuperTank is available for $89. The bundle pack that includes one of each is available for $148, a savings of 40%. Campaign ends Wednesday, March 6 2019 9:00 AM EST.

The first stretch goal of $200k (which has been met) gives all SuperTank backers a free rubber belt to protect the SuperTank. The next stretch goal of $300k will give all SuperTank backers one 100w 5A USB-C SuperCord for free.

Kickstarter: WANDRD VEER 18L Packable Bag with Inflatable Back Panel and Camera Cube

WANDRD has launched other successful Kickstarter campaigns are known for their backpack and other bags and they have returned to Kickstarter to launch a new campaign for their VEER 18L. The packable bag features a inflatable back panel and camera cube.

Typically packable bags lack protection and structure, making them uncomfortable to carry. The VEER 18L solves this by using an inflatable back panel to give the bag some structure and support. The camera cube inflates to protect the camera. Both of these can be deflated, packed down to a very small size and placed inside the bag.

The VEER 18L has 18 liters of volume. The camera cube can hold a Canon 5D body size with a 24-70mm lens attached. Unlike other bags, you're only able to carry what you will be using. You can however carry a bigger camera but the lens will need to be carried separately. The bag is also large enough to hold a drone such as the Mavic Pro. And if you're thirsty, there is a water bottle sleeve on the side to hold a bottle up to 32oz.

The bag is made from 100D water resistant material and all the zippers are weather resistant. The VEER 18L weighs only 383g (12.8oz) and packs down into a very small package, making it ideal for carrying in a bigger bag and use as a day bag.

You can get the VEER 18L with inflatable back panel by pledging $79 on Kickstarter. If you're interested in getting it with camera cube, you can pledge $118. Delivery is scheduled for August 2019.

Kickstarter: SwitchPod - The Minimal, Versatile, Handheld Tripod

When you think of a vlogger's setup, one of the main things you think of is the Joby GorillaPod. It lets you hold the camera away from you so that you can get yourself in the frame and serves as a dual purpose tripod.

If you have ever used a Gorillapod, you will know they are designed to be flexible but depending on the size and weight of yoru camera gear, they don't always hold their position. You also have to adjust the legs every time you want to set it down on a table as a tripod and configure the legs again for vlogging via hand holding.

A new Kickstarter campaign, SwitchPod, a handheld 'minimal' tripod that switches from handheld mode to tripod mode in only a couple seconds is seeking funding. The device requires almost no effort to convert, enabling users to seamlessly transition from recording while holding the device to recording from a flat surface without pausing to adjust the stand.

SwitchPod is compatible with any camera, including smartphones and DSLR models. It is made from an aluminum alloy design, and supports up to 100lbs / 45kg. There are hidden magnets on the legs to help keep them close together. The tripod features a 1/4-20" standard screw for directly attaching a camera, as well as support for ball heads and quick release plates.

There are two additional 1/4-20" threads on the tripod's legs enable users to attach accessories, such as a light and microphone, plus the leg design makes it possible to clip SwitchPod to a bag using a carabiner. Other features include a tightening knob, non-slip feet, two sets of finger grooves for grasping the tripod in different positions, and a circle pad to protect the camera's base. The tripod weighs 11.1oz / 315g and measures 11in / 28cm long in handheld mode.

The SwitchPod is set to ship August 2019 and will retail for $99 USD but Kickstarter backers can pledge $79. You can buy 2 for $149 or 5 for $349. There is only one size available and only comes in black.

Continue reading for full press release.

Kickstarter: TAIHE Gemini 15.6" Portable Monitor

There are a few portable monitors on the market but they are all 1080p. TAIHE was present at CES 2019 with their Gemini, where they not only offer 1080p but a 4K version as well. Shortly after, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. At the time of writing, the Kickstarted project has raised $841,000, way beyond its funding goal of $10,000.

Chinese firm TAIHE, headlines its Gemini as the world's "most affordable on-the-go monitor". The Gemini is a 15.6-inch IPS LCD that looks quite sleek in its design and offers a collapsible hinge stand that makes it ideal to stow and take on the go. There are two variants of the monitor, a 1080p FHP model with touchscreen capabilities, that has ports for power, USB Type-C, dual micro-USB, and dual mini HDMI. The 4K UHD model does not have a touchscreen and has two USB 2.0 ports, USB Type-C, mini DisplayPort, HDMI port, and power. However, for an extra $120, you can add touchscreen to the 4K UHD model. Both also have HDR support.

There's a 180-degree kickstand on the back, allowing you to prop it up next to your computer. You can also rotate it to use the monitor vertically if you're going to scroll through long documents. The monitors are 8mm thick for the FHD and 10mm for the UHD and they weigh 2 pounds.

This is great for those who want a second monitor in a portable form factor. This sounds like a dream for editing your photos or video and the Gemini works with Macbooks, Chromebooks and PC laptops. You can also connect your smartphone and game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox. I don't think you'll have an issue with connecting a Amazon Fire TV Stick either.
    Since the project has went live, it has already passed a couple of Stretch Goals. The Stretch Goals that have currently been unlocked is the upgrade of the USB 2.0 ports to USB 3.0 ports for the 4K UHD, everyone will get a free screen protector in the box and it just surpassed $800,000 in funding, so everyone will get a multifunctional bag for free. The next Stretch Goal is $900,000 and if this is met, they will incorporate USB-C charging.

    If interested, you can head to the Kickstarter page. The 1080p touchscreen model starts at $159, while the UHD variant can be had for $269. These prices are for those that get in on the campaign early. The price will increase as more folks fund the project. The retail price of the FHD model will cost $299, while the UHD variant will cost $499. Like with any crowdfunding campaign, be aware that you are supporting an idea and not purchasing a product. There is always the chance the company can fail or unable to meet demands and the product might not be delivered. Campaign ends February 18, 2019 10:59 AM EST.

    Deal: Rangers 55" Aluminum Tripod w/ Ball Head

    Tycka Direct via Amazon offers the Rangers 55" Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod with Panorama Ball Head for $71.99. Coupon code "KC4D8C2V" cuts the price to $57.59 with free shipping. Deal ends February 6.

    Features include:
    • high density aluminum alloy frame
    • 360° rotating ball head with 2 control knobs
    • quick release flip locks on the legs
    • built-in bubble level
    • removable leg to convert to monopod

    Review: Peak Design Travel Rain Fly

    [success headline="DISCOUNT"]As a follower of 1KIND Photography, you are eligible for a special discount. Details are at the end of this review![/success]
    Overview : When you need total protection from the elements, the ultra-packable 45L Rainfly is your best friend. It’s not your run-of-the mill rain cover, either. Constructed from burly 200D siliconized ripstop nylon, the Rain Fly packs into an integrated carry pouch. That pouch securely connects to exterior attachment points on the Travel Backpack 45L and stows neatly inside a magnetically sealed exterior sleeve. When the rain hits you can instantly deploy the Rainfly while it’s still connected to your backpack.

    Features :
    • Fully waterproof rain protection
    • 200D ripstop nylon with siliconized coating and fully taped seams
    • Integrated stuff sack, which mounts to exterior of Travel Backpack 45L and stows in the backpack's magnetically sealed external sleeve
    • 1-handed cinch cord keeps Rainfly snug around bag
    • Drainage grommet at bottom lets out any moisture that accumulates inside
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