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Kickstarter: Alter RFS Rapid Filter System: Hinged Lens Filter Adapter

There are magnetic quick release filter adapters available on the market (Breakthrough Photography and Manfrotto XUME). But when you don't need the filters, where do you put them? In your pocket or in your bag? It can be a hassle having to retrieve them or keeping track of them.

Meet Alter. It's a Rapid Filter System (RFS) that lets you engage and disengage lens filters the moment you need them. It attaches via the universal filter threads your lens has, and then you can screw a ND or CPL filter on to it (between 40.5mm and 105mm filter thread size). Yes, it still works with your lens caps but it will not work with lens hoods.

So how does Alter RFS work? Since it's attached to the filter threads on your lens, you simply lift the "window" out to expose the camera lens when you don't need to use the filter you have attached. This is great when you're going from indoors to outdoors. This also keeps your filters close to your lens at all times. The "window" is held in place with magnets so it will not flip open easily.

Two things to note is that the RFS does vignette primes past 18mm and zooms past 30mm and it will not work with lens hood to the way it flips open.

  • Adjustable friction hinge
  • 270 degree hinge rotation
  • Zero light leak
  • 360 degree hinge orientation
  • Magnetically secured closed
  • Milled aerospace aluminum with anodize
Alter RFS is available at a discounted price through their Kickstarter campaign and will retail for $79. Estimated shipping date is September 2019. There are a limited number of Early Birds (Early Adopters), so get in on it early before its sold out.
  • Early Adopter Single - $63 (20% savings)
  • Early Adopter Double - $118 (25% savings)
  • Early Adopter Triple - $165 (30% savings)
    And if you need more than 3, just add $55 for each additional RFS to your pledge amount.

    Also, instead of using step up rings, you can pledge an extra $10 for each RFS you back to get their RFS+. It is essentially a hinged step up ring. The lens ring has a smaller diameter than the filter ring. This solves the need for step up rings and removes vignetting on wide angle lenses. It has the same slim profile and forward depth as the standard RFS and is great for shooters who step up to the same size filters on all of their lenses.

    Alter offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship for the life of the product when used in normal shooting conditions and for the intended purpose.

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    Review: Maha Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Battery Charger-Analyzer

    Overview : The Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer charges up to 8 AA or AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries in approximately 1 hour. This charger is the best combination of an 8-cell charger with battery health analyzing features. It has a special One-Touch Battery Health Analyzer with actual capacity readout to provide the most accurate data. The Turbo charge mode allows you to charge your batteries twice as fast while the default mode will maximize battery life. With the Thermal Management System, your batteries will stay cool during charge. For older batteries, you can use the Deep Battery Conditioning System to revitalize them. The large backlit LCD display allows you to take quick glance of the charging status.

    Features :
    • Eight independent charging circuits for flexible charging
    • One touch Battery Health Analyzer with capacity readout to provide accurate data
    • Turbo charge (2000mA) when you need batteries charged fast
    • Thermal Management System to keep batteries cool during charge
    • Deep Battery Conditioning System to revitalize old batteries
    • Large backlit LCD display to allow quick glance

    Review: Instamic Pro Stereo Microphone and Audio Recorder

    Overview : The smartest, smallest, and most affordable microphone and audio recorder that's easy to operate.

    Features :
    • Record in 48 kHz / 96 kHz - 24bit
    • Mono & dual-mono; Pro has stereo
    • Omnidirectional polar pattern
    • Frequency response of 50 to 18,000 Hz
    • Multiple clips for recording
    • Sticky, magnetic, velcro and lanyard for adhering
    • Instamic is splashproof; Pro is waterproof
    • Works with OR without mobile app
    • Turn on Instamic with one button
    • Sync it to your bluetooth device

    Press Release: PhotoCross 15 Backpack from MindShift by Think Tank Photo

    The new MindShift PhotoCross 15 backpack by Think Tank Photo is built to withstand the elements, and will protect your gear from another punishing trip into the wild. Designed to fit an ungripped DSLR, three to five lenses, including a 70-200mm f/2.8 attached, and up to a 15” laptop, the PhotoCross 15 is constructed with durable, abrasion-proof materials and weatherproof zippers. Available in two colors, Orange Ember and Carbon Grey, the PhotoCross 15 is the ideal backpack for your next adventure.

    Don't forget that when you use our link in order to receive free gear and free domestic shipping on all orders over $50.

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    Review: Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch

    [success headline="DISCOUNT"]As a follower of 1KIND Photography, you are eligible for a special 10% OFF discount. Details are at the end of this review![/success]
    Overview : Whether storing cables, everyday gear, or travel essentials, the Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch offers unrivaled organization and ease of access. Origami-style pockets create enormous spatial efficiency, letting you pack more into a smaller space while keeping your items neatly organized and easy to find. Elastic accessory loops keep items like pens, knives, SD cards, and batteries always within reach. Exterior handles and a clamshell-style opening make this pouch a delight to hold and access. External zip pocket has a cable pass-through for easy device charging. The 200D recycled nylon canvas shell is weatherproof and aesthetically clean.

    Features :
    • Origami-style internal pocket layout
    • Smaller accessory pockets for pens, SD cards, batteries, etc.
    • Dual handles for quick opening and access
    • External passport/document pocket
    • Cable pass-through for convenient device charging
    • Anchor attachment points for carrying with PD straps (sold separately)
    • Oversized #8 weatherproof zip
    • 100% recycled 200D nylon DWR impregnated shell

    Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System

    On April 4th, Rode has introduced the Wireless GO, a wireless microphone system that being deemed as 'the world's smallest, most versatile' system of its kind. We love our Rode Filmmaker Kit [Amazon | B&H Photo | Adorama] and we use it for our YouTube videos. So we are definitely interested in this.

    Similar to its Filmmaking Kit, the Wireless GO is a kit that consists of a transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX). The Wireless GO TX module works acts as either a quick and easy clip-on wireless microphone, thanks to a high-quality built-in omnidirectional condenser capsule, or as the world’s smallest belt pack transmitter for a lavalier microphone via the 3.5mm TRS input. Unfortunately, a wired lavalier microphone is not included and will need to be purchased separately. Depending on the one you get, it can cost $50+ for a very good lapel mic.

    The RX also has a belt clip that will allow you to clip it onto your camera’s shoe mount, or clips easily onto your camera strap or an item of clothing. There is also a three-stage output pad – 0dB, -6dB, -12dB – to tailor your output to your camera or recorder.

    With the new small footprint, both modules measure approximately 44mm x 45mm x 18.5mm and weigh just 31g / 1oz. Wireless connectivity is powered by Rode's new Series III Digital 2.4GHz transmission technology that's rated for a maximum distance of 70m / 230ft in clear line-of-sight situations.

    Unlike the bigger Filmmaker Kit where it uses AA batteries, the Wireless GO has built-in Li-po batteries that are rated for seven hours of use and can be recharged via USB-C. You can also update the firmware using the same USB-C port that is used to charge them.

    The Wireless GO kit comes with two fur windshields, one pouch, one USB-A to USB-C cable and one SC2 cable. B&H Photo and Adorama has the system available to pre-order for $199 with an estimated shipping date of April 17, 2019.

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