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Hollyland MARS 400S Pro Wireless Video Transmitter Announced

Hollyland just released the new MARS 400S PRO Wireless Video System that features a new form factor with a latency of 0.08 seconds with a range of 400 feet (122 m). The MARS 400S Pro HDMI and SDI in- and outputs and multiple power inputs makes this the ideal go-to for video monitoring along with eight channels to use on set to avoid interference and to ensure a stable wireless connection.

  • Transmits up to 1080p60 SDI or HDMI video
  • 400' line-of-sight transmission to receiver, 300' to App
  • Bright OLED display
  • Real-time app monitoring and live streaming via the HollyView app
  • Simultaneously transmit to one receiver and two apps, or to four apps
  • HDMI and SDI inputs on transmitter and HDMI and SDI outputs on receiver
  • Two antennas on transmitter and two antennas on receiver
  • Power via L-series battery, DC adapter, or USB Type-C input
  • Integrated shoe adapter with 1/4"-20 mounting thread
  • Install optional channel scan firmware via the HollyView app to find the strongest signal
They have incorporated a silent mode for the built-in cooling fan. You have the option to turn the fan completely Off, switch it to Low Speed, or Auto to let the system decide whether it needs to be cooled down, for different applications and better shooting experiences. When it is on Off, they may get a little bit hot, but as long as the temperature doesn’t bother you, it won’t affect the performance of the system according to Hollyland’s test results.

Resolutions up to 1920×1080 60fps can be transmitted with an optimized monitoring data rate which is improved from 8 Mb/s to 12 Mb/s for better image quality. One transmitter can either send a signal to up to 2 receivers or you can also monitor the image with the HollyView App on up to 4 smartphones or tablets. You can also mix-and-match with one transmitter sending to 1 receiver and 2 smart devices at the same time.

Similar to the MARS 300 PRO, an integrated Sony L-Series (NP-F) battery plate are on both the receiver and transmitter. Hollyland has also added the 5~12V Type-C wide voltage charging option and DC-Input in form of a barrel connector.

The Hollyland Mars 400S PRO is available and will cost $649 which is around $100 more than the previous MARS 400S model. You can purchase from Amazon and B&H Photo.

Kickstarter: Mobile by Peak Design

Our good friends over at Peak Design has just launched their 10th Kickstarter campaign. Peak Design has dipped their feet into the smartphone accessory market with their new Mobile line.

It starts with SlimLink, a square mounting plate that relies on magnets and a ceramic insert. Peak Design has made an Everyday Case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 that has a SlimLink built right in. But don't worry if you don't have any of the phones listed. Peak Design has you covered with their Universal Adapter. Its a SlimLink with 3M VHB sticker on the back side that lets you attach it to the back of your favorite case. Peak Design also plans to support more smartphone models with Everyday Cases in the future. Peak Design is also looking to make their products be compatible with Apple's new MagSafe feature.

With the SlimLink, your handset can quickly attack to a number of Mobile-branded accessories. Peak Design has products such as mobile tripod, a wallet that doubles as a kickstand, wall mount, car, bicycle, motorbike and mounts. There's even wireless chargers too.

Here is a list of items and pricing
  • Everyday Case - $39.95 (MSRP) / $32 (KS Presale price)
  • Universal Adapter - $19.95 (MSRP) / $16 (KS Presale price)
  • Out-Front Bike Mount - $59.95 (MSRP) / $50 (KS Presale price)
  • Universal Bike Mount - $49.95 (MSRP) / $40 (KS Presale price)
  • Mobile Tripod - $54.95 (MSRP) / $45 (KS Presale price)
  • Car Mount - $39.95 (MSRP) / $32 (KS Presale price)
  • Kickstand Wallet - $49.95 (MSRP) / $40 (KS Presale price)
  • Mobile Creator Kit - $39.95 (MSRP) / $32 (KS Presale price)
  • Wall Mount (2pack) - $29.95 (MSRP) / $16 (KS Presale price)
  • Charging Car Mount - $69.95 (MSRP) / $58 (KS Presale price)
  • Motorcycle Bar Mount - $69.95 (MSRP) / $58 (KS Presale price)
  • Motorcycle Stem Mount - $69.95 (MSRP) / $58 (KS Presale price)
  • Wireless Charging Stand - $89.95 (MSRP) / $72 (KS Presale price)
In the mean time, take a look at our unboxing and quick overview video of some of the products that was sent to us. This product line has great potential. I know most people would be turned off slightly due to the lack of available case phone support. But people have to remember this is the first step and there are so many phones on the market that they have to choose which is the most popular phones that has a larger market share. There is the Universal Adapter for the time being.

I'm an Android user myself (Google Pixel 2XL) and I will be using the Universal Adapter. I am also in the market to upgrade our phones.

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