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Review: MagMod MagBounce Flash Diffuser

Overview : The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it’s simplest, most functional form. We carefully designed it to not only be beautiful, but calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output.

The MagBounce increases the apparent size of your flash by over 300%! Both it’s size and efficient white silicone texture, the MagBounce actually acts more like a small softbox than it does a bounce card.

*A MagGrip is required to use with your flash*

Features :
  • Incredibly soft light, similar to a small softbox
  • Highly efficient design maintains light output -- At 10ft distance = f/5.6 ISO800
  • Increases the size of your flash by over 300%, giving you incredibly soft light
  • White matte silicone texture provides optimal diffusion, reducing specular highlights
  • Rotates 360° in 90° increments, letting you shoot in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Freakishly strong neodymium magnets attach instantly to your flash (with MagGrip installed)
  • Patented universal MagGrip design allows the MagBounce to be used on virtually any size hot-shoe flash
  • Beautiful design complements your appearance as a professional
  • Super flexible rubber deforms and bends, preventing accidental detachment and folds into small spaces in your bag
  • Solid piece of silicone rubber means no straps to lose or misplace
  • Can be multi-purposed for use on Alien Bee studio strobes as a background light or hair light
  • If photography doesn't work out for you, you could at least play lacrosse with the MagBounce and a light stand!

Quality/Usability : The MagMod MagBounce was first launched on Kickstarter along with the MagSphere. MagBounce was one of the items that MagMod definitely needed in its line up and I'm glad that they were able to make one. They actually hinted at this on the original MagMod Kickstarter campaign and was already in prototype stages but it never met the stretch goal.

The MagBounce comes with just the MagBounce and a carry case.

The MagBounce is white all around and is made of durable silicone rubber so you can step on it, squish it, sit on it, thrown it and it will retain its form. This is probably one of the biggest bounce diffusers that I have used. Due to it's size it acts more like a softbox than it does a bounce card.

The bottom of the MagBounce houses four neodymium magnets. The MagBounce instantly attaches in four different mounting configurations, giving you the flexibility to shoot in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Here, you can see the camera in portrait mode with the flash rotated up. But that means that the MagBounce will be facing towards the left as shown. With a simple removing of the MagBounce and reconnecting it, the MagBounce can now be facing forward or behind when in portrait mode.

You can use the MagBounce as is or you can apply other modifiers such as a MagGrid or MagGel.

Here is an example of the MagBounce off camera showing the brightness and light spill coming from the MagBounce.

Conclusion : Overall, the MagMod MagBounce Flash Diffuser is a must own in for any photographer. If you don't already have a MagMod, I highly suggest in picking one up. It's a little big for my taste and from what I'm use to using but it does a great job. I love the fact that it can bend and fold and still retain its original shape. Since its made of silicone rubber and it's white, it attracts lint, hair, dust and any marks. It won't affect image light output but something to think about.

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