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Deal: Toshiba 8GB FlashAir Wireless SD Card $28

Adorama has the Toshiba 8GB FlashAir Wireless SD cards on sale for $27.99 as Daily Deal.

The Toshiba 8GB FlashAir Wireless SD Card incorporates flash memory and can be used as a standard SD Memory Card for storing any kind of digital data. It is fully compliant with the SD Card standards defined by the SD-Association. In addition, FlashAir includes a Wireless LAN chip set plus antenna for wireless communications.

By offering this Wireless LAN functionality, FlashAir provides the advantage of allowing access to the data stored on the SD Card without the need to remove the card or plug a cable to the device. Simply connect the remote host by linking it to the Wireless LAN Access Point of the FlashAir SD Card, start a browser tool and all the data on the card can be read and transferred from the FlashAir SD Card to the remote host. This basic functionality does not require any special driver or software installation on either side. The Wireless LAN function transfers any type of data and can be secured with WPA2.

The FlashAir SD Card will create a Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Point (AP). Any other device which has a WLAN function (e.g. PC, Tablet, Smartphone) can connect to this AP and create a direct communication channel to the FlashAir SD Card inside the camera. There is no need to remove the card or to plug a cable into the camera. FlashAir includes a HTML Server function which allows easy access to all data stored on the card by simply using any kind of browser on the remote Host (e.g. PC, Tablet, Smartphone). Now you can see all pictures or movies taken by the camera inside the browser window. You may decide to store a local copy of the files to the remote Host.

The Toshiba 8GB SD is commonly used for Digital capture, Digital photography, Image storage, Image transfer and more.The Toshiba 8GB SD is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Toshiba 8GB SD: Lightweight, Reliable to mention just a few.

Review: Sunwayfoto XB-52DL Duo-Lever Tripod Ball Head

Review: Sunwayfoto XB-52DL Duo-Lever Tripod Ball Head

Overview : The XB-52 Low Profile Ball Head from Sunwayfoto is the larger of two ball heads in the XB line of low profile ball heads from Sunwayfoto. It features a very low center of gravity, very high load capacity (132 lb) and improved ball head design for smoother movements when changing position. It includes the two-drop-notch design for camera orientation, and rubber has been abolished completely—all knobs are now all-metal on the XB-52.

XB-52DL with DLC-60 Lever / Screw Combo Clamp. The screw knob side is for adjusting the width of the clamp, and the lever side is for locking the clamp.

Features :
  • Locking System is located on the side of the ball instead of the bottom of the ballhead. Whole center of gravity is lowered more than 15%;
  • Adopts geared locking structure, higher locking strength;
  • Specially designed panning base, smooth operation;
  • Elliptical ball for progressive resistance and avoiding suddenly sliding down;
  • Two drop notch design. One for portrait, one for tilting;
  • All metal knobs for reliability and long term durability;
  • Two set spirit level mounting holes for users to mount the removable spirit level to the other sides of the clamp;
  • Special structure makes it the lightest of its class;
  • 360° panning movement with calibrated precision, precisely capture overlapping panoramic images;
  • Compatible with Really Right Stuff (RRS), Wimberley, Jobu Design, Arca Swiss, Kirk Enterprises, Markins, Photo Clam etc.;
  • Ideal for Gitzo, Manfrotto, Sirui, Benro, RRS tripod
Specification :
  • Ball Diameter: 52mm
  • Base: 68mm
  • Height: 91mm
  • Weight: 690g
  • Max load: 60kg (132 lbs)
  • Bottom thread: 3/8″ with 1/4″ adapter

Quality/Usability : My main ball head for quite sometime has been the Manfrotto 494 RC2 with Hejnar Photo Conversion Set. But as my gear got heavier, I wanted something that was better at handling that much load.

Sunwayfoto is based in Shenzhen, China and may not be a well known brand like Wimberely, Really Right Stuff, Kirk and other brands but its looking to grab a piece of the high-end ball head market. The Sunwayfoto XB-52 has been compared to Really Right Stuff BH-55. Unfortunately, I don't have a RRS BH-55 to do a comparison but what I do have is the XB-52DL and that's what I'll be reviewing.

The XB-52DL weighs around 1.5 pounds and measures a little over 3.5 inches tall and the DLC-60 clamp base is a little over 2.5 inches. No quick release plate is included but it will work with any Arca-Swiss compatible plate. A nice feature on the ball head is the way the Y-axis (front to back) bubble leveler is mounted. On the DL version, the leveler is inside the base of the clamp. With the XB-52, it is attached on the long side, opposite to the screw knob and fixed by two hex-screws. It can also be mounted to either of the short sides. It would be nice if it gave you a bubble leveler for the X-axis (left to right).

The quick release clamp can easily be detached by unscrewing the stainless steel M6 screw with the proper Allen hex key (not included) in the event that you want to swap out the clamp for another clamp.

The bottom of the ball head has a 3/8"-16 threaded hole for tripod attachment, with a 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 bushing that allows you to convert the thread for tripods with an 1/4"-20 stud. There are also two small Torx head screws visible, that hold a small cover of the ball control mechanism. Each ball head will have its own serial number as well for warranty purposes.

One of the things that got me interested in the XB-52DL is the friction ball head. It's rated to hold up to 132lbs. As I mentioned above, my main ball head has been my Manfrotto 494 RC2 but with heavy gear such as camera and a slider, the camera would begin to drag or slip now matter how tight I turned the knob. There are three separate controls on the ball head: main friction/lock, panning and friction limiter. All knobs (including those on the clamp) have a slip-proof surface. No rubber is used.

The main friction/lock (big) knob takes one and a half rotations from the completely loose to the fully locked position. The little silver "star" adjustment wheel within the main friction/lock knob is a friction limiter thumb screw. This allows you to set and control the friction for the main knob. Once you set the desired friction by tightening the thumb screw, the lock knob will not unscrew intentionally or accidentally beyond that point.

The panning (small) knob takes three full rotations from the completely loose to the full lock position. The panning is fluid and smooth.

A small laser engraved triangle, placed just beside the protruding hump at the back of the ball head body plays the role of the panning index mark. The panning base has laser engraved marks every 5 degrees and numbers every 30 degrees. This is great if you're doing time lapse or anything that needs precise degrees.

Another reason why I chose the XB-52DL over the XB-52 is the quick release clamp lever. I wanted something that allowed me to quickly disconnect my camera from the ball head but still offer security. The quick release clamp lever can be stopped in 3 positions: fully-closed, half-open, and fully-open.
  • Fully-closed: locks the camera securely in place onto the ball head.
  • Half-open: allows the camera/lens plate to slide within the clamp for positioning adjustment.
  • Fully-open: allows you to completely lift and remove the camera.

There's also a safety release switch built into the lever. In order to release your camera from the clamp, you must use your thumb to slide the safety switch. This will let you flip the lever from fully-closed (locked) to half-open, if you want to make adjustments and slide your camera or from half-open to fully-open which you can now take your camera off the ball head. You also have the option of using the quick release screw knob if you don't want to use the lever. It also provides more clamping force for that extra security and usually recommended for large telephoto lenses. What I usually do is use the lever lock to lock the camera in place and just tighten the screw knob just to make sure the clamp is securely tightened.

The XB series features two-drop-notch design for portrait orientation. In the pictures above, I used a Canon 5D Mark III with BG-E11 Grip and Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II. The Sunwayfoto XB-52DL had no problem holding the camera. I even tried it with a Canon 1D X and 70-200mm f2.8L II from my employer and it had no problems holding that much amount of weight.

There is a screw on the XB series ball heads just between the two drop notches. I don't know of any screw driver that can turn this and I'm sure it's for security purposes so it is best not to mess with this.


In a cold wintery day or an over-tightened thumb screw, it will be hard to turn the screw with your bare fingers. Sunwayfoto includes a metal friction tool ($3.97) in all XB series ball heads to help you adjust the screw. You can attach it to your keychain and it also serves as a dual purpose as you can also use it to tighten and loose screws. It will work with any ball head that follows the Arca Swiss style Friction/Lock Knob limiter. In a warm or indoor environment, I had no issue using my thumb.

Conclusion : Overall, the Sunwayfoto XB-52DL Duo-Lever Tripod Ball Head. XB-52DL brings nothing new to the high-end ball head market but combines proven features known from other popular ball heads. As the old saying goes, don't fix something that isn't broken.

Sunwayfoto also offers the XB-52 which does exactly the same thing as the XB-52DL but does not have the quick release lever feature and the XB-52DDH3 with a panning clamp.

Manufacturer: Sunwayfoto
Site: Buy from Amazon (XB-52) / Buy from B&H Photo (XB-52) / Buy from Amazon (XB-52DDH3)

Deal: Canon EOS SL1 18MP DSLR Camera Body for $369 + free shipping

Amazon offers the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera (body only), model no. 8575B001, for the in-cart price of $369 with free shipping. It features a 3" touchscreen LCD, 9-point auto focus system, 1080p video recording at 30 fps, SDXC card slot (it also supports WiFi SD cards), and USB.

Review: Spider Monkey - The Holster for Accessories

Overview : The Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit from Spider Camera Holster is a two-piece system that can hold a flash, light meter, battery pack, or other accessory on your hip. The small, durable, plastic resin base clip attaches to various belts, including the Spider belts, Lowepro's Street & Field series, and Think Tank's Steroid and Skin belts. Each of the 2 included tabs features a small disc-like protrusion that slides and locks into the base clip. The tabs feature 3M adhesive on both sides for secure attachment to your accessory and the attached touch-fastener strip, which wraps around your device to ensure an extra-strong hold. To release, push your gear against the base and lift.

This system provides a quick-draw method of retrieving gear since it eliminates the need to hunt through your bag for an item. Multiple Spider Monkey base units (sold separately) can be used to have various pieces of equipment at arm's reach.

Features :
  • Base with 2 Tabs
  • Holds Flash, Meter, Battery on Your Hip
  • Base Unit Clips to Your Belt
  • 3M Adhesive on Tabs for Gear Attachment
  • Tab Slides into Base and Locks in Place
  • Touch Fastened Strip Wraps around Gear
  • Push/Release Access
  • Fits Optional Spider Holster Belt

Quality/Usability : Having quick access to your gear is very important especially if you're a wedding, event or sports photographer. You'll want to carry necessary accessories without having to carry any bags or the need for an assistants.

So how would you carry accessories without a bag or assistant. Spider has released a new accessory called the Spider Monkey. It clips on to a belt and allows you to attach a flash, light meter, battery pack or other accessories.

The Spider Monkey packaging is simplistic. It includes the base belt clip and two velcro Monkey Tabs.

The Monkey belt clip is made of plastic with a spring clamp system to clip onto your belt. Squeeze the top of the clip and this opens the clip so that you can slip it over a belt. Let go and it clamps down. The belt clip reminds me of the swivel cellphone clip that clips onto a belt clip and the swivel tab adheres to the back of your cellphone or case.

The included Monkey Tabs consists of the base with 3M adhesive and velcro strap. The velcro strap is about an inch wide and about a foot in length, giving plenty of room to fit around any accessory. Unlike some velcro straps, the fuzzy velcro is the entire length of one side of the strap and the "hook" velcro is also the entire length of the strap but on the other side. So no matter how big or small the item is, it'll be securely attached.

The Monkey Tab is secured to your accessory (I applied the tab to my Canon 600EX-RT speedlite and Pixel TD-381 battery pack) using the included 3M sticky adhesive. It's great that this will prevent the accessory from sliding out of the velcro strap. Once the tab is applied, the flash wouldn't budge and I mean, it won't budge. If you need to remove the tab for whatever reason, it will take some effort but won't leave any residue. If you have multiple devices, you'll need a tab for each piece. One thing I'm not fond of this mounting solution is that you won't be able to transfer the tab to another accessory because it won't be reusable again.

There's one thing that our reviews stand out from the rest, we go that extra mile to try and find a solution not only to help our readers with alternatives but to hopefully give manufacturers helpful suggestions for improvements for future revisions/products.

I tried to find an alternative to the 3M adhesive so that I can reuse the Monkey Tabs without having to buy additional tabs or potentially damaging my accessories with sticky residue or worse. I wanted to replace the adhesive with some type of rubber gripping material. I contacted 3M and asked them if they had a gripping material made of rubber with adhesive on the back. They did and were able to send me a sample piece of the 3M™ Gripping Material TB400 to try. The actual retail product is called 3M™ Gripping Material GM400. I'm sure you can find some similar products from your local hardware store or craft store.

The gripping material was not as thick as the sticky adhesive. It was really thin with no thickness to it. I removed the sticky adhesive entirely leaving only a naked base but you can place the gripping material over the stick adhesive if you wanted to give it that extra thickness. This gripping material isn't like silicone rubber but it does a decent job. I placed it on my 600EX-RT and shook it for a good 3 minutes rigorously non-stop and it moved very slightly. Of course, if you didn't tighten the velcro strap enough, it will slide out. But at least now, I can reuse and apply the Monkey Tab onto other items.

If you mess up or need additional Monkey Tabs, for $15, you'll get three additional Monkey Tabs. But if you need extra belt clips, Spider doesn't sell them separately.

Conclusion : Overall, the Spider Monkey - The Holster for Accessories is a nice product and definitely gives you easy access to your accessories by clipping them to your belt. If you need two clips, it'll cost you $40. Since it comes with two Monkey Tabs, you can purchase an extra belt clip (like this or this) since the belt clip isn't anything special or custom. It would be nice if they offered them for sale separately. The one thing I didn't like is the adhesive. It's a one time thing and once you remove the tab, it's not reusable (maybe able to get more depending on how often you apply and remove). It would of been nice if they used a thin silicone pad. This would offered some friction but still let you reuse it on other accessories.

If the silicone pad was an option, a sliding tab with silicone pad or even just a small piece of silicone would help provide additional support. This would allow the user to adjust where the sliding tab would be located depending on the size of the item.

Manufacturer: Spider Holster
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo (Kit) / Buy from B&H Photo (Extra Tabs) / Buy from Adorama (Kit) / Buy from Adorama (Extra Tabs)

Deal: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT for $449

Adorama (4% reward) and B&H Photo Video (2% reward) has the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT for $449.00 after $50 instant savings.

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT is engineered to provide a new level of performance and reliability for professional flash photography with today's mostadvanced DSLRs. With wireless two-way radio communication, the Speedlite 600 EX-RT allows photographers to expand their creativity using wireless speedlites with the reliability of radio triggering.

The Canon 600EX-RT offers an expanded zoom range and a higher guide number, plus a number of improvements over its predecessor in both operation and feel. It features a new dot-matrix LCD panel for display of all pertinent shooting information, backlit controls plus an internal sound generator. Reliability is ensured with improved hot shoe contacts, improved flash head durability and the most comprehensive dust and water sealing system ever on a Canon Speedlite flash. A new color filter holder helps maintain accurate color in a variety of ambient light conditions.

The Canon 600EX-RT is commonly used for Fill flash, General purpose, Night photography, Photojournalism, Portraits and more.The Canon 600EX-RT is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Photo enthusiast, Pro photographer, Semi-pro photographer among others.The Canon 600EX-RT is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Canon 600EX-RT: Consistent output, Durable, Easy to use, Fast recycling, Good power output, Lightweight, Versatile to mention just a few.

Deal: Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Body for $949

The Canon EOS 70D dropped to $949 at all major retailers: Amazon | Adorama (+4% reward) | B&H (+2% reward). Regular price is $1,199. This is a great price for a great camera.

Deal: Canon S110 12MP Camera Bundle for $178 after rebate + free shipping

Adorama offers the Canon PowerShot S110 12.1-Megapixel Digital Camera Bundle in Black, model no. 6351B001, or White, model no. 6799B001, for $178 with free shipping via the directions below. Most merchants currently charge this for the camera alone. As well as the camera, this bundle includes a SanDisk 16GB Class 10 SDHC, Lowepro Dublin 20 Camera Pouch, Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Color Inkjet Wireless Photo Printer. The camera features a 3" touchscreen LCD, 1080p video recording, 5x optical zoom, 10 fps continuous shooting, SDHC card slot, and USB. Rebate ends December 31. To get this deal:
  1. View the Canon PowerShot S110 12MP Digital Camera in Black or White for $219
  2. select "Save up to $30 with bundle" and select the "SanDisk 16GB SDHC" and "Lowepro Pouch"
  3. add the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Printer separately for $359
  4. this $400 mail-in rebate drops the price to a final $178

Contest: 8 Crazy Nights with Peak Design Photo & Outdoor Gear Giveaway

From December 6th-13th, Peak Design will be giving away one prize package per night ($825 avg. value), with a MIND-BLOWING GRAND PRIZE ($1760 value) on the 8th night. Plus get an exclusive set of last-minute deals emailed to you at the end of the giveaway. See? Everyone's a winner!

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Peak Design Coupon Code Amazon TrekPak Custom SLR

Continue reading for the prize packages

Here's the breakdown of prize packages:

DAY 1 - NATURE FREAK prize package:
  • 3 Legged Thing X2.1 Eddie Tripod ($690 value)
  • SLR Lounge HDR Tutorial DVD set ($84 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
DAY 2 - TACTICAL TRAMP prize package:
  • GORUCK GR-1 Rucksack ($295 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
DAY 3 - STUDIO SAVANT prize package:
  • CRYO 600 Studio LED light ($385 value)
  • TetherTools beginner tether kit ($80 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
  • Cinetics Cinesystem ($400 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
DAY 5 - UNRULY URBANITE prize package:
  • ThinkTank Streetwalker camera backpack ($170 value)
  • Fortified Bicycle Alliance Afterburner bike taillight ($60 value)
  • Handleband by Nite Ize bike smartphone mount ($20 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
DAY 6 - GET OFF THE FREAKIN' GRID prize package:
  • GoalZero Sherpa 50 solar kit ($360 value)
  • Inova by Nite Ize T3R USB rechargeable tactical flashlight ($100 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
DAY 7 - ADVENTURE ADDICT prize package:
  • F-Stop Gear Kenti adventure photography backpack ($270 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • A Triggertrap Mobile Trigger Kit ($60 value)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Power Account ($60 value)
  • Everything Peak Design Makes (CapturePRO, Capture, Leash, Cuff, PROpad, POV Kit, PD T-Shirt - $275 value)
  • Triggertrap Redsnap triggering system ($240)
  • A 1-year SmugMug Pro Account ($100 value)
  • GORUCK GR-1 Field Pocket ($75 value)
  • Cinetics Cineskate System ($300 value)
  • UNDFIND Waist Shooter bag ($80 value)
  • GoalZero Sherpa 50 solar kit ($360 value)
  • ThinkTank ProSpeed camera belt ($42 value)
  • F-Stop Smokey Mountain camera backpack ($115 value)
  • Inova by Nite Ize T3R USB rechargeable tactical flashlight ($100 value)
  • Fortified Bicycle Alliance Afterburner bike taillight ($60 value)
  • Handleband by Nite Ize bike smartphone mount ($20 value)

Review: DaisyGrip for a Child's Smile Hot Shoe Mount

Overview : One of the most versatile tools for photographing children, the DaisyGrip is a must-have for both parents and professionals. Gets genuine smiles and expressions by holding toys, puppets or iPhones/smartphones right above your camera lens. No more waving a toy with one hand trying to get a child's attention. Use two hands on your camera for super sharp images, while putting that space above your camera to work for you! Fantastic for photographing pets as well!

Features :
  • An Ultra-flexible hand with 4 fingers that are easily bent, yet firmly maintain their shape
  • Connects to the top of your SLR camera via a standard hot shoe
  • Connects to the top of a tripod
  • Holds a variety of toys, stuffed animals, finger & hand puppets
  • Holds an iPhone® or other similarly sized smartphones, including many popular Android® phones
  • Holds phones with or without a protective case - either way the DaisyGrip will handle it!
  • Can be used simultaneously with some wireless transmitters for studio work

Quality/Usability : If you've tried taking pictures of kids or infants, you'll know that trying to get them to look at you or the camera can be a difficult task. Just having someone behind you waving toys, snapping fingers or screaming their name to get a child's attention can be tiring. What if you're alone?

I've even made my own lens buddy. If you're not familiar with a lens buddy, it pretty much consists of taking a hair scrunchie or making your own elastic band, hot gluing some felt or fabric to make an animal or character and placing it over your lens. Low cost and works great until the elasticity loosens.

I first saw and heard about DaisyGrip at the 2012 PhotoPlus Expo and their product looked promising. Saw them again at the 2013 PhotoPlus Expo and decided to try out the DaisyGrip. The DaisyGrip comes in two colors, white/black or all black.

The DaisyGrip is a versatile tool that is made of durable plastic and mounts to your cameras hot shoe. One end mounts to the hot shoe and the other end has "flexible fingers". Each piece is connected to each other to create joints. These joints allow you to bend each piece to hold your objects or angle the DaisyGrip. These fingers can hold your smartphone, small signs, stuffed/plastic toys, finger puppets or just slip a hand puppet over the entire DaisyGrip.

The DaisyGrip is rated to hold up to 12 oz. when horizontally stretched above a camera lens and up to 2 lbs. when used straight up in a vertical position.

Simply slide the DaisyGrip onto your hot shoe and turn the dial clockwise to tighten the dial to the hot shoe. Unfortunately, the DaisyGrip is not compatible with all hot shoes because not all cameras are made the same. It will work perfectly with Nikon and Canon cameras since they use standard hot shoes but if you own a Minolta or Sony camera, there's a chance it won't fit. You will need a hot shoe adapter.

The images above shows the DaisyGrip mounted onto the hot shoe located on the camera. The DaisyGrip's is such a versatile accessory. Some examples of the DaisyGrip is holding a stuffed toy, a smartphone connected to the camera with USB Host ("OTG") cable and DSLR Controller (Android app) for Live View display. If you don't want to use a stuffed toy, you can use your smartphone and play a video to entertain your subject.

But what if you need to use a flash, LED light or wireless transmitter on the camera's hot shoe at the same time?

DaisyGrip offers an optional DaisyGrip Bracket ($16). The bracket is sturdy, lightweight and gives you two additional hot shoes; one at the top and one to the side. The bracket attaches to the tripod socket on the bottom of your camera with a 1/4" screw. The slot on the bracket allows you adjust the bracket to as close and as far as you want from to the left of the camera. Since there is no anti-twist place or anything, the bracket can be angled out towards the lens for greater extension. The bracket also offers a grip which is actually comfortable. It may feel a little awkward at first due to the angle but it wouldn't be a big issue. If you're not using your camera and want to carry it, I suggest not using the bracket to carry your camera. It's not as sturdy.

If you need to mount the bracket and camera onto a tripod, the bracket screw has a female 1/4" screw that lets you screw in a quick release plate. Although it does a decent job of supporting the camera, I wasn't too comfortable with the bracket screw due to lack of support.

The bracket was mounted on to a gripped Canon 5D Mark III camera and there is no issues with it. The images above shows the bracket and camera mounted onto a tripod. With the bracket, it now frees up the hot shoe on top of the camera for a camera flash or LED light. Just remember to position the DaisyGrip slightly off center, so as not to cast a shadow on your subject from whatever it is that is mounted onto DaisyGrip.

Conclusion : Overall, the DaisyGrip For a Child's Smile Hot Shoe Mount is very sturdy. The joints on the fingers are nice and stiff, so you don't have to worry about them loosening. It has no problems holding a smartphone and it won't have any problem holding toys. I love the fact that I can use the DaisyGrip with a smartphone either to entertain a child or use my phone as a Live View display.

The bracket definitely frees up the hot shoe on the camera but the stability and support when mounted onto a tripod is a little scary. I was told that DaisyGrip doesn't produce them but merely resells them. Little birdie has told me that there is a beefier version has a stronger and improved cold shoe. Hopefully they improve the tripod mount as well.

Manufacturer: DaisyGrip
Site: Buy from DaisyGrip / Buy from Amazon / Buy from Adorama

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