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Kickstarter: Platypod Platyball Ergo and Elite Tripod Heads

Our good friends over at Platypod just launched their latest product on Kickstarter called Platyball. The Platyball is an inverted ball head with some really interesting design choices and features such as replacing knobs with buttons and bubble levels with a much more modern LED-based leveling system.

The Platyball Ergo's inverted design is made up of three elements: a stainless steel-reinforced 3/8-inch tripod socket, an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release clamp with a twist-locking collar and safety button, a built-in panning turntable with a locking wheel and 360° markings/indicator arrows, supports payload of up to 22lbs (10kg), and (of course) a bottom-mounted ball-head that uses “progressive variable tension locking and unlocking buttons” instead of your typical knobs that are found on conventional ball heads.

With the Elite version, you also get “a patented and incredibly accurate LED-based leveling indicator that makes it stand out from other ball heads on the market.” The level uses a standard A23 alkaline battery for power, works in any orientation, and features three brightness levels so you can use it in a variety of lighting conditions.

The Platyball is currently available on Kickstarter for $199 for the Ergo model or $249 for the Elite with the LED level with shipments going out March 2021. For an extra $20 (Ergo - $219 or Elite - $269), you can get your Platyball December 2020.

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