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Review: JJC KIWIFOTOS KE Series R5 C R6 Extended Eyecup Eyepiece

Overview : KIWIFOTOS KE Series Long Camera Eyecup is specially designed for select cameras. It adds comfort to eyes and reduces the contact from nose to monitor. Made of premium ABS plastic and silicone material, it is soft and durable, allowing more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye. Simply slide to install, the eyecup mounts to the camera’s viewfinder securely and protects the viewfinder from dust, moisture and scratches. During shooting, it reduces interference by blocking stray light and studio lights from entering the viewfinder. Covering a broader area around the eye than the original’s, the extended eyecup is available to high-bridged nose and greatly enhances your concentration during long shoots. In addition, the use of eyecup doesn’t affect the normal use of the sensor and LCD monitor.

Comes with a screwdriver, convenient for you to detach the original eyecup and then attach KIWIFOTOS long eyecup.

Features :
  • Extended eyecup adds comfort to eyes and reduces the contact from nose to monitor
  • Premium silicone material made, soft and durable
  • Easy to install and fits the camera’s viewfinder securely
  • Protects the viewfinder from dust, moisture and scratches
  • Reduces interference by blocking stray light and studio light from entering the viewfinder
  • The use of eyecup doesn’t affect the normal use of the sensor and LCD monitor

Review: Mcoplus Replacement BG-R10 Vertical Battery Grip for Canon R5 C R6 II

Overview : This BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 Vertical Multi-function Battery Grip comfortable to hold, strong stability, and effectively suppress hand shake. Great rubber-coat give better hand feeling and extra weight help balance the camera and telephoto lens and anti-shake. There is a standard 1/4 screw hole at the bottom of the handle for mounting on a tripod. It also has a positioning hole, which can be more firmly fixed on the camera head when shooting video.

Enables high-volume shooting using up to two battery packs (LP-E6NH), this BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 battery grip power pack is a replacement BG-R10 and will effectively double your shooting time.Suitable for outdoor photography. [NOTE: LP-E6/LP-E6N battery can only supply power to the grip, does not support the grip charging function, Use the MCO-R5R6 grip charging function please use LP-E6NH battery.]

Vertical shooting function on the BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 Multi-function battery grip with the feeling as horizontal shooting, suitable for portrait shooting. This Vertical battery grip with quick control and main dial for easy horizontal and vertical shooting; and other functional buttons and dial wheel for easy, quick and multi-functional operation.

Features :
  • Vertical Multi-functional Power Battery Grip as Replacement BG-R10 for Canon EOS R5 R5C R6 DSLR Camera , Battery Holder for Up to Two LP-E6 LP-E6NH LP-E6N Battery.
  • Can hold one or two LP-E6 LP-E6NH LP-E6N Li-Ion batteries - effectively doubles the recording capacity and extends the recording time. It can be used as an additional power source for the camera. With ON/OFF switch, it can also work as a backup power for Canon EOS R5 R5C R6 DSLR Camera.
  • Professional edition with vertical-grip shutter-release button, shutter button, AF-ON button, multi-function button, main dial, etc. can be operated directly from the battery grip, making vertical shooting as easy as horizontal shooting, increases the shooting stability and enhances the handle feeling.
  • By using a PD-E1 power adapter, you can charge the built-in battery/batteries inside the battery grip from the camera USB port.
  • It provides enhanced flexibility and not only helps to keep your hand in vertical and horizontal position, but also provides a stable platform for taking portraits, still life shots and other subjects that require a vertical format.

Review: Hejnar Photo Canon RF 70-200mm 100-500mm Arca Swiss Tripod Lens Plate

Overview : Lens Plate for Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens and RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L USM Lens. D061 and D065 can be used with cameras with battery grip. D060 may interfere with battery grip and not permit 360 collar rotation.

Features :
  • D061 = 2.25 inches long, 1.50 inches wide, Weight: 1.2 oz (33g), 3/8 inches thick plus 0.2 locating pin
  • D065 = 3.160 inches long, 1.50 inches wide, Weight: 1.75 oz (50g), 3/8 inches thick plus 0.2 locating pin
  • D060 = 3.750 inches long, 1.50 inches wide, Weight: 2.4 oz (67g), 3/8 inches thick plus 0.2 locating pin
  • Compatible with: Markins including level release clamp, Really Right Stuff, including level release plate, Arca Swiss, Wimberley, Kirk, Photo Clam, Foba, Vanguard ABH Series Ball Heads (ABH is Vangaurds only Arca-Compatible series), Custom Brackets, Jobu Designs, Acratech, Benro, LeoPhoto, Sirui, Sunwayphoto, FLM, SmallRig, Other Arca Swiss type products
  • Precision C.N.C. machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Black hard coat anodized surface
  • Stainless steel hardware

Review: Hejnar Photo Canon R5/R6 Arca Swiss Camera Plate D064

Overview : Hejnar Photo Quick Release Arca Type Lens plate for Canon R6 and R5. Double-dovetail design allows for dual clamping surfaces on rail. Plate incorporate Quick Detach socket to attached a standard push-button QD mount. Use the QD socket to attached a standard push-button QD mount. QD system has been used for years by industries around the world including NASA, law enforcement and military agencies. The design inhibits accidental removal, especially when the camera is hanging from the strap. Attach your favorite strap to the clamp, then mount the clamp to any of Arca Type plates, L-brackets or foot replacements.

Features :
  • 3.530 inches long, 1.50 inches wide, Weight: 1.65oz (47grams)
  • Precision C.N.C. machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Black hard coat anodized surface
  • Stainless steel hardware

Review: Clever Supply Co. Dual Leather Camera Harness w/ Peak Design Anchor Links

Overview : First dual camera harness with Peak Design Anchor Links. Designed to be lightweight, silent, and seamlessly integrate between your other Peak Design camera straps.

Features :
  • Peak Design Anchors for quick and secure mount
  • High quality full-grain belt leather
  • Solid brass hardware and sliders
  • No hair snag design (long hair shooter friendly)
  • Backplate integration for better weight distribution
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • 35% lighter than another popular competitor
  • Silent design (no distracting jingle)

Review: Manfrotto Pro Light Tough Laptop Sleeve for Manfrotto Tough Hard Cases

Overview : Designed specifically to fit onto their Tough series of cases, the Manfrotto PRO Light Reloader Tough Laptop Sleeve has four metal pins that secure the sleeve to your Manfrotto Tough case and expand its storage capability with modular ease. Separate laptop and tablet pockets separate your tech and will hold laptops up to 15 inches. Two accessory pockets let you carry cables, peripherals, and more. Its nylon shell is resistant to wear and water while a lightly padded polyester interior protects your delicate gear. If you need to run to a meeting, detach the sleeve from your case, snap on the shoulder strap, and use it as a slim standalone laptop bag.

Features :
  • Exclusive carrying solution for Manfrotto Tough hard cases
  • Modular design compatible with all Manfrotto Tough cases
  • Carries and protects up to a 15'' laptop
  • Dual front pockets to store accessories and electronics
  • Can be used a standalone laptop bag with included shoulder strap

Review: Manfrotto Pro Light Tough Tripod Bag for Manfrotto Tough Hard Cases

Overview : Designed specifically to fit on their Tough-series cases, the Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough Tripod Bag has four metal pins that secure it to your Manfrotto Tough case and expand its storage capability with modular ease. An expandable length from 31 to 36" allows it to accommodate different sized tripods, from a Manfrotto Befree series to a 055 with Xpro ball head or 3-way head attached. Its nylon shell is resistant to wear and water while a padded polyester interior protects your delicate gear. If you need your tripod, but not the Tough case, detach the bag from your case and grab the side handle or snap on the shoulder strap, and use it as a slim standalone bag.

Features :
  • Exclusive carrying solution for Manfrotto Tough hard cases
  • Modular design compatible with all Manfrotto Tough cases
  • Expandable design made to fit a variety of tripod sizes
  • Dedicated straps to connect to Tough hard case attachment points
  • Shoulder strap included for stand-alone bag usage

Review: Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough 55 Carry-On Hard Case Roller

Overview : Store, transport, and protect two DSLRs, an attached select 400mm f/2.8 lens, three to four additional lenses, and related accessories in the black Pro Light Reloader Tough-55 High Lid Carry-On Camera Rollerbag from Manfrotto. This lightweight case features an IP67 waterproof rating, padded touch-fastening dividers with lid foam, latch closure, and metal hasps for optional padlocks. Photographers will appreciate the included strap and pouch tripod holder system. Carry the case with the side handle or roll it with the retractable handle and built-in wheels.

Features :
  • Rigid and lightweight made in Italy photographic hard-case
  • IP67 testing approved
  • Comes with a tripod holder system
  • Safe release system latches for security
  • IP67 Rating
  • Available in two version TL-55 low hood and TH-55 high hood

New Manfrotto CFexpress Professional Card Reader

Manfrotto – the world leading manufacturer of photography, videography, imaging equipment and accessories, and part of Vitec Imaging Solutions – has announced the release of their Professional USB 3.2, CFexpress™ Type B, Memory Card Reader, designed to work seamlessly within the existing Manfrotto Professional Memory Card range and beyond.

Designed with the brand’s iconic mix of build quality and reliability, the Professional USB 3.2, CFexpress™ Type B, Memory Card Reader achieves impeccable performance standards, allowing you to quickly download high-res photos & videos from your CFexpress™ Type B memory card.

Thіѕ саrd rеаdеr іѕ соmрасt, hіghlу durаblе аnd рrоvіdеѕ іmрrеѕѕіvеlу fаѕt rеаd ѕрееdѕ, аllоwіng уоu tо gеt уоur рhоtоѕ оr vіdеоѕ аѕ ѕооn аѕ уоu рlug-іn. Transfer large amounts of data at speeds up to 10 Gbps (2X faster than USD 3.0).  Іt dоеѕn't rеquіrе аnу ѕеtuр оr аddіtіоnаl drіvеr dоwnlоаdѕ.
  • Supports CFexpress™ Type B Memory Card
  • USB 3.2 Type-C Interface (10 Gb/s)
  • Built-In Card Storage with Protective Rubber End Cover
  • USB-C to A & USB-C-C Cables Included
  • Anodised aluminium build, compact and travel-friendly
  • Mac & Windows compatible
The card reader retails for $54.99 and can currently be purchased from Manfrotto. It will be available from other authorized retailers such as B&H Photo and Adorama in the near future.

Manfrotto also makes SD and CFexpress cards: Manfrotto | Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK

Kickstarter: KUVRD WaterBear - A Teeny Cleaning Tool for Every Lens & Screen

Our good friends over at KUVRD has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign called WaterBear. WaterBear are teeny tiny Universal Glass Cleaners that instantly and safely clean any type of screen, camera lens or monitor without scratching, stick to any surface without leaving residue and are washable & reusable for lasting use.

WaterBear enhances your workflow because he’s;
  • Reason #1: FASTER TO USE: Our screen cleaners stick to your cameras, lenses, car dashboards, tablets, desktops, tons of other devices and all phones so they’re quicker to access and faster to use than the competition in cleaning your lenses or screens.
  • Reasons #2: SAFER FOR CLEANING: Our WaterBears are made of a chamois, nano-carbon-active polyamide synthetic tri-blend material. In layman terms, they’re engineered to safely clean ANY kind of glass, screen or monitor and do so without scratching. They’re more versatile than microfiber cloths which are limited to certain screens, are more effective at removing smudges and smears than traditional cleaning pens and are safer to use than the bottom of your shirt when cleaning your phone screen and cameras.
  • Reason #3: KEEPING YOU ALWAYS PREPARED WITHOUT HAVING TO PLAN: These little screen cleaners take up zero space and are designed to utilize the unused surface areas that are next to your camera lenses, screens or monitors... meaning instant accessibility to cleaning your glass while keeping you ALWAYS prepared for any job without them taking up space in your pocket or wasting time in trying to find them in your bag. Faster Setup, Cleanup and Pack-Up.
  • Reason #4: SIMPLER & EASIER TO USE: Our WaterBears have microscopic omnidirectional fibers which remove the guesswork and questions around how to use them to properly clean your gear. No need for instructions or how-tos. No need for swirling actions required with cleaning pens or side-to-side strokes with cloths. How you prefer to clean is now the CORRECT way to clean your screen. WaterBear makes you an expert without the manual.... In essence, he’s simpler and easier to use than the competition. As easy as 1-2-3. (Peel. Wipe. Stick.)

  • Reason #5: WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Longer lasting than microfiber cloths & traditional cleaning pens. Get dozens of uses out of each patch before simply rinsing w/ water and air drying to restore sticky texture & cleaning abilities. Plus, each pack includes 6 screen cleaners. Divide and conquer or get tons of mileage by simply replacing one or two with new ones as needed. Again, as easy as 1-2-3. (Rinse. Dry. Reuse.)

Customers can pre-order these Universal Glass Cleaners on Kickstarter for up to 50% off.

Pricing starts at $15 for 1 x Set of Universal Glass Cleaners, plus you’ll get an additional set FOR FREE if you fill out their survey and share their campaign on your social media.

Peak Design Launches New Travel Bags and Colorways

Our good friends over at Peak Design has released 15 new Travel bags in both new sizes and colors including backpacks, pouches, and duffels.

Included in the new product launch are a new 30-liter travel backpack, a big 65-liter duffel bag, tiny new toiletry bags, and a new ultralight and packable tote bag. Along with the new bags, the company has announced several new color options for the existing bags as well as the new additions including Black, Sage, Midnight and Raw.

The new 30L Travel Backpacks is the little brother in a smaller form factor to the existing 45L versions. It is best used for weekend trips or as a general daypack when exploring a new location. Then the new 65L Travel Duffel is meant for those who just need to "lug a ton of stuff" from location to location. Must I's HUGE! It has all the same features as the 35L version and also has padded removable hand straps and removable shoulder strap as well as an end-to-end opening for easy packing and visibility.

Peak Design has also added a new small toiletry bags that feature a magnetic toothbrush pocket and silicone mesh on the interior with a weatherproof inner and outer layer to help prevent the bag from getting "gunked up," as Peak Design says. Just like the bigger version, the new bag can sit on any surface or hang from a deployable (hidden) aluminum hook for easy and convenient access.

Finally, one of the newest product to the Travel Line is a new packable tote bag made from a single piece of ultralight ripstop nylon and a single carry strap with a sewn-in microfiber pad that is easy to grab for comfier extended use. The tote bags are available in its classic Charcoal or the new Raw colors.

The new color options have been added to existing offerings including the packing cubes and shoe pouches to make separating dirty from clean clothes while traveling much easier.

Take a look at the video that Peak Design has created to showcase their new products.

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