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Review: Mcoplus Replacement BG-R10 Vertical Battery Grip for Canon R5 C R6 II

Overview : This BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 Vertical Multi-function Battery Grip comfortable to hold, strong stability, and effectively suppress hand shake. Great rubber-coat give better hand feeling and extra weight help balance the camera and telephoto lens and anti-shake. There is a standard 1/4 screw hole at the bottom of the handle for mounting on a tripod. It also has a positioning hole, which can be more firmly fixed on the camera head when shooting video.

Enables high-volume shooting using up to two battery packs (LP-E6NH), this BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 battery grip power pack is a replacement BG-R10 and will effectively double your shooting time.Suitable for outdoor photography. [NOTE: LP-E6/LP-E6N battery can only supply power to the grip, does not support the grip charging function, Use the MCO-R5R6 grip charging function please use LP-E6NH battery.]

Vertical shooting function on the BG-R5R6/MCO-R5R6 Multi-function battery grip with the feeling as horizontal shooting, suitable for portrait shooting. This Vertical battery grip with quick control and main dial for easy horizontal and vertical shooting; and other functional buttons and dial wheel for easy, quick and multi-functional operation.

Features :
  • Vertical Multi-functional Power Battery Grip as Replacement BG-R10 for Canon EOS R5 R5C R6 DSLR Camera , Battery Holder for Up to Two LP-E6 LP-E6NH LP-E6N Battery.
  • Can hold one or two LP-E6 LP-E6NH LP-E6N Li-Ion batteries - effectively doubles the recording capacity and extends the recording time. It can be used as an additional power source for the camera. With ON/OFF switch, it can also work as a backup power for Canon EOS R5 R5C R6 DSLR Camera.
  • Professional edition with vertical-grip shutter-release button, shutter button, AF-ON button, multi-function button, main dial, etc. can be operated directly from the battery grip, making vertical shooting as easy as horizontal shooting, increases the shooting stability and enhances the handle feeling.
  • By using a PD-E1 power adapter, you can charge the built-in battery/batteries inside the battery grip from the camera USB port.
  • It provides enhanced flexibility and not only helps to keep your hand in vertical and horizontal position, but also provides a stable platform for taking portraits, still life shots and other subjects that require a vertical format.

Quality/Usability : After 2 years of the R5 and R6 being released, 3rd party aftermarket vertical battery grips of the BG-R10 are finally available. But those who need it, probably either opted to swallow the cost of paying $350 for the OEM grip or have lived without it.

Those who have held out or gotten new cameras now have the option to get a cheaper alternative. Based on what I see, there are different "brands" of the 3rd party grip but based on the looks, they all look the same and most likely come out of the same factory. The only difference is probably the packaging.

The one we're looking at today is from Mcoplus. Some may not know the name but they are a reputable 3rd party company that makes grips, remotes and other camera accessories. We'll give a close look at the Mcoplus replacement BG-R10 grip and a comparison with the OEM BG-R10 grip.

The Mcoplus comes with the battery grip, battery tray and instruction manual. Mcoplus also has an option for a remote control for an additional cost. The grip by itself is $99 and the grip with remote is $105.

The grip itself is made of plastic just like the OEM grip. On the back, you have the same layout as what is found on the OEM grip as well as on the back of the camera. When held in the vertical position, you have the multi-function button, dials, ON/OFF button as well as the shutter button.

On the bottom, you have a 1/4-20 screw thread as well as an area to loop straps through. Battery tray inserts and removes just like the OEM.

The images is a comparison of the OEM grip (top) and the aftermarket grip (bottom). Everything looks identical when it comes to the layout and position. The buttons on the aftermarket grip have more of a tactile/clicky feel to it where as the OEM is quieter.

Quality wise, of course the OEM BG-R10 feels more premium.

On the OEM grip, there is a foam padding around the base of the battery stalk to provide some external weather sealing and the rest is internal similar to what is provided on the cameras themselves. The aftermarket grip lacks this padding.

The battery tray is an example of the quality. The OEM battery tray (top) has a better metal spring. The coiled spring on the aftermarket (bottom) is what you would find for alkaline batteries. It does have some play in it and the release lever is also different.

Here's a more definitive example of quality. The OEM grip weighs more in both the grip and battery tray. Even without weighing each part on a digital scale, you can feel the difference when you're holding both. 

Just the battery tray alone, it's a 0.3oz difference and it's all plastic.

With the tray inserted into the grip, the OEM grip weighs almost 3oz heavier. Not sure what is causing the weight difference but I'm guessing it's the internals, weather sealing and quality of plastic?

The battery grip mounts perfectly fine on the camera and works as intended.

One thing that has been popping in the comments of my video below and that is that with the aftermarket grip, the WiFi connection does not work properly. I have tested this and when I try to connect the aftermarket camera to the Canon Connect app on my smartphone, it's like the camera "resets" and doesn't connect.

Conclusion : Overall, the Mcoplus Replacement BG-R10 Vertical Battery Grip for Canon R5 C R6 II is a decent alternative to the OEM grip if you can't afford it or can't justify paying $350 for it. It does what it is suppose to do. The buttons are more clicky than the OEM buttons and to some, it may feel weird.

There is a weight difference whether it be the quality of plastic, internals or weather sealing is lacking.

If you rely on connecting the camera via the Canon Connect app, this grip is not for you as it can not connect during my testing. For that reason and for the weight difference and clicky buttons, I have to drop it 2 stars.

Manufacturer: Mcoplus
Site: Buy from Amazon US / Buy from Amazon US (+Remote Control) / Buy from Amazon CA / Buy from eBay

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