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Review: JJC KIWIFOTOS KE Series R5 C R6 Extended Eyecup Eyepiece

Overview : KIWIFOTOS KE Series Long Camera Eyecup is specially designed for select cameras. It adds comfort to eyes and reduces the contact from nose to monitor. Made of premium ABS plastic and silicone material, it is soft and durable, allowing more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye. Simply slide to install, the eyecup mounts to the camera’s viewfinder securely and protects the viewfinder from dust, moisture and scratches. During shooting, it reduces interference by blocking stray light and studio lights from entering the viewfinder. Covering a broader area around the eye than the original’s, the extended eyecup is available to high-bridged nose and greatly enhances your concentration during long shoots. In addition, the use of eyecup doesn’t affect the normal use of the sensor and LCD monitor.

Comes with a screwdriver, convenient for you to detach the original eyecup and then attach KIWIFOTOS long eyecup.

Features :
  • Extended eyecup adds comfort to eyes and reduces the contact from nose to monitor
  • Premium silicone material made, soft and durable
  • Easy to install and fits the camera’s viewfinder securely
  • Protects the viewfinder from dust, moisture and scratches
  • Reduces interference by blocking stray light and studio light from entering the viewfinder
  • The use of eyecup doesn’t affect the normal use of the sensor and LCD monitor

Quality/Usability : Canon use to sell extended eyecups and I even did a mod for when I shot with Nikon but ever since purchasing the JJC Eyecup Extender for the 5D Mark III/IV, I've enjoyed using the extender as my nose no longer touched the screen. With DSLR's, you can easily purchase replacements because they popped off easily and got lost. With Canon all-in on mirrorless cameras, they have now added screws to the eyecups to hold it in place (except for R3). No more losing eyecups but this also means trying to find replacements to be non-existent as they can't get lost easily. Which makes sense but what about if the rubber falls off or gets damaged?

JJC is known for their aftermarket options. Their new KIWIFOTOS KE Series product line offers the option to replace your eyecup but with a longer silicone eyecup. It's not a direct replacement where it's the same size and everything.

In this review, we'll give you a closer look of it on the R5, what comes with it and how it would affect you.

Packaging is really simple. Included you get the extended eyecup, a total of four replacement screws, a screwdriver and instruction manuals.

JJC makes the eyecup for the following cameras:
  • R3
  • R5 / R5 C / R6 / R6 Mark II
  • R7
  • R10
  • RP
Unfortunately, there isn't one for the EOS R.


Here is a closer look at the replacement screws in the bag. They are really small so make sure not to lose them.

The instructions tell you how to swap out the eyecups but I think it's pretty straightforward. TIP: When removing the screws, flip the screen to the side to give you more space. Be sure to add a little downward force so as not to strip the screws since they are so small. It will be a pain to try and remove if it did.

Here's a closer look at the extended eyecup. The plastic doesn't feel cheap or thin where it feels like it wants to snap.


The included screwdriver is magnetic so that it can pick up the small screws. Once the two screws are removed, you can remove the OEM eyecup. I put it back inside the KIWIFOTOS box so I know where it is the next time I need to put it back on the camera or you can put it back in the camera box.

Here's a comparison between the OEM eyecup and the aftermarket JJC extended eyecup. As you can see, the plastic piece is about the same thickness but the KIWIFOTOS eyecup is twice the size of the OEM. The KIWIFOTOS also has more of a concave curve to it.


And here's a before and after of the OEM eyecup and the KIWIFOTOS extended eyecup.


You still have easy access to the diopter dial to the right of the viewfinder. Looking through the viewfinder, you still get your 100% view and nothing is obscured. The sensor also works as normal where if it is covered, the viewfinder will be activated.

With the eyecup successfully swapped, my nose is further away from the screen and it does block out light. However, if you wear glasses, blocking out light doesn't do anything since you still have that gap between your eyes and the glasses. As you can see, my nose is further away from the screen when wearing glasses.

Be sure to take a look at our more comprehensive video at the KIWIFOTOS Extended Eyecup.

Conclusion : Overall, the JJC KIWIFOTOS KE Series R5 C R6 Extended Eyecup Eyepiece is a great replacement alternative if your OEM eyecup is lost or damaged. Its not a direct replacement as it has a larger rubber eyecup but its something if you're in a pinch.

The KIWIFOTOS has a concave curve which is great to block out light for non-glasses wearers which works pretty well. Only benefit for glasses wearers is that your nose is further away from the LCD screen. You also get a full view of your viewfinder.

Due to its larger and flexible eyecup, it may take a little getting use to. If it was like the extender that I had for the 5D Mark III/IV where it was just a piece of plastic extended and allowed you to reuse the original eyecup, I think it would've been better since everyone is use to the OEM eyecup.

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