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Deal: Manfrotto MB SB390-5BC Veloce V DSLR Backpack $39 at Amazon

Amazon has the Manfrotto MB SB390-5BC Veloce V DSLR Backpack (Brown) for $39 with free shipping. Stores DSLR and 70-200mm, 2-3 Lenses, Tripods, and has a dedicated padded laptop sleeve.

Think Tank Photo Announces New Gear Now Available

Our Friends at Think Tank Photo just announced that their line-up of new gear went live on their website this morning. The new products include:
And don’t forget that should you order one of Think Tank’s Airport rolling camera bags during the month of May you’ll receive an Artificial Intelligence [Artificial 15 or Artificial 17] laptop bag free.

Free Laptop Case

FREE GIFT REMINDER: As a friend, you receive a free gift with all orders from Think Tank of $50 or more. To participate in this free gift offer, click on ANY of the links or images in this article or HERE and explore their website. At checkout you will be asked which item you would like to receive for free.

Kickstarter: Statc - Magnetically Attractive Camera Pod

Statc [stat-ik] - Pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition.

Statc is a portable micro pod that enables stable shots and unique perspectives while reducing the need to always lug bulky gear. It uses a magnetic interface to attach to most metal surfaces and will support cameras up to 2lbs. It's easy to store, and the integrated thumbscrew allows adjusting ballhead tension on the fly. This is great for MILC (Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Cameras) like Sony's NEX series. It will easily accept point & shoot cameras, iPhones, POV cameras, small video cameras and any thing else with a 1/4-20 thread.
  • Statc works great as a way to stabilize your camera for self or group shots using the timer feature on your camera.
  • It's so portable, there is little excuse not to have it with you all the time.
  • The Statc can inconspicuously be attached to your camera allowing for sharper images and better low light photography without drawing attention to yourself.
  • Quickly attach and move your camera for great action shots from unique locations.
  • Capture perspectives that most tripods are not capable of.
  • Designed in Idaho. Made in the USA.
Statc is launching on Kickstarter to help raise the funding necessary for manufacturing.

Continue reading for more pictures and information about the Statc.

Sometimes hauling tripod gear can be a nuisance, especially when exploring urban environments. How about a portable alternative that actually adds functionality as well?

Statc's portability, ease of use and magnetic mounting system make stable shots accessible all the time, without any extra bulk. Plus it allows you to capture shots from unique perspectives that no other camera pod is capable of.

What is Statc?
Statc is a portable magnetic camera pod with a adjustable ball head. It is great for urban and cityscape photography because these environments have metal surfaces everywhere such as railings, benches, light poles, meters and more. It can be quickly attached and removed with virtually no setup time. Unlike many ultra portable camera pods, Statc only needs a surface area of about 1 inch to be stably secured and the surface does not have to be level, such as round railings or stairway rails.

How frustrating is it when you want to take a photo or video of yourself with your group of friends? Statc is great for taking self or group portraits without having to ask a stranger to take the shot for you. No more blurry photos, shaky videos, or badly composed shots by strangers. Statc attaches in orientations you never thought of, allowing for very unique perspectives of you and the group.

Statc Supports:
  • MILC (Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens) EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens), and Micro 4/3 cameras.
  • Smart phones such as the iPhone with a Glif.
  • Compact cameras such as point and shoots.
  • POV cameras like the GoPro.
  • Small to medium sized video cameras.
  • Other accessories with a 1/4-20 mounting system, like friction arms, mics and lights.

  • 360 degree swiveling ball-head.
  • Ball-head tension adjusting knob.
  • All aluminium body.
  • 1/4-20 threads for all cameras.
  • Supports cameras up to 2lbs.
  • Plastic bottom to help prevent scratching surfaces.

Portable and easy to use.
Take Statc when you don't want to bring any extra gear and never again miss the opportunity to capture that perfect low light shot, HDR photo, stable video, or self portrait. It's easy to store in your camera bag, backpack, glove box, or keep it threaded into your cameras 1/4-20 slot.

Review: Herringbone Heritage Leather Hand Grip Strap

Review: Herringbone Heritage Leather Hand Grip Strap

Overview : The Herringbone Heritage Hand Strap is a luxurious hand strap that is hand-made using premium 100% genuine leather. Both the hand grip and the webbing are made of genuine leather. Strap buckles and snaps are also made of high quality leather and metal components.

Moreover, every package comes with a unique Multi-Plate (available only with Type 1). This plate does not only serve as a way for you to attach your handgrip strap, it also serves as a quick release tripod plate for both the Arca-mount tripod head and a Manfrotto RC2 head. (The Multi-Plate is not sold separately).

Features :
  • Strong and durable
  • Genuine Leather Webbing
  • Includes a quick-release Mutli-Plate (Arca and Manfrotto RC2 compatible) with single strap lug (included with Type 1 only)
  • Premium 100% Genuine Leather
  • Comes in a pouch with an elegant gift box
  • Made in Korea

Review: Gary Fong LSU-PS Lightsphere PowerSnoot Universal Spotlight

Review: Gary Fong LSU-PS Lightsphere PowerSnoot Universal Spotlight

Overview : The Gary Fong PowerSnoot replaces the need for cumbersome light modifiers and allows photographers to maximize the efficiency of their strobe but with more directional control. Mounted off camera, instead of filling a room with a soft light, the parabolic reflective interior will allow you to focus light in the areas you want to highlight, and more importantly, away from where you don’t. Mounted on camera, photographers now have a tool for creating cutting edge special effects.

Features :
  • Increases directional light output by 3 times
  • Narrows the light output which can be used as a hair light, spot light, or any subject that needs a concentrated light source
  • Universal mounting system that fits most strobes currently in the market
  • Concentration of the light increases the effective distance of the strobe being used
  • Universal Fit - fits most flash units with a tilting/bouncing head, including: Nikon SB600, Nikon SB700, Nikon SB800, Nikon SB900, Canon 430ex, Canon 430exII, Canon 580ex, Canon 580exII, Leica SF-58, Olympus FL-36, Olympus FL40, Pentax AF540FGZ, Sony HVL-F42, Sony HVL-56, Sony 56am, Sony 58, Sony 58AM, Sigma EF530-610, Bower SFD Series Flashes, Vivitar DF383, Vivitar DF400, Metz 44, Metz58AF, Nissin Di622, Nissin Di866, Quantum Q Flash

Kickstarter: Lens/Focus Shifter - Lens Mounted Follow Focus

If you shot video on your DSLR, creating a smooth, professional follow-focus motion can be costly for high-end equipment. Not to mention having to lug it around. What if there was a $45 solution that works on any DSLR lens and easy to carry around?

Daniel Bauen and Mark McJunkin at Microfacturing are looking to create just that. By using the popular website Kickstarter, Microfacturing is looking to gain backing and support from the photo and video community to manufacture and distribute what could be a game-changing product for those of us who are looking to get into video and follow-focus mechanisms for the first time, or for those who might be looking for a small, portable system to take on location.

By using a rubber gasket, the Focus Shifter is able to fit around any commonly-used SLR lens and provide a follow focus motion that is infinitely more stable and accurate than even the steadiest of bare hands. The ‘KISS’ design approach is readily noticeable, and will certainly be appreciated by those who are looking to work quickly and efficiently.

Continue reading for a video of the product in action and how it might perform. For more information or interested in pledging, visit Microfacturing’s Focus Shifter Kickstarter Page.

The Lens/Focus Shifter is a stand-alone follow focus and focus marker board that can be used on any camera lens. No extra equipment is required.

It's perfect for filmmakers, photographers, and anyone wanting to step-up their production capabilities. It gives you professionalism without breaking your budget.

The re-useable Focus Marker allows you to create marks for your focus points using a dry-erase marker. The arrow on the Shifter facilitates quick and easy transition between focus points.

The Shifter and Focus Marker attach quickly and easily to any lens from small 50 mm 1.8 lenses, to large zoom and wide angle lenses. It will fit lens diameters from 56mm (2.20in) up to 98mm (3.86in). If you're measuring circumference, distance around the lens, it fits from 176mm (6.93in) to 308mm (12.12in). In the rare case that you need something larger or smaller than that, pledge at the CUSTOM SHIFTER level and specify the diameter.

To attach the Shifter, simply slip it over the lens, onto the focus ring and tighten it down with the ball end. The Focus Marker attaches to the lens with an elastic band, and has over-molded rubber feet to hold it in place.

The Shifter operates on the full dynamic range of the lens. Its design allows you to smoothly pull focus without any jarring starts or stops. The ball design is easy to grasp so you can avoid twisting your hand into uncomfortable positions when pulling focus. For a lens with a narrow focus rings, you can prevent your fingers from falling into the frame, by keeping them at a safe distance.

Using the Shifter improves manual focus speed and accuracy when taking photographs. It's especially helpful with lenses that have a shallow depth of field, and need fine adjustments. Get another one to use for zoom.

Each Shifter set includes:
  • "Voters Choice Name" Shifter
  • Focus Marker Board
  • Bag of black elastic bands to hold the Focus Marker Board to the lens.
  • Fine tip dry erase marker
Many Shifters and Focus Markers have already been made on our 3-D rapid prototype and precision CNC equipment, and tested by local film makers. We have a fully functioning manufacturing facility for small to medium scale production. Our products are all manufactured in the US in part of our grass-roots effort to bring the builders back, and avoid lost time on long flights to Asia just to kick the vendors in gear. It's a lot more efficient to drive down the road, or fly a few states over to get what you need. The Shifters are made from strong plastic in order to keep them lightweight, so that they don't shift the focus when the camera moves around. Kick-starting funds will go towards expensive injection molds, molding, CNC machining, and assembly line, for the Focus/Lens Shifters that will be delivered to you.

Review: Custom SLR M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System with Hand Strap Attachment

Review: Custom SLR M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System with Hand Strap Attachment

Overview : The M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System from Custom SLR is a universal camera tripod plate system that has the world's first integrated Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections, plus modular attachment points for accessories. You can also quickly attach your camera to any tripod when using any of the most popular camera strap systems, such as C-Loop, BlackRapid, SunSniper, Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier, and many more. The ergonomic design relocates the tripod socket, making it easier to shoot portraits. The M-Plate is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum and has a hard anodized black finish. It's made in the USA.

Features :
  • Universal: Quick-attach to any tripod while using your favorite camera strap systems such as own C-Loop. Also compatible with BlackRapid, SunSniper, Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier and others
  • Built-In Manfrotto RC2 + Arca-Swiss Quick Release: World's first tripod plate to integrate both mounts on the same plane. Also compatible with other tripod plate systems
  • Fast Access: When used with the C-Loop strap system the camera hangs perfectly balanced on your side for instant engagement
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design relocates the tripod socket making it easier to shoot portrait shots
  • Durable: Made from aerospace-grade aluminum and hard anodized for a superior black finish
Hand Strap Attachment :
Add a Hand Strap Attachment to the M-Plate. Compatible with most hand straps. Use the included hex tool to fasten the Hand Strap Attachment to the M-Plate.

Note: Must be used with the M-Plate.

Deal: Nikon’s US Rebates for May 2012 Now Available

The Nikon rebates in the US for this month are now available. Amazon offers up to $150 off when you purchase a qualifying Nikon digital camera (including Nikon 1, D3100 and D7000) and Nikkor lens (see the list of available lenses).

B&H Photo's version of the Nikon rebates is slightly different - they offer up to $300 off and also include the just released D3200 camera:

BlackRapid Announces LensBling

Trick Out a Variety of Lens Sizes With One-of-a-Kind Covers

BlackRapid announced the launch of LensBling, a series of rear lens caps that allow users to quickly and easily differentiate between lenses they own. The caps’ bright, bold graphics and labeling put an end to struggling to find the right lens, while increasing speed, efficiency, and the promise of capturing every shot.

"In the heat of the moment, searching through a camera bag for the right lens can be tricky," said Ron Henry, BlackRapid Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

LensBling continues the company’s move into the broader camera accessories market with products designed for speed, comfort and efficiency, and focus on innovation in solving photographer’s pain points to improve overall experience. In addition to camera straps, the company also offers the SnapR line of camera bags.

Available soon, the LensBling caps will initially come in a variety of sizes for Canon and Nikon lenses and are interchangeable with other system cameras, with additional LensBling rolling out in 2012. You'll be able to purchase them from Amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama, when it becomes available.

Sizes 24mm, 24-70mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 70-200mm.
Sizes 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 70-200mm and 105mm.

Source: BlackRapid

Think Tank Photo Announces New Airport Backpacks!

Later this month Think Tank Photo will release the Airport™ series, a new line of travel-specific, high-capacity camera backpacks designed with quick maneuvering through airports in mind.

The three backpacks -- the Airport Accelerator, Airport Commuter, and Airport Essentials -- integrate quick access pockets for both laptops and iPad, a top pocket for boarding passes, and three robust handles to ensure easy placement and retrieval from overhead bins.

The Airport™ series makes life easier for the traveling photographer. All meet international carry on size requirements. The two smaller bags, the Airport Commuter and the Airport Essentials, are designed to fit under-seat in regional commuter planes.

Adding even more functionality, these backpacks can be used with Think Tank's Pro Speed Belts for additional support and capacity by adding component pouches and cases from the company's Modular Rotation Component System. Other features include:
  • Bottom hinge opens bag completely for quick and unencumbered access.
  • Cable lock and locking YKK zipper sliders for added security.
  • Laptop and iPad stored in a separate locking zippered compartment.
  • Light, comfortable and contoured harness system.
  • Tripod/monopod mounting system.
  • Top zippered pocket for boarding pass.
  • Removable waist belt for additional stability when walking, running, etc.
  • Easily accessible front organizer pocket.
  • Seam sealed rain cover included.

To be notified of when the bag will be available for purchase, be sure to use this LINK.

Don't forget, if you purchase your ThinkTank Photo gear from our links, you'll receive a FREE GIFT

Continue reading for more information about each Airport bag.

Deal: Canon Double Instant Rebate and Incredible Sandisk deals at B&H Photo

B&H Photo has done it again! Introducing the New Canon DOUBLE rebate page. Expires June 2nd 2012.

How it Works
  1. You click on the image below or here
  2. Choose a camera body and then choose a lens or speedlight (or both)
  3. Start jumping up and down in utter ecstasy as your instant rebate doubles.
(Ex. Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera (Body Only) $1,699.00 - $150 instant savings $1,549.00
Then get Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens $2,499.00  - Instant savings of $200 which Doubles to an instant savings of $400
Final price $2,099.00
You Just saved $550

Looking for memory cards? B&H Photo had a 1-Day Sale on Sandisk memory cards a couple days ago which were a HOT seller but since expired. But they're back and offering more Sandisk memory cards for sale! There is a LIMITED SUPPLY at the current price so you better jump on them quick before they're gone! Click on the image or here to go jump to this HOT deal!

Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak Fixed with Black Tape

With Canon announcing that they found a solution to the "light leak" issue on the Canon 5D Mark III cameras. Many have wondered what kind of "fix" will Canon make. LensRental received their "fixed" 5D's and was curious (as I'm sure many of you were too) as to what the fix entails.

Top assembly from original shipment of 5DIII
Top assembly from new shipment 5D III
So all it took was a little bit of black tape to cover it up. Didn't you know? Tape fixes everything! I guess all that matters is that it works...right?
From LensRental:

We got our first “new” 5D III cameras today, the ones with the light leak fixed. You know me, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to take one apart and see what was different. I had photos from the ‘prefixed’ 5D IIIs from a previous post, so comparison would be easy.

Let me say it here first: I knew this was going to be the fix since the first time I took one apart: Canon has this very cool black tape they used to cover circuit boards (I’m assuming either water resistance or electrical shielding or both) and I figured they’d just slap another piece over (or under, depending on your point of view) the top LCD light. Which is exactly what they did. Yes, I’m making fun, but it’s a perfectly good solution and it works flawlessly.

And because I know you have enquiring minds: I did power the camera up with the shell off in a dark room. There is no more leak.

Addendum: for those who notice there is a black plastic piece over the shutter button that was removed in the first photo, but not this one.
Source: LensRental

Deal: Think Tank Photo: May Roller Special Offer

Our friends at Think Tank Photo just announced a special deal on their popular rolling camera bags. Order their Airport Security V2.0, Airport International V2.0, Airport Airstream, or Airport TakeOff rolling camera bags before May 31, 2012 and you will receive one of their Artificial Intelligence 15 V2.0 or Artificial Intelligence 17 V2.0 laptop sleeves for free! These thin laptop bags accommodate up to 15" or 17" laptops with a front pocket for cables and accessories. Other top features include an organizer located inside the front pocket and a removable shoulder strap.

Their Airport rolling camera bags are considered the best designed, most durable in the industry. Backed by Think Tank’s "No Rhetoric Warranty" and great customer service, their rollers have traveled millions of miles and been used on every continent.

All of Think Tank’s rollers are designed with the intention of helping you keep your bodies, lenses, and accessories near you at all times, even while flying. Think Tank actually designs their rollers to comply with airline carry-on size requirements.

All of the rollers share three levels of security (TSA approved combination locks, front laptop cable and lock, and back cable and lock for securing entire bag to fixed object). They employ the highest grade materials, including all fabric exterior treated with DWR (underside fabric underside is coated with PU for superior water resistance), 1680D ballistic nylon, abrasion resistant YKK® RC Fuse zippers, custom designed extra tall skid plates, replaceable in-line skate wheels, antique nickel plated metal hardware, nylon webbing, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

If you are looking to buy a roller before you head out this summer, this is a great time to do so!

To be notified of when the bag will be available for purchase, be sure to use this LINK.

Don't forget, if you purchase your ThinkTank Photo gear from our links, you'll receive a FREE GIFT

Continue reading for more information about each Airport bag.

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