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Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak Fixed with Black Tape

With Canon announcing that they found a solution to the "light leak" issue on the Canon 5D Mark III cameras. Many have wondered what kind of "fix" will Canon make. LensRental received their "fixed" 5D's and was curious (as I'm sure many of you were too) as to what the fix entails.

Top assembly from original shipment of 5DIII
Top assembly from new shipment 5D III
So all it took was a little bit of black tape to cover it up. Didn't you know? Tape fixes everything! I guess all that matters is that it works...right?
From LensRental:

We got our first “new” 5D III cameras today, the ones with the light leak fixed. You know me, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to take one apart and see what was different. I had photos from the ‘prefixed’ 5D IIIs from a previous post, so comparison would be easy.

Let me say it here first: I knew this was going to be the fix since the first time I took one apart: Canon has this very cool black tape they used to cover circuit boards (I’m assuming either water resistance or electrical shielding or both) and I figured they’d just slap another piece over (or under, depending on your point of view) the top LCD light. Which is exactly what they did. Yes, I’m making fun, but it’s a perfectly good solution and it works flawlessly.

And because I know you have enquiring minds: I did power the camera up with the shell off in a dark room. There is no more leak.

Addendum: for those who notice there is a black plastic piece over the shutter button that was removed in the first photo, but not this one.
Source: LensRental

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