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Press Release: Manfrotto Announces 6 New Cover and Kits for EzyFrame Background System

Manfrotto, the world’s leading manufacturer of photography, video and cinema production equipment announces the launch of six new Vintage style Covers and Kits for the EzyFrame Background System.

These six new background surfaces have already proven extremely popular in our collapsible background collection and are favoured by image makers the world over for achieving a fashionable, hand painted vintage l
ook that subtly complement the chosen subject in a truly portable solution.

These textures are inspired by this popular choice of background style and take influence from classic and present trends within the fashion, beauty and portraiture industry. They feature six fresh colours with a characteristic classic design and feel, which complement the existing range: Tobacco, Olive, Smoke and Concrete perfectly. Meaning there are now a total of ten beautiful surfaces to choose from in the highly innovative EzyFrame Background system.

Press Release: Lowepro’s PhotoSport Pro Provides Sustainably-Made Gear Carrying Solutions for Multi-Day Journeys

Lowepro, a company with a 50-year legacy of creating protective gear-carrying solutions for adventure photographers, content creators, explorers and travellers continues the enduring PhotoSport III Series with the addition of the PhotoSport PRO, a range of multi-day hike backpacks designed to give the utmost protection, comfort, and modularity for the most challenging photographic journeys. The PhotoSport PRO comes in 2 sizes along with modular accessories designed to efficiently carry the necessities of a multi-day photographic expedition. The PhotoSport PRO line advances the Lowepro green line label that features sustainable products with a loading bar indicator of recycled fabrics level measured by surface area.

The PhotoSport PRO line consist of backpacks that carry an expansive array of both camera gear and hiking essentials to cover hiking and shooting for several days. The PhotoSport PRO backpacks come with a durable all-weather design that features the characteristic PhotoSport V-shaped exterior front panel. Built for the most extreme outdoor photography adventures, the PhotoSport PRO backpacks offer the carrying capacity needed for multiple days of hiking and backcountry travel without compromising on comfort and modularity while keeping their photography gear safe and secure.

Press Release: Manfrotto Announces Move Ecosystem: Create at the speed of inspiration

Manfrotto, the worldwide leader in photography and videography supports, has unveiled the first products from an all-new modular line that comprises their forward thinking Move Ecosystem. Developed to harness the concepts of speed of use and versatility, these dedicated Move Ecosystem products are designed for today's modern creatives who shot both video and photo and want the ability to transition frequently between their varying supports with no lag. Move signals the birth of a faster and moreversatile future for the workflow of photo and video professionals everywhere who will finally be able to move limitlessly at the speed of their inspiration.

Press Release: Manfrotto Unveils Redesigned Camera Bag Range - PRO Light, Advanced and Street

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, videography and imaging equipment and accessories industry, is thrilled to present an entirely renewed collection of camera bags and carrying solutions that were carefully and brilliantly designed to fit the needs of every kind of imaging creative. With the all-new PRO Light, and the redesigned Advanced and Street camera bag collections ushering in an all new padded protection system, the Manfrotto camera bag range ensure stylish and customizable carrying solutions with best-in-industry gear protection.

Manfrotto re-focuses on the core professional and advanced users providing the best-in-industry CSC protection for professional photo and video applications. The new PRO Light 2021 collection is a specialized camera gear carrying solution line that was conceptualized and developed to cater to specific gear needs of photo and video professionals. This includes 5 uniquely designed backpacks that offer various capacities, access points, and specialized compartments, as well as two Tough hard cases that expand the line up of rolling bags with the launch of the new Tough carry-on sized with pre-cubed foam insert and check-in sized rolling bag and unique modular Tough accessories. With this also comes the re-launch of the Advanced series that is geared towards the everyday needs of urban photographers. The all-new Street collection completes the range of Manfrotto carrying solutions with specific models designed for vloggers and content creators who use compact system cameras.

Meike Announces MK-EFTR-C Drop-in Filter Mount Adapter EF to EOSR with Variable ND Filter

More and more Canon RF 3rd party adapters are hitting the market whether they are basic adapters, speed boosters or drop-in filters. To drop their name in that drop-in filter list, Meike has announced the MK-EFTR-C EF/EF-S to EOS-R Drop-in VND Filter Adapter. This is an affordable option for users of EOS-R mount cameras such as the R, RP, R5, R6 and the new Canon R3, who want to use EF mount lenses with the added benefit of VND. Drop-in filters systems quickly and easily slot lens modifiers at the rear of the lens, instead of screwing them onto the front of the lens.

Built with a dust and water resistant, metal body, the Meike MK-EFTR-C is fully compatible with Canon EF/EF-S mount lenses. It has gold plated contacts for auto-focus, aperture control, lens image stabilization, and lens data transmission to the camera. The adapter comes with a drop-in VND filter and an extra holder. The amount of ND can be changed from ND3 to ND500 (1.5 to 9 stops).
  • Compatibility: Enable Canon EF/ EF-S mount lens to fit Canon EOS-R mount mirrorless cameras
  • AF support and Aperture control: Support auto focus function ;the built-in electronic contact allows you to control the aperture of the lens directly through the camera.
  • EXIF Transmission: the design of gold plated PIN brings excellent signal transmission.
  • Equipped with a drop-in variable neutral density filter (ND3-ND500) and an extra holder.
  • Image Stabilization: Built-in stability makes your focus more accurate and clear.
  • Dust and water resistant.
  • Metal construction: The metal body ensures the durability and enhance use experience.
  • Weight: 138.9grams (with VND)
  • Size: 2.87 X 0.95 inches
Price & Availability
The Meike MK-EFTR-C EF/EF-S to EOS-R Drop-in VND Filter Adapter is available for $159.99 USD.

Don't forget to take a look at our complete list of 3rd party EF/RF adapters. We're constantly updating the list with new adapters and where to buy them.

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