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Thank you for visiting our site, 1KIND Photography. Our mission is to bring our readers the latest reviews, news and deals on photography gear. We are a group of photo-enthusiasts with a passion and love for photography and gear.


Certain trusted photography-related retailers or service providers have affiliate relationships with 1KIND Photography. As a result of these relationships, 1KIND Photography may receive a small share of the sale when someone makes a purchase at an affiliate site after clicking on a link on

In many cases, affiliate companies will provide 1KIND Photography with loaner equipment or sample gear/software to review on 1KIND Photography (sometimes for keeps). However, such review samples are provided with the understanding that 1KIND Photography writers cannot and will not promise a favorable review of the product or service. We will never reward companies that provide them, or punish companies that don't. Our reviews of products are based on our opinions resulting from hands-on tests, and — regardless of our relationship with the companies behind them — are not always favorable. Requests for revisions will not be considered unless it is clear that an error in our use of the product or service was made.

If you like the content that we are providing, please consider buying your gear by clicking our links and making your purchases. You won't be paying inflated prices or a penny more but we may get a small share of the sale that helps us keep the site going. This helps us bring more news, deals and especially reviews. The use of affiliate links will never influence the content or opinions of our articles.

Reviews are a good way to get exposure whether you're an official reseller for a product, wholesaler or manufacturer. We will review the products and will give a full detailed description and overview of the product with our honest opinion. We want to detail as much information for everyone to know and what they would expect whether when they purchase a product since they may not be able to purchase it from a store or physically hold the item. We are their eyes.

Reviews not only help consumers with their decision but they also help manufacturers know if there are any flaws and/or problems that can be improved upon towards the product or future products (if any). With each review, we will put a link to your site, as to where customers can purchase the item or get more information about the product. If you're a distributor or reseller, this is a great opportunity for your business since each review will have a link directing customers to your site to purchase items. *If a manufacturer provides the review product, links to our sponsors will be placed in the review. If a distributor or reseller provides the review product, as an EXCLUSIVE offer, we'll place a link to your site only even if our sponsors sells the same product. This is our way of saying Thank You for your support.

Reviews are not only posted on our site but they are automatically posted on our Facebook (, Twitter (!/1KINDPhoto) and Google+ ( pages. We also may post unboxing, review or tutorial videos on YouTube (

We would like to offer contests, discounts or giveaways to our readers. By sponsoring contests/giveaways and coupon codes, this helps advertise your products as well as bring traffic and potential sales. We can posts them on our social media sites such as Facebook (, Twitter (!/1KINDPhoto), Google+ (, YouTube ( or all.

Founded in 2011, 1KIND Photography has quickly become a leading reviews source for photography-enthusiasts around the world.

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All banner ads will be linked to your website for however long you paid for. We can create a custom advertising solution that fits your needs and budget.

If you're interested placing a banner on our site, having your products reviewed, sponsor a contest, would like to propose a deal in exchange for review products or have an idea, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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