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Kickstarter: KUVRD WaterBear - A Teeny Cleaning Tool for Every Lens & Screen

Our good friends over at KUVRD has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign called WaterBear. WaterBear are teeny tiny Universal Glass Cleaners that instantly and safely clean any type of screen, camera lens or monitor without scratching, stick to any surface without leaving residue and are washable & reusable for lasting use.

WaterBear enhances your workflow because he’s;
  • Reason #1: FASTER TO USE: Our screen cleaners stick to your cameras, lenses, car dashboards, tablets, desktops, tons of other devices and all phones so they’re quicker to access and faster to use than the competition in cleaning your lenses or screens.
  • Reasons #2: SAFER FOR CLEANING: Our WaterBears are made of a chamois, nano-carbon-active polyamide synthetic tri-blend material. In layman terms, they’re engineered to safely clean ANY kind of glass, screen or monitor and do so without scratching. They’re more versatile than microfiber cloths which are limited to certain screens, are more effective at removing smudges and smears than traditional cleaning pens and are safer to use than the bottom of your shirt when cleaning your phone screen and cameras.
  • Reason #3: KEEPING YOU ALWAYS PREPARED WITHOUT HAVING TO PLAN: These little screen cleaners take up zero space and are designed to utilize the unused surface areas that are next to your camera lenses, screens or monitors... meaning instant accessibility to cleaning your glass while keeping you ALWAYS prepared for any job without them taking up space in your pocket or wasting time in trying to find them in your bag. Faster Setup, Cleanup and Pack-Up.
  • Reason #4: SIMPLER & EASIER TO USE: Our WaterBears have microscopic omnidirectional fibers which remove the guesswork and questions around how to use them to properly clean your gear. No need for instructions or how-tos. No need for swirling actions required with cleaning pens or side-to-side strokes with cloths. How you prefer to clean is now the CORRECT way to clean your screen. WaterBear makes you an expert without the manual.... In essence, he’s simpler and easier to use than the competition. As easy as 1-2-3. (Peel. Wipe. Stick.)

  • Reason #5: WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Longer lasting than microfiber cloths & traditional cleaning pens. Get dozens of uses out of each patch before simply rinsing w/ water and air drying to restore sticky texture & cleaning abilities. Plus, each pack includes 6 screen cleaners. Divide and conquer or get tons of mileage by simply replacing one or two with new ones as needed. Again, as easy as 1-2-3. (Rinse. Dry. Reuse.)

Customers can pre-order these Universal Glass Cleaners on Kickstarter for up to 50% off.

Pricing starts at $15 for 1 x Set of Universal Glass Cleaners, plus you’ll get an additional set FOR FREE if you fill out their survey and share their campaign on your social media.

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