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Review: MagMod MagSphere Flash Diffuser

Overview : The MagSphere is a beautiful omni-directional flash diffuser that gives you the the best looking light possible. With efficient diffusion that saves battery power and an integrated gel slot that allows you to color correct your flash, no flash diffuser has ever been this awesome.

*A MagGrip is required to use with your flash*

Features :
  • Omni-directional diffusion modifier delivers soft, beautiful light
  • Round, spherical shape gives you larger, better looking catchlights in your subject's eyes
  • Increases your light source by over 250%, giving you much softer, better looking light
  • Super efficient! It's super efficient material allows you to shoot longer with less battery changes
  • Quickly change the light quality by zooming for your flash for wider, or more narrow light
  • Light emits from all sides, sending light towards your subject even while bouncing upwards
  • Versatile gel slot fits 2 MagMod gel sheets, making it even easier to change the color of your flash
  • Freakishly strong neodymium magnets attach instantly to your flash (with MagGrip installed)
  • Modular design allows for a MagGrid to be used underneath, focusing the amount of diffusion!
  • Patented universal MagGrip design allows the MagSphere to be used on virtually any size hot-shoe flash
  • Beautiful design complements your appearance as a professional
  • Super flexible rubber deforms and bends, preventing accidental detachment and folds into small spaces in your bag
  • Solid piece of silicone rubber means no straps to lose or misplace
  • Can be multi-purposed for use on Alien Bee studio strobes
  • Doubles as a creative table lamp cover, or use them as part of a Mega-Man Halloween costume!

Quality/Usability : The MagMod MagSphere was first launched on Kickstarter along with the MagBounce. MagSphere was one of the items that MagMod definitely needed in its line up and I'm glad that they were able to make one.

Like the MagSnoot, the MagSphere comes with just the MagSphere itself and a carry case.

The MagSphere is a flash diffuser similar to that of the Gary Fong LightSphere, diffuser caps, tupperware mods but better looking. It's not big, made of plastic or squared off. It has a bulb like look to it which gives you much softer and better looking light. It's made of durable silicone rubber so you can step on it, squish it, sit on it, thrown it and it will retain its form.

On the other side of the MagSphere are two neodymium magnets that attaches to the MagMod MagGrip. Also on the underside is an integrated gel slot which allows for up to 2 of MagMods polycarbonate gel sheets to be inserted without any additional accessories or modifiers. So not only is it a MagSphere but it also acts as a MagGel as well.

If you prefer to bounce your flash off of nearby walls, the MagSphere also projects light towards your subject through the side walls, adding additional fill light and round catchlights in your subject’s eyes.

What all this really means is you’ll see better light output with increased diffusion, resulting in softer light and less battery changes because your flash is conserving more energy.

When the MagMod MagGrip and MagSphere is attached to your camera, it doesn't look obtrusive and keeps a low profile.

Conclusion : Overall, the MagMod MagSphere Flash Diffuser is a great flash diffuser who are looking for a softbox look but in a portable form. By no means will this replace an actual softbox but it does a good job as working like one. If you already own a MagMod, I highly suggest looking into this and adding it to your camera bag.

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