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Review: Peak Design Range Pouch Lens Holster

Overview : Whether you’re toting a lens (or two), flash, mic, drone, tape measure, or other oft-used piece of gear, Range Pouch will keep it secure, protected and instantly accessible. And it does so with a low-profile design, clean aesthetic, and thoughtful features that you won’t see in other pouch systems. Sturdy belt loops allow mounting without removing your belt. Expandable opening with silent, unidirectional hook-and-loop closure facilitates lightning-fast access. Thick premium felt padding protects, and folds down to allow stacking of multiple smaller lenses or items. Anchor attachment points let you carry Range Pouch with any Peak Design strap.

Features :
  • Rapid belt attachment
  • Works with Peak Design straps
  • Silent 1-way closure
  • Easy reach opening
  • Expandable top flap
  • Waterproof shell
  • Interior slip pocket
  • Available in small, medium and large

Quality/Usability : When Peak Design announced the Everyday Backpack, Everyday Tote and Everyday Sling to their Kickstarter campaign, the Range Pouch was a late addition. But I'm glad that they added it. These are a great compliment to the Everyday bag line and even as a standalone.

The Range Pouch comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Unfortunately, if you own other Peak Design products that are either in the Heritage Tan or Ash, the Range Pouch only comes in least as of this review. They may release Range Pouches in other colors in the future.

The small is best for pancake and prime lenses. The medium is best for prime lenses and mid-zooms (i.e. 24-70). The large is best for mid-zooms and telephoto lenses (i.e. 70-200). Peak Design says that it can fit with lens hood but from what I have tried, it fits best without. The lens hood just adds more bulk and not only makes it harder to insert into the Range Pouch but to also close.

The front of the Range Pouch has a long strip of velcro. This allows you to close the flap as low or as high depending on how much room there is to close the flap. When you lift the flap, you can either lift it up as normal which would result in the typical velcro sound. Or you can pull down on the flap and than lift away. This will result in a much quieter opening of the cover.

During my testing, I was able to fit smaller items into the small Range Pouch such as batteries, smartphone, chargers, etc. With the medium, I actually used it to carry my G1 X Mark II during my trip to Disneyland. And with the large, I was able to fit a 20 oz. water bottle, flash, telephoto lens and larger items.

I do not own a DJI Mavic Pro drone but Peak Design has shown pictures of the drone fitting into the large pouch WITH the controller.

Inside all three sizes of the Range Pouch, you have your main compartment as well as a small pocket to store batteries, memory cards, ID, money, etc. It's kept closed with velcro.

Tucked inside the flap is a felt flap. This allows you to fold it down into the main compartment which will allows you to stack multiple lenses and offer protection.

Take a look at our video below for better demonstration and view of these pockets and flap.

On the back of all the Range Pouches, you have a small mesh pocket with a plastic card. This lets you label your pouch or add whatever information you want to add. They also included anchor links for you to attach either the Peak Design Leash, Slide, Slide Summit Edition or SlideLite (all sold separately).

The medium and large Range Pouch are the only two pouches that come with a handle on the back.

If you don't want to use a strap to carry the Range Pouch, you can wear it with a belt either by sliding your belt through the pouch or by loosening the velcro and putting it over your belt.

Take a look at our unboxing and gear load video:

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Range Pouch Lens Holster is great if you want to keep smaller items near your or even your lenses. These make great carry cases without the added bulk.

Although the pouches may hold and protect your gear nicely, I would of may be liked the sides to have a little bit of elastic so that it can expand easier. Depending on the item, sometimes it takes a little force either trying to get it in or to get it out.

It may be on other products but this is the first time I've seen the velcro be opened two ways. You have the usual way of just opening which gives you that sound of the velcro ripping away. But if you pull the flap down and away from you, it releases quietly.

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