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Tutorial: How to Use Rakuten (Ebates), Mr. Rebates and CouponCabin Cashback Site

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I use to walk into Best Buy, Foot Locker, Express, Walmart, Target and other stores to buy my stuff whether it be for birthdays, Black Friday, Christmas, Valentines, anniversaries, etc. But how can you save when they charge tax and don't offer much of a discount especially if you're looking for something specific? For me, I prefer to shop online for all my stuff whether its camera gear, home or personal products unless I have no choice or the store actually has a better deal.

I've been using Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates), Mr. Rebates and CouponCabin for quite some time. These are the two main cashback sites that I use often. There are a bunch of other cashback sites as well. I tend to compare between the two to see which one offers a higher cashback percentage. Sometimes, one cashback site is offering BONUS percentage and the other is not or one just has a higher cashback. So I have the flexibility of going to either one but definitely compare both to see which offers a better percentage.

Here is a list of some eligible stores out of over 2,000 stores:
  • Abe's of Maine - 2%
  • Abt Electronics - 2%
  • Adorama - 3%
  • Amazon - up to 7%
  • Apple - 1%
  • Beach Camera - 2%
  • Best Buy - up to 2%
  • - 3%
  • BuyDig - 2%
  • Canon - 3%
  • Crutchfield - 2%
  • Dell Home - 3%
  • eBay - up to 5%
  • Groupon - up to 8%
  • Newegg - 1%
  • Samy's Camera - 2%
  • Sears - 3%
  • Target - 3%
  • TigerDirect - 4%
  • Unique Photo - 1%
  • Walmart - 2%
  • And many many more!
Cashback % may change without notice.

Here are some examples of my purchases: I purchased two (2) Nikon D7000's and spare batteries from Abt Electronics and received $51 in cashback. Another example was ordering $1160 worth of gear from Canon and was able to get back $47 in cashback. I've even purchased items that were a couple bucks and got back as a couple of cents in cashback. It may not sound like much but when you start accumulating the cashback, it adds up quickly.

I've even gotten cashback for purchasing hotels, car rentals and airline tickets for vacations or business trips. If you're purchasing online regardless of what it is, there's going to be cashback.

You can save pretty much on anything...electronics, baby stuff, furniture, clothing, even Groupon and eBay!

Enough with the talking, how to do I use RakutenMr. Rebates and CouponCabin so I can start saving!?

  1. The first thing you have to do is register with RakutenMr. Rebates and CouponCabin (if you have not registered already). Your registration identifies you to the cashback website and insures that you get cashback credited to your unique account.
    Mr. Rebates:
    Rakuten (Ebates):
  2. After registering with the cashback site, you will be automatically logged in. For those who have come back to the site at a later date, you must insure that you are logged in each time you shop by checking that your info is shown in the top right-hand corner of the site.
  3. Once logged in, simply search for the store to see if they show up as a participating retailer along with how much cashback they are offering.
    Mr. Rebates:
    Rakuten (Ebates):
  4. After you have clicked a cashback store, make sure you complete the purchase in that same click session to insure the cashback rebate is credited to your account.
    Mr. Rebates:
    Rakuten (Ebates):
  5. DO NOT click or surf to other discount, coupon or comparison shopping websites after clicking through to a store using the same window as cashback rebate tracking can be lost if store links are clicked on other websites and a cashback rebate will not be credited to your account.

    If you want to browse a different site, open a new tab.
  6. Rebates are credited to your account usually within 1-3 business days of the ship date of your order although the wait time does vary from store to store. You will receive a confirmation email when the rebate is credited.
  7. After 90 days of being posted to your account and you have accrued a minimum of $10, you can request either a rebate check be sent to a postal address location or rebate payment via Paypal (if sent to PayPal, there is no fee for receiving payment).

How long does it take for a rebate to be posted to my account after I have placed an order?
Most orders are reported in a short time from either the ship date or order date depending on merchant policy. On average, rebates get credited within 7 business days (sometimes earlier) from the order date or the ship date. However, it can take up to 30 days after the order date for RakutenMr. Rebates or CouponCabin to receive confirmation of the purchase or that an offer has been completed.
How do I shop at a RakutenMr. Rebates and CouponCabin store and earn cashback?
The only action required to get a cashback rebate is to simply click on your desired store and make your purchase in that same click session. Your click-through from Mr. Rebates activates a code in the store's shopping cart that will make sure that you are credited with the rebate. Each order from a participating store requires a unique click-through from Mr. Rebates. If you are making multiple orders then make sure you have a separate store click for each corresponding order. Please note that rebates do not show up in a store's shopping cart. Rebates are credited a few days later in your Mr. Rebates' account.
Can I still get a rebate if I forgot to click-through to a store?
Unfortunately, orders placed outside of any of the cashback sites do not qualify for cashback rebates. If the rebate is important to you then the only other thing that can be done is to cancel the original order and re-order through your preferred cashback link. That decision is up to you however.
What happens if I exchange a product or make changes to an order?
Contacting a store to change an order (even for an exchange) can sometimes negate the cashback rebate. The reason for this is that some stores will negate the first original order and generate a new order that does not have a rebate tied to it. When making changes to an order, our best advice would be to cancel your original order and re-order using your cashback link (if the rebate is important to you).
Can I use coupons featured at Mr. Rebates or Ebates when I shop at your partner stores?
Absolutely! Be sure that you only use coupons that are posted at RakutenMr. Rebates or CouponCabin as coupons found elsewhere can negate the cashback with most merchants. Please also make sure that discounts or free offers are present in the shopping cart of the participating merchant. Mr. Rebates and Ebates is not responsible for coupons that are expired or incorrectly redeemed.
Are purchases of gift cards or payment via gift cards eligible for cashback rebates?
Some stores do offer cashback for gift card purchases as listed in the Gift Cards category. However, any store not listed in that "Gift Cards" category do not offer cashback for gift card purchases. Purchases made with gift card redemption or gift certificate redemption as the full or partial payment method are not eligible for cashback rebates.
How do I shop at a cashback store?
First, make sure you are logged in to the RakutenMr. Rebates or CouponCabin web site. You will be able to verify that you are logged in by viewing your account information in the top right-hand corner of the site. Next, find the store that you would like to shop with and simply click on that store's link. Don't worry, if you are not logged in, a warning screen will display asking you to login or register. After you are redirected to the store's website, simply purchase items just as you would normally do, checkout and the cashback rebate will be reported to your cashback account a few days after the ship date of the order or sometimes even earlier depending on the merchant's reporting policy.
If you have additional questions, please take a look at Rakuten Help SectionMr. Rebates FAQ section or CouponCabin Help Section.

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