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Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

Split Strap Overview : The Camera Split Strap is a direct replacement for camera straps. The ends are fully adjustable in length and complements the Custom SLR C-Loop and works with traditional camera strap mounting points. Comes with 2 pair of adjustable length ends.

Split Strap Features :
  • Split Strap Technology™: Distributes weight evenly to reduce pain/fatigue and provides superior ventilation
  • Unique Ergonomic Design: Conforms to shoulder for unparalleled comfort
  • Swiveling Buckles: Rotates for maximum flexibility and detaches for increased mobility
  • Silicone Print: Reduces slippage
  • High Quality Material and Construction
  • American Design and Innovation
Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution
C-Loop Overview : C-Loop is truly a sweet, “why didn't I think of that?” solution. We designed the C-Loop in response to how the traditional top mounted camera strap always gets in the way. By relocating the mounting position to the bottom of the camera and integrating a swivel, we discovered numerous benefits that improved the shooting experience when using a camera strap.

C-Loop Features :
  • Eliminate Strap Interference: Quicker access, flexibility and improved handling.
  • Smooth Rotation: The C-Loop swivels 360° degrees to reduce tangling and for smooth panning
  • Low Profile: Makes it easier to transition from landscape to portrait shots
  • Increased Security: Lens comfortably tucks away making mobility easy in tight or crowded areas
  • Compatibility: Works with existing camera straps and all devices with a tripod mount

*NOTE: This review will be split up into two reviews. One for Split Strap and one for C-Loop.

Custom SLR Camera Split Strap
Quality/Usability : Majority of people may not have heard of the company, Custom SLR. That's because they're a new and upcoming company. They started off on KickStarter, which is a site that helps companies get the funds needed to make the products that they do not have. These "investors" such as yourself, can pledge money to help fund the project. Once the goal is met, the company can start to make the product and will send you the product (depending on pledge and what is offered). Don't worry, if the goal is not met, you don't get charged. You only get charged if the goal is met. The funding for the Split Strap completed on March 8, 2011.

Majority of straps if not all, have a one piece design. What makes Custom SLR's Split Strap different is exactly in the name...there is a split in the middle as well as the swiveling buckle. The buckle swivels according to your movement. This is something you do not see on other camera straps. With the split on the strap, it allows the weight to be distributed evenly and contour. The strap can be worn like a traditional camera strap where the camera hangs in front of you or across your body with the camera hanging by your side.

Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

The Split Strap is made of neoprene material. Not only is it light in weight, it's also stretchable. The stitching on the Split Strap is very clean and well done. The underside of the shoulder pad has custom printed CSLR rubberized logo that prevents the strap from sliding around either on your neck or shoulder. It can also be used in many ways other than a camera strap such as, a strap for a laptop/messenger bag ($24.95), guitar ($27.95), arm sling ($27.95) or duffel/sports bag ($27.95).

Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

With the strap worn across your body and the strap resting on your shoulder and your camera on the other side of your body, the strap feels very comfortable. You can simply bring the camera up, take a shot and bring it back down to your side. The strap will rest back onto your shoulder but may need some help. Even if the strap is worn like a traditional camera strap around your neck, there is no strain on your neck and the camera lens is not sticking forward. But rather, it's hanging upside down and the side of the camera/lens is resting against your body.

Included are two pairs of adjustable straps to suit your carrying and shooting preferences. Each pair are different sizes. To install these adjustable straps, the instructions are as follows:
  1. Detach the strap end from the rotating buckle. Slide the loop end through the mounting point on the C-Loop.
  2. Pass the other end of the strap through the loop.
  3. Re-attach the buckle to the strap. Repeat on both sides.
Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

Even if you don't purchase the C-Loop or don't have one, you can attach the Camera Split Strap to your camera the same way you would with the traditional straps. Of course, your camera won't be hanging from the tripod mount and upside down. But the strap itself would definitely be an upgrade and significantly be more comfortable.

Here is a more detailed information about the Split Strap (courtesy of Custom SLR):

Conclusion : Overall, the Custom SLR Camera Split Strap works very well. I love the fact that it is light weight, stretchable and contours the shoulder. The split design is a unique design. It allows the strap to curve according to your body without any stiffness or discomfort.

The size of the Split Strap is a bit too big to be worn around the neck. If it was thinner, it would be just right. But it's perfect if worn on the shoulder like a sling. The rubberized logo on the underside of the strap keeps the strap from moving but at the same time, it may require you to adjust the strap to its correct position on your shoulder.

Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

Custom SLR C-Loop
Quality/Usability : The funding for the C-Loop completed on December 14, 2010. The C-Loop is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized. There is a neoprene washer on the bottom of the C-Loop that acts as a cushion between the C-Loop and the bottom of your camera. Unfortunately, this neoprene washer is not glued to the C-Loop so you can pull it off. Upon shaking it, it doesn't come off as easily but it may over time.

Installation is really simple. Attach either the Split Strap or Glide Strap to the ends of the C-Loop as instructed above. This will attach the nylon cord to the C-Loop. Attach the straps to the Split Strap and on the C-Loop, lift up the "C" shaped handle and screw the C-Loop into the tripod socket of your camera. Once its tight, you can push the handle back down to make it flush. That's it! Now your camera can spin around freely without getting tangled up. The C-Loop also works with existing camera straps and all devices with tripod mounts.

Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution Review: Custom SLR Camera Split Strap with C-Loop Strap Mount Solution

Here is a close-up video look at the C-Loop (courtesy of Custom SLR):

If you use the C-Loop vigorously and you noticed that it doesn't spin as smooth as when you first got it, there is a solution for this. As per Custom SLR instructions, flip up the handle and put a drop of your favorite lubricant (Tri-Flow, WD-40, etc.) in the gap between the top portion and the body (see picture). Give it several rotations to make sure the lube has penetrated most of the surface under the gap since the tolerance is so tight. To wipe off the excess: press a napkin/tissue against the top of the body with your finger (handle still up) and twist the body. Repeat until the top of the body is free of lube. Once done, the C-Loop will spin smoothly.

Conclusion : Overall, the Custom SLR C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution is a well made design. The design itself is very creative with how they incorporated their CSLR logo and 360° degree swivel. It comes with a CSLR sticker and a fancy velvet pouch. Usually, sling straps have a fixed tripod screw and the only thing that spins freely is the carabiner clip.

The weight of the C-Loop is very light and sturdy. However, the price of the C-Loop itself is a bit pricey if you want to purchase a second one to place on another camera. $15 would be the sweet spot but manufacturing the C-Loop is probably where the bulk of the costs goes into.

Manufacturer: Custom SLR
Site: Buy from Custom SLR (Split Strap) / Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo (Split Strap) / Buy from Custom SLR (Combo)

Site: Buy from Custom SLR / Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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