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Review: CPTech B-Grip UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster

Overview : Photographers who value being quick on the draw and fast to get the shot will appreciate the UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster from B-Grip. This holster is designed to hold a compact, mirrorless, or bridge camera. A versatile product, the UNO may be attached to a backpack, belt or bag. Unlike many other holsters, the Uno suspends your camera vertically both for comfort and to help prevent the lens from bumping into you.

The UNO comes with a variety of mounting hardware such as tightening nuts, and a steel u-bolt for attaching to your backpack, bag, or belt. An included quick-release plate screws to the bottom of your camera with a solid brass screw. The brass helps protect your camera's tripod thread. Press the release lever on the holster to mount or remove your camera. For added security, an orange, safety-lock lever provides peace-of-mind. For speed and convenience, UNO's Arco compatible mounting plate fits Arca-sized tripod heads. This makes transitioning from holster, to handheld, to tripod fast and easy.

Features :
  • Swap from carrying to shooting in a second
  • Designed for mirrorless or compact SLRs
  • Made of high performance quality material
  • Quick mounting plate is Arca compatible
  • Can be used with belts, backpack or camera bag shoulder straps

Quality/Usability : If you've been following us or read our reviews, we reviewed B-Grip's first product known as the EVO back in 2011. The EVO was geared more towards heavier gear such as DSLR camera bodies. Fast forward 4 years later and B-Grip has released UNO. UNO is designed for mirrorless or compact sized cameras.

The B-Grip UNO includes the UNO unit, rear bracket, two nuts, belt hanger and quick release plate.

The B-Grip UNO is made of Durethan high tech polymer. Durethan of Lanxess is classified HPM (High Performance Material) and it’s used exclusively for high precision items. As stated, the UNO is designed for mirrorless or compact sized cameras. You can use SLR's such as the Canon Rebel series. I personally wouldn't go any bigger than the Rebel series or equivalent. For bigger cameras, you'll want to take a look at the B-Grip EVO.

The red lever is a lock. This prevents the UNO from accidentally releasing your camera and having it fall to its death. To mount/release your camera, simply lift up on the black lever and pull your camera out.

The quick release plate is also made of Durethan and is compatible with Arca-Swiss ball heads. You can use your fingers to tighten the mounting screw to the bottom of the camera. For added security, you can use a coin to help tighten the screw.

You have two ways of using the UNO. One of the ways is to use the rear bracket and nuts to secure it to your strap. The strap whether it be from a shoulder strap or chest strap from a backpack would go between the back of the UNO and the rear bracket.

The above is installed on a ThinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack. The strap on the StreetWalker Pro is fairly thick and I was able to mount the B-Grip UNO onto it. This reminds me of the Peak Design Capture Clip. The UNO is bigger and covers more surface area.

When mounted on a strap near your chest/shoulder, it provides easy access to the camera and less prone to be accidentally bumped into.

The second way to use the UNO is by hooking it to your belt using the belt hanger. You would install it the same as way as the strap but now you're including the belt hanger. This goes between the UNO and rear bracket.

The above image shows the UNO and belt hanger mounted on to a belt. You'll also see a Canon G1X Mark II mounted. Having it mounted this way, it's more prone to be knocked around because it now sticks out.

Conclusion : Overall, the CPTech B-Grip UNO Multipurpose Camera Holster is light in weight thanks to the Durethan polymer plastic. It's very durable. If mounted on your belt, beware that the camera will stick out further on the side and can accidentally bump into items. If mounted on your chest/strap, it will still stick out but its towards the front and not to the side.

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