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Review: Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps

Review: Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps

Overview : The Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip is the perfect accessory for all DSLR photographers. It fits an endless variety of lens caps, keeping the cap close to the lens and user at all times. It can connect to all types of camera neck straps (up to 1-inch wide), and is ideal for sling-style straps.

Features :
  • Keeps Lens Caps Clean, Safe and Handy
  • Improved for Narrower Camera Straps
  • Easily and Securely Attaches to Straps
  • Holds All Types of Lens Caps

Quality/Usability : We previously reviewed the Hufa Holder The Original Lens Cap Clip a while back. While the original Hufa Holder was ideal for regular camera straps that went around your neck, it worked OK for sling straps but wasn't designed specifically for it.

As you can see from the image above, you'll notice all the extra space where the strap loops through which would cause the Hufa Holder to either slide around or even accidentally fall out.

Review: Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps

Hufa has released a new version of the Hufa Holder that is more ideal for sling straps called Hufa S. It comes in three colors: red, black and white.

The look of the Hufa S looks similar to that of the Hufa Holder but the S has more of a vertical design and attaches the length of the strap rather than the width. It's made of the same durable plastic material.

Hufa uses the BlackRapid straps as demonstration to show that it works so why show the same thing? It's best if we showed the Hufa S being used on a different strap other than BlackRapid. Since we have a Carry Speed strap laying around, we'll be using that to demo the Hufa S.

Installation is fairly simple and the same as the original. Simply slide the nylon strap through the opening of the Hufa S until the nylon is fully through. You'll do this to both sides of the Hufa S.

As you can see from the picture above, the Hufa S fits perfectly on the nylon strap that is no more than 1" wide. I don't think there are any sling straps where the nylon strap is more than 1" wide. Once it's on the strap, the Hufa S won't slide up or down unless you purposely move it with force. In the third image, we moved the Hufa S towards the shoulder strap so that it doesn't get in the way of the camera.

Even though it may look and do the same as the original, there does seem to be a small update to the design other than it being vertical. This new hump addition may also apply to the original Hufa Holder and it does make the lens cap more secure.

There is no size limit that the Hufa S can hold. Whether its 52mm or 82mm, it will hold the lens cap without a problem. It doesn't matter which way the lens cap is facing, it will still hold it securely. It even holds a white balance lens cap.

Conclusion : Overall, the Hufa S Holder Lens Cap Clip for Sling Straps is the better choice if you use a sling strap. The look and design is still similar/the same but I noticed the new hump on the inside which prevents the lens cap from falling off. I know there are some people out there questioning why buy a lens cap holder when you can place it in your pocket or just dump in your camera bag. There's also lint in your pocket as well as keys, loose change or don't even have a pocket at all (for you females). There were a few times where I sat on my lens cap and it wasn't comfortable. Some may not even care about their lens cap.

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