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Review: BRNO dri+Cap Kit Dehumidifying Caps for Canon & Nikon Bodies and Lenses

Review: BRNO dri+Cap Kit Dehumidifying Caps for Canon & Nikon Bodies and Lenses

Overview : There's finally a convenient way to protect your sensitive cameras and lenses from excess humidity and ambient relative humidity fluctuations: these dri+Cap KIT Dehumidifying Caps for Canon/Nikon from BRNO. Each cap holds a replaceable silica gel and protects your precious Canon/Nikon equipment from moisture that can lead to fungus or mold.

Simply put the cap on a camera body or lens, and it will maintain the optimum relative humidity (RH) of 35% to 45%. The caps are ideal for protecting equipment from fluctuating RH and minimizing condensation build-up in climates with excessive changes in temperature--even moving from air conditioning to a hot humid environment will create unhealthy moisture in a lens or camera. Each silica gel changes color from orange to green when it needs changing. One body cap and one rear lens cap for Canon/Nikon equipment are included, as are 8 silica gels.

Features :
  • Protects lens & camera from humidity
  • Prevents fungus and mold
  • Minimizes condensation build-up
  • Maintains optimum relative humidity
  • Color of silica gel changes when it's time to change gels
  • For Canon/Nikon camera body & lenses

Quality/Usability : Fungus is one of camera lenses worst enemy. If you're in a humid environment, fungus spore particles can make their way into your lens and wreak havoc. To prevent fungus from growing inside a lens, photographers often use silica gels packets to control the amount of moisture in and around their glass. We had reviewed Pelican's 1500D Desiccant Silica Gel Case. It's great that it indicated that it absorbed moisture and that it was reusable but this required you to stick it in the oven to dry the silica gels. The Pelican silica gel case was more for the surrounding area and not to a specific item.

Review: BRNO dri+Cap Kit Dehumidifying Caps for Canon & Nikon Bodies and Lenses

*There is a clear plastic cover on the package but was removed so that there was no glare while taking a picture

With the BRNO dri+Cap, it's specifically preventing moisture and fungus from accumulating whether it be on your camera lens glass or camera body. The specially designed caps, available for both Canon and Nikon mounts, come with silica gel packs. If you buy the camera body cap or lens cap, they each come with 4 silica gel packs. If you buy the kit which includes both camera and lens cap (as shown), you get 8 silica gel packets. If you run out of the silica gel packs, you can purchase a pack of eight separately.

Do note that the silica gel packs are not reusable. Once it absorbs the moisture to its capacity, it will need to be thrown out and replaced. As for how long the gel packs last, it all depends on how humid and how much moisture is in the air. It can last a week up to a month per silica gel packs.

Each cap feature rubber o-rings that prevent outside air from entering through the lens in the mounting area.

Installing the BRNO dri+Cap is fairly easy:
  1. Unscrew the dehumidifer chamber from the main cap assembly.
  2. Install a fresh dehumidifer pack with enough clearance to reinstall the desiccant chamber.
  3. Screw the dehumidifer chamber back onto the main cap assembly.
  4. Unscrew the rear sealing cap from the main cap assembly.
  5. Place the main cap assembly onto your lens or body the same way you would install a body cap or lens cap.
  6. If the dri+Cap is not in use, place the rear sealing cap over the BRNO dri+Cap.
  7. To replace silica gel packs, repeat steps 1-3.
left: Canon EF 50mm f1.4 lens | right: Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II lens

The dri+Cap lens cap attaches to the rear of the lens. Like the cap for the camera body, one cap fits all. Installing and removing the lens cap works the same as any other rear lens cap. Since the cap has an o-ring, it creates a tight seal.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III with BG-E11 grip

The dri+Cap body cap attaches to where the lens would mount. The body cap works on any Canon DSLR cameras and any Nikon DSLR cameras. Installing and removing the camera body cap is the same as the cap that came with the camera. Just like the lens caps, the o-ring provides a tight seal to the camera body.

Conclusion : Overall, the BRNO dri+Cap Kit Dehumidifying Caps for Canon & Nikon Bodies and Lenses is great for those who take their gear into humid environment. There has been some debates where it is unnecessary for the need for silicone gels to absorb moisture. Yes, moisture is everywhere but if you can prevent any future headaches when it comes to fungus or mold, why not? Personally, its personal preference and depending on your location. Some people even purchase dry cabinets for their camera gear.

I always leave my lens on my camera. So getting just the lens cap only would be better suited for me. If you're the type that removes the lens from the camera body and stores it in your bag, the combo is best.

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