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Light's L16 Packs 16 Cameras into Point and Shoot

No one wants point-and-shoots anymore since you can get great photos with your phone. If you want something better and better quality, there are tons of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to choose from. A new company called Light aims to change this with a device that looks like a point-and-shoot, provides quality like a DSLR, but instead of just one camera inside, there are 16 cameras embedded into a decent sized form factor.

There are 16 cameras inside Light's L16, each 13 megapixels, with lenses ranging from wide-angle to telephoto that simultaneously expose photos at different focal lengths. Then the device's software combines all that data into one 52-megapixel file. The L16 appears to compete directly with the likes of Lytro’s light field cameras: it also lets you shoot first and adjust depth of field later.

Other specs and features of the L16 include 35-150mm optical zoom, exceptional low-light performance, low image noise, precise depth of field control, and a 5-inch touchscreen on the back for editing and sharing your photos.

The specs and the features all look promising but of course, it comes at a price. The first run of L16s will cost $1,300 if you preorder, $1,700 if you don't. You can place your order at

Here are some sample pictures and videos:

Source: Light / reviews

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