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Review: Spider Holster SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

Overview : The SpiderLight Backpacker KIT allows you to carry your camera with extreme comfort and ease. A quick snap-in connection securely fastens the SpiderLight Adapter to your bag's strap. The SpiderLight Holster then mates with the adapter (simply slide the holster into the adapter - adapter's lock will engage automatically). The adapter pad cushions your camera, elastic band wraps around the camera lens to prevent camera movement when walking/hiking.

Features :
  • Spider/GoPro adapter plate - allows full compatibility with GoPro accessories/cameras
  • Sliding the holster into the adapter automatically engages the locking mechanism
  • Adapter's unique design allows quick insertion of the LIGHT Holster base for camera carry
  • The adapter pad cushions your camera
  • Elastic bands wrap around camera lens for stability
  • Arca-Swiss geometry/design
  • Attaches to Backpack or Bag Strap
  • Mates with Select GoPro Accessories

Quality/Usability : Since we have reviewed the SpiderLight Holster Camera System separately, this review will mainly focus on the Backpacker Kit only.

The Backpacker Kit includes the holster, plate, hex key, GoPro adapter plate, backpacker holster base, pad, vertical adapter and instructions.

The plate is essentially a mini-me version of the SpiderPro version. The holster is attached to the backpacker base but can also attach to your belt when taken off the backpacker.

The SpiderLight Holster has a two-position lock. In it's lower position, the lock secures your camera each time it’s placed in the holster. If you pull the latch up, it allows you to remove the camera but the next time you put your camera in, its locked in until you pull the latch up. In the upper position, you don't have to constantly pull the latch as the lock disengages for quick and easy access to your camera.

Even at the upper position, the camera won't fall out due to the weight of the gear holding it down and the long travel it would have to go up in order to fall out.

The plate attaches to the bottom of your camera. To tighten the plate to your camera, you can use the D-ring or the included hex key. I prefer to use the hex key since using the D-ring felt a little cheap when trying to tighten the screw. The plate connects to any tripod quick release plate that is Arca-Swiss tripod compatible. You can see our comparison video between the SpiderPro and SpiderLight plate.

The pin is pre-attached and allows your camera to move freely with you as you move. Your lens points backward allowing you to squat quickly with no worries, and your flash (if you use one) hangs parallel to your leg. The pin is removable if needed.

Underneath the plate are two strips or rubber to help provide friction. There are also two black nylon screws that act as bumpers for your camera. If you have a grip for your mirrorless, this can be removed.

(pictures from SpiderLight Holster review)

One of the things that Spider Holster is highly excited about is the fact that the plate does not cover your battery door. If the plate configuration out of the box gets in the way of your battery door, you can actually loosen the tripod screw (it acts as a stopper), slide the base out and rotate it around.

There is also a 1/4-20 screw mount in case you want to mount something to it.

The backpacker consists of the holster base and pad. The pad is pre-attached to the base and offers protection to the camera and lens. The velcro strap also holds the camera close to the pad.

The holster base is made of durable plastic similar to that of the Black Widow. On the right side of the base is a lever switch. This allows you to disengage the lock so you can remove the holster whether it be that you want to wear the holster only on your pants or you want to mount the GoPro Adapter Plate.

I don't know if it was intended to be used this way but you can also slide your pants belt through the loop of the base and wear it on your pants if you don't want to attach it to your backpack strap.


The Vertical Adapter is what holds the backpacker onto the backpack strap. The velcro acts as a strap and is used to help tighten the adapter to your strap. The backpack strap sits between the plate and velcro as shown below.

To attach the vertical adapter, place it behind the backpack strap. Place the thin velcro over the strap followed by the larger pad. This will keep the Backpacker adapter in place.

Trying to mount the Backpacker Kit onto my Peak Design Everyday Backpack, it was hard. If the strap is too thick, it will require a lot of pressure to snap the adapters together. I also tried to mount the Backpacker to my Mindshift Gear backpack and it also required a lot of pressure to get the adapters to snap together.

The GoPro Adapter Plate is made of plastic and has two notches on the side. So it doesn't matter which way you insert the plate, it will get locked into place. I'm using my GoPro 3+ Black Edition and it came with a clip. However, I have the Bacpac LCD so it was too big. I had to use adapters so that it cleared the J-clip. Spider Holster showed the GoPro Session in their marketing images that used a different J-clip.

Conclusion : Overall, the Spider Holster SpiderLight Backpacker Kit offers a different location to carry your camera. Unfortunately, trying to attach the adapter to the backpack strap can be annoying as it requires a lot of pressure to get it to snap together. So if you have a thick strap, be prepared.

As I mentioned in the review above, you can clip the holster or loop your pants belt through the backpacker base. So its kind of like the Black Widow but with Spider Pro quality. So essentially, you're getting three setups in this: holster only on your pants belt, holster with Backpacker base to provide stability and protection and Backpacker mounted to the backpack strap.

The GoPro adapter plate worked well and was secure. But I used the original J-clip that came with my GoPro 3+ Black and I couldn't mount it with the Bacpac LCD. I had to use an extension. I'm guessing there are newer or differently designed J-clip available.

Manufacturer: Spider Holster
Site: Buy from AmazonBuy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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