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Review: Peak Design Travel Shoe Pouch

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Overview : Strong, ultralight, and ultra-packable, Peak Design Travel Shoe Pouch provides basic storage for shoes or clothes. Works great with any suitcase or bag, and sized to fit perfectly into any bag in the Peak Design Travel Line. Uniquely patterned from a single piece of self-healing 70D nylon, the Shoe Pouch weighs in at a feathery 48g. When you're not using Shoe Pouch, stowe it in the integrated storage pouch. A perfect little bag to have on-hand in case you need more storage or organization mid-trip. Typically fits 1-2 pairs of shoes, depending on size.

Features :
  • Fits 1-2 pairs of shoes, depending on size
  • Packs into integrated storage pouch
  • Unique ultralight construction from a single piece of fabric
  • Ultralight 100% recycled weatherproof 70D nylon/poly shell with abrasion & rip resistant coating
  • Beefy #8 zip
  • External loops for carrying with any Peak Design strap (sold separately)

Quality/Usability : You wouldn't think that a shoe pouch is needed but if you're traveling or carrying dirty shoes around, it can become essential. Usually when I travel, I just put them in a plastic bag. This is great an all but they can rip, open up and sometimes even make your clothes dirty or smell dirty.

The Peak Design Travel Shoe Pouch is made from an ultralight 100% recycled weatherproof 70D nylon/poly shell with abrasion & rip resistant coating. When folded, its really really small at a size approximately 3"x5"x0.7".

The Shoe Pouch has a pouch integrated into the design and uses a single button to keep it closed. There is a small loop on the side that allows you to either hold from or clip a carabiner or something to it.

To unfold it, pop the button and pull the pouch out and fold it inside out. The Shoe Pouch reminds me of a deflated football.

When the Shoe Pouch is fully loaded, the size of approximately 12.6"x6.7"x6.7". Depending on the shoe size and type for an adult, you'll be able to fit 1-2 pairs. For sneakers, I was able to fit just 1 pair. With Crocs and flip flops, I can fit 2-3 pairs. Females shoes, I was able to fit 2-3 pairs and with toddler shoes, I can fit about 6 pairs (combinations of sneakers, sandals, dressy shoes).

You can check out the video below of how to unfold and fold the Shoe Pouch and how much it can hold.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Travel Shoe Pouch is a fancy bag for your shoes at a retail price of $24.95. Its nice that it holds multiple shoes, slightly stretchable and folds down to a very compact form factor where it doesn't take up too much space when not needed. If you travel quite often, I suggest it.

The Shoe Pouch can also be used to store clothes and other items if you're in a pinch.

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