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Review: Peak Design Travel Rain Fly

Overview : When you need total protection from the elements, the ultra-packable 45L Rainfly is your best friend. It’s not your run-of-the mill rain cover, either. Constructed from burly 200D siliconized ripstop nylon, the Rain Fly packs into an integrated carry pouch. That pouch securely connects to exterior attachment points on the Travel Backpack 45L and stows neatly inside a magnetically sealed exterior sleeve. When the rain hits you can instantly deploy the Rainfly while it’s still connected to your backpack.

Features :
  • Fully waterproof rain protection
  • 200D ripstop nylon with siliconized coating and fully taped seams
  • Integrated stuff sack, which mounts to exterior of Travel Backpack 45L and stows in the backpack's magnetically sealed external sleeve
  • 1-handed cinch cord keeps Rainfly snug around bag
  • Drainage grommet at bottom lets out any moisture that accumulates inside

Quality/Usability : Although the Peak Design 45L Travel Line is weatherproof and repels water, its always good to have extra protection especially if you're going to be in the rain for long periods of time. Rain covers typically come with the backpack but with the Peak Design, it's sold separately.

The Rain Fly is nylon cover that slips over the Travel Line Backpack and when not in use, it can be easily tucked away into the backpack.

The Rain Fly has its own integrated pouch. When not in use, it is packed into a small form factor and is tucked into the bottom of the Travel Backpack's magnetically sealed external sleeve.

When you need to protect your backpack from wet elements, simply unzip the zipper, pull the Rain Fly out and simply slide it over your backpack. The main fabric is made from weatherproof 70D ripstop nylon.

Once its over the backpack, simply pull on the one-handed cinch cord to keep the Rain Fly tight, secure, and snug. When you no longer need it, simply pull on the hypalon pull tab to un-cinch the Rain Fly and fold it back up to store it away.

The Peak Design logo is nicely placed discreetly at the bottom where it doesn't scream out. The bottom of the bag is 200D heavyweight nylon for abrasion so that it can withstand being set down on the floor.

Peak Design has also thought about adding a drainage grommet to bottom of the Rain Fly to let out any moisture that may be trapped inside the Rain Fly to keep your items dry.

Peak Design doesn't have a rain cover for the Everyday Backpack 20L and 30L but I'm happy to inform you that the Rain Fly also fits Everyday Backpack 20L (right image) and 30L (left image). Since these backpacks are slightly smaller than the 45L Travel Line Backpack, there will be some slack and excess string when cinched down.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Travel Rain Fly covers the 45L backpack very well and retails for $29.95. I like that this also works for the 20L and 30L Everyday Backpack since some complaints from users is that the top flap isn't fully covering the backpack. It would have been nice if the Rain Fly was included with the 45L Backpack instead of having to be purchase it separately.

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