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Popular Photography American Photo
12 issues
DiscountMag - $13.97
Amazon - $14.00
No longer produced - LINK
Digital Photo Digital PhotoPro
7 issues
DiscountMag - $11.97
Amazon - $11.97
BestDealsMagazines - $5.95
7 issues
DiscountMag - $19.97
Amazon - $19.97
BestDealsMagazines - $4.69
Outdoor Photographer Shutterbug
10 issues
DiscountMag - $10.99
Amazon - $10.98
BestDealsMagazines - $4.69
No longer produced - LINK
12 issues
DiscountMag - $11.97
4 issues
DiscountMag - $39.99

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  • We will send you an email reminder a few weeks before your expiration date including the current low price on and the date on which your subscription is scheduled to be renewed.
  • You can cancel at any time and receive a refund for unshipped issues. If you prefer to let your subscription expire at the end of the current term, you can visit Subscription Manager to update your preferences.
  • Regardless of whether you are a new or existing subscriber, all customers receive the the same low price on renewals.
  • Automatic renewal also makes annual gift giving easier. Learn more about how to give a gift subscription.

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