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IN STOCK: 3D Print Lens Hood for Canon RF 35mm Macro IS STM

Canon RF 35mm f1.8 IS Macro STM Lens Hood

What's the purpose of a lens hood?
In photography, a lens hood or lens shade is a device used on the front end of a lens to block the Sun or other light source(s) to prevent glare and lens flare. Lens hoods may also be used to protect the lens from scratches and the elements without having to put on a lens cover.
The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 Macro IS STM (MSRP $499.00) should be in every photographers camera bag who owns a Canon EOS R, RP, R5, R6 and any other new/future R-series camera. The image quality is great, lots of great reviews and the price is affordable without breaking the bank but it doesn't come with a lens hood.

Canon offers the EW-52 Lens Hood (MSRP $41.95 - Amazon | B&H PhotoAdorama) as seen above. The EW-52 is a screw-on lens hood and is smaller than your typical round/petal lens hood. I'm not a big fan of screw-on lens hood because if there was strong enough impact, it can damage the lens and its so short that it really doesn't offer that much of a protection. Bigger lens hoods that attach simply slip over the lens, offer more protection to the lens and pop off from accidental impacts.

No other 3rd party manufacturer has released a different type of lens hood for the Canon RF 35mm; they all offer the same EW-52 screw-on style lens hood. This 3D printed lens hood is like the round (cylindrical) bayonet lens hood we are known to seeing on other lenses.

  • Offers protection from accidental impacts while still blocking stray rays/flare from entering the lens
  • Easy to attach (via friction) and easy to remove
  • Interior is flocked to prevent any glare/reflections (easily removable)
  • Lens hood is reversible for compactness
  • NO vignetting!
Interior flock material is hand-cut and pre-installed onto lens hood. If you do not want it, you can easily remove it. This 3D printed lens hood has (what we feel is) the perfect snug fit when mounted onto the camera lens. It stays on securely and comes off easily.


The lens hood is compatible with the following lens:


*NOTE* 3D prints and fitment may vary depending on the machine, nozzle, filament and/or settings.


Taken on Canon R6 with the lens hood:



Price includes lens hood w/flock pre-installed and all costs associated with shipping. In stock item(s) are shipped out within 1-2 business days after payment has been received and cleared. For purchases of 3 or more, please contact us for discount (may require some additional time to print if not enough in stock).

If there are any questions or for quicker shipping method, please contact us prior to purchasing.

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3D Printed RF 35mm Lens Hood
3D Printed RF 35mm Lens Hood

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Reproduction and sale of lens hood approved by K. Wippermann
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