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Press Release: Custom SLR releases M-Plate - Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss compatible tripod plate

We first reported about the M-Plate by Customer SLR back in October. A couple months later, we posted a sneak peak of the M-Plate. And today, we're glad to inform you that it is now available! The M-Plate retails for $74.95. There is an attachment that is sold separately ($12.95) that allows you to attach a hand strap.

If you don't know who Custom SLR is, they started off on Kickstarter, a site where people can pledge money to help products become a reality. If it reaches the goal, production begin and those who pledged will receive the product at a discounted price. With that, Custom SLR released their own neck strap (Split Strap), sling strap (Glide Strap) and now M-Plate.

Below is a full press release:
Available Today, Crowded-funded Custom SLR Offers an Ergonomic Camera Tripod Plate Enabling Quick-Release to Any Tripod and Strap System; Custom SLR is the First Kickstarter Team to Deliver Three Projects to Backers

SAN JOSE, C.A., MARCH 27, 2012 -- Custom SLR, a design company creating products that improve the shooting experience for photographers, has announced the immediate availability of the M-Plate universal camera tripod plate. The M-Plate is the world’s first universal tripod plate to offer built-in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections as well as attachment points for accessories. Produced with appreciation from the support of more than 400 Kickstarter backers and designed by a team of seasoned photographers, the M-Plate enables quick release from any tripod head and can attach multiple camera accessories into a single plate.

Crafted in the USA from aerospace grade aluminum, the M-Plate is sturdy, steady and lightweight, and works with any camera strap system including the Custom SLR C-Loop strap mount, BlackRapid,  Spider Holster, Sun Sniper, Cotton Carrier and virtually any system that would typically occupy the camera tripod socket. When using the M-Plate in conjunction with the C-Loop camera strap mount, photographers will find the additional benefit of a perfectly balanced camera for increased comfort and quick access. The ergonomic design of M-Plate relocates the tripod socket making it easier to shoot portrait shots. Designed as a part of a modular system, the built-in M-Link Port™ will connect with future photo and video attachments, including flash brackets and video rigs that are currently in development. A Kickstarter first, the M-Plate is the Custom SLR team’s third project funded successfully through the crowd-funding website.

“While connecting with real photographers that use the C-Loop, we heard over and over that they also wanted something to connect with their tripod. That was the inspiration for the M-Plate but what grew from that inspiration is a system that will work with any strap system and any tripod – improving the shooting experience for all photographers,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Operations Officer, Custom SLR. “We started Custom SLR as a means to solve our own problems and it’s amazing to be able to help so many of our fellow photographers as well. Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers for help bringing the M-Plate to life.”

The M-Plate comes in a black anodized finish for durability and a sleek, seamless profile when attached to the camera’s tripod socket. An impact absorbent and textured layer between the aluminum and camera ensures a snug fit and eliminates scratching. Additionally, the M-Plate features an optional hand strap attachment accessory.
The M-Plate is available starting today, March 27 for a MSRP of $74.95. Photographers can purchase the M-Plate through or through many authorized dealers worldwide.

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