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Kickstarter: ZipShooter Compact Camera Dolly System

We love seeing new Kickstarter projects. Not only does the photography market have new gear but also different designs and sometimes even unique concepts/ideas. The latest Kickstarter project is the ZipShooter. It's a compact camera dolly. Yes, there are other dolly systems out there but it doesn't hurt to have more. The more the merrier!

Kickstarter starting price is $350. It will retail for $425 once it officially releases.

Continue reading for more pictures and information about the ZipShooter.

A Dynamic Tool
This ain't your momma's camera dolly. Well, if your momma had a camera dolly, this wouldn't be it. Okay, let's forget about your momma for a second and just move on. ZipShooter™ is a truly dynamic tool it is not for the faint of heart or even the mildly weak of heart.

It can serve as a linear dolly, a curved dolly, an under-sling dolly, and can even convert into a variety of hand and shoulder support rigs. Not only that, but ZipShooter™ will fold compactly into virtually any gear bag.

A Robust Design
ZipShooter™ was built to have a diverse range of uses - which means it can support a wide range of camera shapes, sizes, and weights up to 20lbs.

The ZipShooter™ takes the concept of a portable camera dolly and launches it into a whole new dimension! It is the only device available that combines straight tracking and radial tracking movements, elevated and ultra-low undersling shooting, tabletop and shoulder-mount configurations, all in a unit that can support up to 20 lbs and still immediately break down into any gear bag. It is the ultimate shooter's tool at a price that is affordable for both the professional or the enthusiast.

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