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Review: Plasticase NANUK 925 Hard Case with Cubed Foam and Padded Dividers

Overview : NANUK cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments. Whether battling the scorching heat of the Sahara desert or the bone chilling cold of the arctic, every detail of NANUK has been refined and perfected to offer the utmost in protection and performance. From our high-impact NK-7 resin to our PowerClaw latches, NANUK has been engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications to surpass the needs of the most demanding users. These virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight cases offer the ultimate grade of protection in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors. Complimented by a large selection of optional accessories and an incredible degree of customizability, NANUK is the best choice to move your equipment in complete security. Whether transporting valuable equipment around the world or simply protecting sensitive tools in the urban jungle, NANUK is up to the challenge.

NANUK comes loaded with innovative features. Countless hours of research and development went into defining the requirements for NANUK. The result is a line of cases that are equipped to meet today’s challenges. Responding to feedback from professionals in various fields, NANUK is the evolution of traditional protective cases. NANUK has also been designed to adapt as your needs change. Many features that are optional on other cases are standard on NANUK. By integrating attachment features into the case at the design stage, you can easily add a shoulder strap or a panel kit without modifying the case with holes or additional hardware. The attachment features are already there when you need them.

Features :
  • High quality polyurethane foam, the multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case.
  • Interior Dimensions NANUK 925 Case L 17 x W 11.8 x H 6.4
  • Waterproof Seal- Automatic Pressure Release Valve-100% Stainless Steel Hardware-Stackable
  • PowerClaw Latching System- Clamps the case tightly closed using compressive force while the integrated slide lock prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.
  • Soft Grip Foldable Handle and integrated Hardware for an Accessory Strap and Padlock (Lock and Strap Available Separately). The handle structure is molded with NK-7 resin.

Quality/Usability : I try to go to as many trade shows as I can to network and to see what new products manufacturers are announcing and showing off. Another reason is to see what new manufacturers there are. They may be new to me and to some but have been on the market for quite some time.

Plasticase who makes NANUK cases, was a company I saw at PhotoPlus Expo 2012 which is held at the Javits Center in New York City. They offer hard resin cases for those who need that extra protection similar to the well known brand, Pelican. *Tidbit: NANUK cases was featured on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The NANUK 925 looks like a brief case but slightly bulkier and tougher. There are two latches on each side and a handle in the middle. There are also two holes next to the latches that lets you place locks. The middle handle actually locks in place so it doesn't accidentally fall down or lift up when it doesn't need to be.

Like with all hard cases that is used in extreme conditions, there is a pressure equalizer. This allows the free passage of gases and vapors, equalizing the pressure differential between the enclosure and surrounding area.

NANUK 925's locking mechanism offers an additional security feature. Rather than just lifting the latch, you'll have to press down on the silver switch. This will release the locking mechanism thus allowing you to lift the latch. A nice feature about the latch is that you can lock it in place and still be able to open your case.

When I met one of the representatives at PhotoPlus Expo 2012, I was told that the strap was very comfortable. Boy where they not kidding. Carrying all that weight and gear, you would want something that is comfortable. The neoprene shoulder strap incorporates Aircell comfort technology to reduce fatigue when transporting your case.

The interior of the 925 is fairly basic. There isn't much of the case bulging inside which is great because this offers more space. There are pre-drilled holes on the edge of the main compartment. Depending on what you're using the case for, NANUK offers a waterproof panel kit.

On the lid, there are four round velcros on each side. This helps hold the top foam cover in place.

You can choose the NANUK 925 case with Pick-N-Pluck foam or padded dividers. I prefer the dividers because this offers more flexibility when the gear is swapped out for something different. The pluck foam offers a much more sturdier protection and less movement but if you ever change your gear, you'll have to buy new foam. An example, you have a telephoto lens like the 70-200mm f2.8 and you plucked the foam to conform to the lens. But down the road, you change your type of shoot and no longer need telephoto anymore and got all primes. You can't place the foam back. Once its removed, its gone for good.

My only small complaint about the padded dividers is that the main padding that is wrapped around the case is a bit too thick. This eats up some slight space.

The NANUK 925 is a nice size when it comes to hauling a camera body and small gear. You'll be able to hold another zoom lens, a small prime lens and other small nick-nacks. But you'll have to take the lens hood off and either carry it separately, inserting it into an empty slot or just leaving it at home. Leaving the lens hood on will cause the lens to be wider. The gear above isn't all my gear but pictured is a Canon 600EX-RT, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II and a gripped Canon 5D Mark III. Attached to my camera is a Herringbone Heritage Hand Strap and a Luma Labs Cinch 2. So if it can hold a gripped camera body, it will have no problem holding non-gripped camera bodies.

Conclusion : Overall, the Plasticase NANUK 925 Hard Case with Cubed Foam and Padded Dividers is a nice durable case. The padding is nice and thick and offers plenty of protection. If you're carrying a small amount of gear and don't need to haul a big roller, this would be the perfect size to hold a camera, flash, 1-2 lenses (without lens hood attached) and a few other essential nit-nacks.

The design is minimal, simplistic and doesn't scream out "STEAL ME". It looks like an ordinary briefcase but in a hard shell casing.

It would be nice if they also offered or made a backpack strap. You wouldn't have to worry about the case falling while you're walking or all that weight on one shoulder. At least with a backpack strap, the weight is evenly distributed. I don't think I've seen any straps offered like this for Pelican or any other manufacturer.

Manufacturer: Plasticase
Site: Buy from Amazon (Case) / Buy from B&H Photo (Case) / Buy from Amazon (Shoulder Strap) / Buy from B&H Photo (Shoulder Strap)

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