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Review: Custom SLR Slim Strap for Mirrorless, Compact Cameras

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Overview : Slim Strap is a minimalist sling strap made for mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras (also works great for DSLRs). Premium leather, low-profile black, and a unique quick-adjust slider make this a classy strap you'll be proud to wear.

Features :
  • Genuine top grain leather on the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop.
  • Quick-adjust slider: Camera stays cinched securely at your side; to quickly snap a photo, just pull and slide.
  • Lightweight and compact design: Its slim design makes it perfect for photographers needing a lightweight yet comfortable strap solution.
  • Great for mirrorless, micro four thirds and compact cameras, and compatible with all cameras including DSLRs.

Quality/Usability : Custom SLR is no stranger to camera straps as they have released a bunch of sling straps such as the Air Strap, Glide Strap (Single / Dual) and Split Strap. However, one thing they haven't released is a slimmed down strap for smaller cameras.

On November 2015, Custom SLR launched their first slim sling strap on Kickstarter for smaller cameras such as mirrorless, micro four thirds and compact cameras. Within two weeks, the campaign was fully funded.

The Slim Strap comes in a very small box. Nothing is included other than the Slim Strap. You can attach it to any camera plate or attach it to Custom SLR's C-Loop Mini for an additional cost ($24.95). More detailed information below.

The strap measures 39" at its shortest to 57" at its longest (99-144.8 cm). It features genuine top grain leather parts: On the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop. Per Custom SLR, as time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder. The older it gets, the better it gets.

The leather shoulder pad never leaves your shoulder. The strap is so lightweight that it feels like the strap leaves your shoulder but when you go and touch your shoulder, the strap is still resting there.

One of the nice things about the Slim Strap is the nice pull tab (thumb loop). It's an actual leather pull tab with a Custom SLR label sewed to it.

The Slim Strap keeps your camera cinched securely at your side; when you need to take a photo, just pull the leather loop and slide to quickly bring your camera up for the shot. When the strap is un-cinched you can glide the camera for that perfect shot at any time. To cinch the camera back at your side simply pull the leather loop while holding the camera. The slide of the cinch is very smooth.

As stated above, the strap connector is also made from leather. The stitching is nicely done and clean. The clips allow you to remove the strap from the camera easily but also connect it quickly.

The clip is a basic buckle clip but would prefer to see Custom SLR upgrade to a more better clip that offers additional security. Someone can easily unclip the strap from behind either causing your camera to drop or steal from you.

The Slim Strap can be attached to the bottom of the camera, to a quick release plate or even at the strap mounts on the sides of the camera. We highly recommend getting the C-Loop Mini because not only is it small but it allows your camera to rotate freely without twisting the camera strap.

Installation of the strap connectors to the C-Loop Mini or any strap loop is fairly easy.
  1. Thread the strap connector through the loop
  2. Insert clip portion through the loop of the string
  3. Pull to secure strap connector to the C-Loop Mini

The above image shows the strap connectors attached to the C-Loop Mini which is attached to my Canon Powershot G5 X.

Here is the strap attached to the strap connectors.

Conclusion : Overall, the Custom SLR Slim Strap for Mirrorless, Compact Cameras is very lightweight and perfect for small camera bodies. I'm a big fan of pull tabs because it makes cinching and un-cinching of the strap very easy. The leather shoulder pad is of nice quality but because of it being lightweight, it felt like it would slide off my shoulder when I slide the camera up.

The Slim Strap works with DSLR's as well but I wouldn't want to use it on gripped or heavier cameras (will be fine with Canon Rebels or similar sizes). The width of the strap and weight of the camera isn't a good combination. This goes for any type of strap. If you're looking for a strap for DSLR's, definitely look at the wider straps such as the Air Strap, Glide Strap (Single / Dual) or Split Strap.

Manufacturer: Custom SLR
Site: Buy from Custom SLR / Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo

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