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Review: Spider Holster SpiderLight Hand Strap

Overview : The SpiderLight Hand Strap is an intelligent solution for the challenges posed by carrying today's smaller cameras. It’s unique shape and ingenious construction make it the first of it's kind. From the way that it feels in your hand, to the way that it makes you feel when you shoot with it... all the details have been designed make your experience empowering. Now you can take your camera anywhere, from the trail - to the street - to the studio, with a confident, secure, and comfortable grip.

Features :
  • Hand in and out easily and quickly
  • Works with any tripod
  • S-curve shape puts your hand in a perfect shooting position
  • Easy access to your camera controls
  • Super quick to get on and off your camera
  • Nice and sturdy
  • Includes adapters for compatibility with all leading mirrorless cameras
  • Feels great and looks beautiful

Quality/Usability : There are not many mirrorless hand straps, if any that I can think of. The hand straps that are out on the market are geared towards DSLR's and if there is anything for smaller cameras, its usually wrist straps. Spider Holster aims to solve that fear of dropping your camera by releasing the SpiderLight Hand Strap that was launched on Kickstarter, which takes after its big brother, the SpiderPro Hand Strap.

So what are the differences between the new SpiderLight Hand Strap and the SpiderPro Hand Strap?
The Pro hand strap is designed for large, heavy camera bodies with big lenses and flashes. The new Light hand strap is specifically designed for smaller camera bodies like Fuji X-T1, Sony a7’s/7II’s, Olympus OM-D to name a few. As good as they are, these cameras DO NOT have enough room for your hand (and certainly not enough room for a comfortable hand strap!).

The unit I received is the final production but without the actual packaging. Included is the hand strap, camera smart adapters, screws, wrenches, washers and instructions. My review unit came with one adapter screw but the final retail version will come with an extra replacement adapter screw.

Even though the SpiderLight Hand Strap will work with DSLR cameras, the purpose is to be used with mirrorless and compact cameras. If you own a DSLR, I highly suggest getting the SpiderPro Hand Strap.

The SpiderLight Hand Strap will have different trim colors available: Red, Copper, Light Blue, Lilac, Deep Blue, and Black.

The outside is crafted from a proprietary material that is extremely strong and flexible, allowing it to “remember” the shape of your hand. The inside is lined with a soft quality foam, covered with a velvet skin, making the hand strap super-comfortable while resisting excessive sweating.

The new Spider hand strap adapts to smaller/mirrorless camera bodies with a genius solution never conceived before – “smart” adapters that will allow your hand to comfortably hold and securely handle your camera.
  • Adapter "A" works with the Fuji X-T1, Olympus OM-D E-M1 and E-M5
  • Adapter "B" works with Sony a7, a7 II, Sony a6xxx and Fuji X Pro 1 & 2
  • Adapter "C" works with small DSLR bodies. It is compatible with most Canon and Nikon DSLR bodies with a slide slot connection
  • Adapter "D" works with the Panasonic Lumix GH4, GX8 and select Nikon DSLR's
Note: These adapters will not work with all cameras. The adapters were specifically designed to be compatible with the camera bodies listed, although they will work with most similar cameras.

I tried to connect this to the Canon G5 X but because of the strap connections, it would not fit.

You can use your own quick release plates but if you don't have any, you can use the included hardware. The SpiderLight Hand Strap comes with a rubber washer, metal washer and tripod screw. Further in the review, I'll show you how to use this.

For this review, I am using the Canon G1 X Mark II. I used smart adapter "C". Here is how it was setup:
  1. Insert extended tab of adapter into the camera slot
  2. Fold the adapter tab over
  3. Insert adapter screw and tighten with included wrench
  4. Insert the SpiderLight Hand Strap into the appropriate slot for your camera
  5. Fold the strap over and snap in the locking features

To finish up the install, all that is left is installing it to the bottom of the camera:
  1. Place the rubber washer over the tripod screw of your camera
  2. Place the hand strap on top of the rubber washer. This prevents the hand strap from moving.
  3. Next goes the metal washer
  4. Insert the tripod socket screw and tighten with the allen wrench
You don't have to use the included hardware. You can use a quick release plate or if you are also using a sling strap, you can use the strap connector. You should remove the rubber washer that is on the strap connector.

Although the G1 X Mark II isn't a mirrorless camera, the adapter works and so does the strap. Since the camera is smaller, it takes some getting use to to reach the buttons. Depending on your camera and placement of battery compartment, the strap will cover the battery door if it is on the right side of the camera similar to the G1 X Mark II. The Fuji X-T1 would have this problem. However, the Sony a7 and a6xxx series will not since the battery is under the grip area.

Here are pictures of the SpiderLight on a Fuji XPRO2. The strap also covers the battery door so you will have to shift the strap in order to be able to access the battery.

Also note that since the camera uses a rigid plastic, the strap will not flatten. The strap does stick out. So if you are putting it in your camera bag, it will have to be vertical.

Conclusion : Overall, the Spider Holster SpiderLight Hand Strap is a very comfortable strap. If you own a mirrorless or compact camera and have been looking for a hand strap...not a wrist strap, this is the one! Depending on your camera, the strap may cover your battery cover which will require you to remove or loosen the strap in order to open the battery door.

For the most part, the SpiderLight adapters work on all the major/popular mirrorless and compact cameras. Hopefully, the smart adapters will continue to work with future cameras and camera manufacturers don't change the design of how straps are attached.

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