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Review: Peak Design Shell Ultralight Camera Cover

Overview : Protect your camera from water, snow, dust and abrasion, whether it’s in your hands, on the tripod, on your backpack or in your bag. Shell’s unique form-fitting design uses stretchy fabric with a waterproof membrane to keep your camera safe without adding bulk or impeding your workflow. Use Shell with the Capture Camera Clip or any Peak Design strap (sold separately) to keep your camera accessible in any environment.

Features :
  • Custom Fit for Camera & Lens
  • Stretchable Fabric
  • Waterproof Membrane
  • Use with optional Capture Clip or Strap

Quality/Usability : The Peak Design Shell was first introduced during the Peak Design Slide Sling Strap and Clutch Hand Strap Kickstarter campaign back in August 2014. Due to the complex design and issues with the manufacturing process, the Shell started to ship out in late 2015.

Nothing much comes with the Peak Design Shell. The Shell comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. If you're unsure of what size would suit your needs, take a look at this chart. The one being reviewed is the Medium Shell.

The Shell is made of a 4-way stretchy fabric with a waterproof membrane. If you're caught in a snow or rain storm, it would protect it from those elements. It won't protect your camera if you took a dip in the pool. It's mainly a protection if you're hiking and not using your camera.

On the bottom of the Shell is a thin elastic band. This band wraps around your lens so in the event that you need to take off the Shell, it can hang from your lens without place it somewhere or losing it.

If you use Peak Design's Slide Straps whether it be the Slide, Slide Summit Edition or SlideLITE, you're able to attach the anchor links to it and still be able to use your straps. However, when it comes to using the Clutch Hand Strap, its a very very tight fit.

On both ends of the cover is a draw string that allows you to cinch the cover to your lens and the bottom of the camera.

The above is the Shell covering a Canon 5D Mark III with EF 24-70 f2.8L II. You can see the Shell cinched around the camera. I tried the Medium Shell on a gripped 5D3 and although it covered, the grip was exposed.

Per Peak Design, if you order a Large Shell and use it on a non-gripped camera, the Shell would be slightly baggier and will just wrap the bottom of the camera.

Since the bottom is exposed, if you use the Peak Design Capture Clip and/or Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag, the Shell is a perfect compliment.

As stated above, the Shell is meant to protect your camera from elements during transportation. However, you can lift up the Shell and still be able to access the buttons on the back of your camera and take a shot. The Shell is not well suited for long periods of shooting.

You can shoot with the Shell semi-covering the camera where the shutter button is still covered or leaving it on and just exposing the shutter button. If using it semi-covered, it takes some getting use to because you now have to feel for the shutter button and dials. If exposing the camera buttons, this causes the Shell to bunch up near the lens. Just make sure that the front drawstrings and cinched around the lens otherwise you'll have the shell cover the lens.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Shell Ultralight Camera Cover does a great job at repelling water and it does a great job of protecting the camera. It would of been nice if there was a way to leave the cover on as is but still be able to view the back of your camera like a clear flexible plastic and still be able to take pictures.

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