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Kickstarter: The Ultimate Lens Hood

The Ultimate Lens Hood is a new camera accessory that helps you shoot through glass without reflections. It’s a versatile collapsing silicone cone that can stretch to fit all kinds of camera lenses.

Removing glare by day and reflections by night, the ULH can be used any time you need it. Whether you're shooting through a hotel window, a high-rise observation deck, the window of a bus or through an enclosure at the zoo - the ULH makes a massive difference, transforming a bad photo into a great one even before you start editing!
  • Fits to your lens, rather than attaching to the glass. This means you're free to move around, change your angle and adjust your camera settings without having to detach anything.
  • Leaves no marks on the window. This'll keep you on the good side of venue managers and their staff! The ULH is made of silicone, and is designed to rest against the glass, rather than attach to it.
  • Perfect for crowded areas. Often the busiest tourist attractions leave very little room - or time - for great images. With the ULH on your lens, you take up no more room than you would normally, but your photos will come out better than anyone else's.
  • Get drone-looking shots, without a drone. Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch, but you'll get such clear photos out of high-rise buildings that people won't believe they were taken through glass at all. Most cities around the world have banned the use of drones, so this is your next best option to get those cityscape bangers! (also works through helicopter windows...)
  • Much more effective than a CPL. Polarising filters are known to modify and remove some reflections at certain angles but don't work to fully block the glare (especially at night). A good quality CPL is expensive, they change the colours in your photo and you'll need adapter rings to fit them to all your lenses. If you already own a CPL, add the ULH to your kit bag and get the best of both! (and the added weatherproofing the ULH provides!)

The standard ULH was designed for DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses, stretching to fit the barrels of even large telephoto lenses (60mm diameter and up). There’s also a ULHmini that’s designed for smartphone lenses and smaller digital cameras (30mm to 60mm).

The flexible nature of the ULH allows you to move the camera around and shoot at different angles while the lens hood is pressed firmly against the glass you’re shooting through.

Attaching the ULH backward onto your lens allows it to serve as lens protection, keeping things like water, snow, mud, sand, dirt, and dust from hitting your lens body.

The Ultimate Lens Hood on Kickstarter, has already surpassed its initial $10,000 goal. A pledge of $26 will get you a ULHminis, and a pledge of about $39 will get you a full-sized ULH. $59 will get you one of each. Expected ship date is October 2018.

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