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Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

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Overview : Unrivaled security, accessibility and freedom for your camera - all in one small, rock-solid, lightweight product. Capture™ is an accessory for photographers that rigidly secures your camera to the gear you already own. By clamping to any belt or strap, the Capture Camera Clip System eliminates the need for additional slings, holsters or vests. Capture's quick release "click-in, click-out" locking action keeps your camera both safe and accessible, no matter what physical activity you are doing. Whether you're hiking, biking, skiing, climbing mountains, or just snapping pictures at a family gathering, the versatility of Capture will revolutionize the way you transport and handle your camera.

Features :
  • Fool-Proof Quick-Release Locking Action.
  • Lightweight, ultra-durable construction.
  • Extra security for extra bumpy rides.
  • Holds ANY camera, from bulky SLRs with heavy lenses to smaller point and shoot cameras.
  • Attaches to ANY strap or belt (up to 3 inches wide), eliminating the need to wear additional holsters, vests or neck straps.
  • Holds your camera securely in place, but keeps it accessible with the click of a button.
  • Holds your camera rigidly against your body, preventing it from bouncing or swaying during physical activity.
  • Compatible with all Arca-Swiss Classic style tripod heads.

Quality/Usability : More and more products to hold your camera are being invented. They range from your conventional camera strap that goes around your neck, hand straps and sling straps. Now there are holsters. Holsters consist of a plate that is attached to the bottom of your camera with a holster that is clipped to your belt, harness or strap. There is no strap attached to the camera.

The Capture Camera Clip System was first introduced to as a Kickstarter project by Peter Dering. Kickstarter is a site that helps companies get the funds needed to make the products that they do not have. These "investors" such as yourself, can pledge money to help fund the project. Once the goal is met, the company can start to make the product and will send you the product (depending on pledge and what is offered). Don't worry, if the goal is not met, you don't get charged. You only get charged if the goal is met. The funding for the Capture Camera Clip System completed on July 6, 2011.

The Capture is a machined aluminum device that attaches to flat fabric, such as a backpack strap or belt, on one side and offers a quick-release mechanism for your camera on the other side. To setup the Capture:
  • Loosen both clamping screws
  • Once loosened, you can slide the Capture apart like a scissor.
  • Place your belt or backpack strap in between the Capture.
  • Close the Capture and tighten the clamping screws.
  • Press the Quick Release button and slide the Arca-Swiss compatible tripod plate out.
  • To install the plate, simply screw the plate to the tripod mount on your camera using a coin or flat-head screwdriver.
The Capture is very durable, feels solid and you can install it any way you want. On a belt, you can have the Quick Release button either at the top or at the bottom. I prefer to have it at the bottom for an easy one hand removal. If the Quick Release button was at the top, it would require two hands; one to hold the camera and the other to press the Quick Release. If mounting on a backpack strap, I suggest having the Quick Release button closest to your chest (as shown below) since this allows you to insert and remove your camera by lifting up. When loosening the clamping screws, the top plate will rise due to a spring inside. However, you don't want to loosen too much because the screws can come out.

The screw lock on the Capture prevents you from releasing the plate prematurely or from potential thieves. If the screw is not screwed in far enough, the screw can come out. It would be nice if maybe there was another way to lock the plate or prevent the screw from coming off completely.

To install the Capture plate onto the bottom of your camera, you will need a coin. This will help you tighten the screw. The plate fits Arca-Swiss mounts. This is great for that all-in-one purpose. However, if you have any ballhead that is not Arca-Swiss compatible, you will need to remove the plate from your camera and install your tripods plates every time you need to use the tripod. A great thing about the plate is that you can insert it any way into the Capture and it will lock in place. So you can have your lens perpendicular with your leg (facing down towards the ground or facing up towards you), behind you or in front of you. This makes changing lenses great as you can use both hands rather than one hand holding the camera and the other holding the lens.

The bottom of the plate, there is a screw hole to attach to other tripod screws such as a monopod. Another nice thing about the plate is that you can attach a hand strap to any of the four openings on the plate.

Since the plate attaches to the bottom of your camera, a camera with no grip attached would benefit from this. A gripped camera adds to the size and weight and will cause your camera to stick out further from your body. As you can see from the pictures, with a grip attached, the end of the lens sits leans against your leg. With a non-gripped body, the camera sits almost flush with your body. You can also see the amount of weight being pulled on my belt. Mind you, my belt was at the tightest I can buckle it and it still tugged on my belt.

Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System
Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

I wouldn't suggest using this with a grip body and flash attached to the camera with the Capture. With all the weight, the camera pulls your belt down and the edge of the Capture digs into the side of your hip (where the fifth pocket on a pair of jeans is located). If you're using a non-gripped camera, I wouldn't attach a flash unless you're in an area that is not crowded and you won't get bumped especially if your gear is on your side.

Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

Clipping the Capture Camera Clip System to a backpack strap is probably my preferred location since it provides easy access and is near your chest. However, if the strap has padding and thickness to it, it would be a little tough to try and get the Capture on. I borrowed my friends Ape Case ACPRO1800 camera backpack and in order for me to get the Capture to fit onto the strap, I pretty much had to unscrew the clamping screws almost to the point where I can almost take the screw off. Once I was able to fit the Capture over the strap, it required some force to push the Capture down enough that the clamping screws are able to catch the screw threads. The Capture fits fine on a semi padded strap.

Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System is a very sturdy holster that attaches to your belt or the strap on your backpack. I like the fact that the plate is Arca-Swiss compatible. I really like that I can clip the camera to my belt or strap and be able to change the lens with 2 hands or do something with both my hands free.

But to me, the major drawback of the Capture is if you have a grip, the added weight will dig into your hip. Not to mention it will drag your belt down. Mounting the Capture on a backpack strap would be the best and most comfortable option. It won't get in the way but will be in front of you and not at your side. The Capture isn't suitable for cameras with a grip and definitely with a flash attached; just camera body and lens only.

At $80, the price is a little high. I think $60 would be the sweet spot for the Capture Camera Clip System.

[update headline="RESPONSE FROM PEAK DESIGN IN REGARDS TO LARGER CAMERA BODIES:"]We recommend using a pro-grade camera belt. With that much weight a typical belt or backpack strap won't give you the support you need. Check out the ThinkTank line of belts: Capture fits perfectly around these belts, giving you the ideal combination of comfort, security and accessibility.[/update]

[info headline="NEW VERSION"]This has Capture Clip is now discontinued. There is a newer version available and you can read our review at[/info]

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