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Review: CPTech B-Grip Travel Kit Backpack Shoulder Strap

Review: CPTech B-Grip Travel Kit Backpack Shoulder Strap

Overview : The B-Grip Travel Kit enables you to attach your B-Grip Camera Belt Grip not to a belt, but to a backpack strap. If you attempted that trick with the B-Grip quick-release system but without this Travel Kit, you'd have a horizontally oriented DSLR lens knocking against your swinging arm as you hike.

The Travel Kit allows you to attach the B-Grip and your camera to your backpack strap with the proper orientation: lens pointed down. Whether it's a backpack strap or another closed-circuit strap, the Travel Kit lets you mount the camera/lens/B-Grip parallel to the strap – rather than perpendicular, as you typically want with a belt (and as the B-Grip on its own enables).

By using the Travel Kit to mount it to your backpack strap, you can keep your B-Grip-mounted DSLR secured to your chest and ready to shoot.

Note! Requires separate purchase of B-Grip Evo Belt Clip – not included.

Features :
  • Includes a security tether, which provides a second line of defense against dropped equipment
  • The included camera raincoat protects your camera & lens in inclement weather

Quality/Usability : The B-Grip Travel Kit is to be used in conjunction with the B-Grip Evo Camera Clip Holder.

Some of us are active photographers who go on daily hikes or an adventurer. So having a camera dangling around your neck or by your side may not be an ideal spot to have your camera. The B-Grip Travel Kit allows you to mount your B-Grip Evo Camera Clip Holder to the strap of your backpack.

Here is a video of the installation:

As you can see from the video, installation is fairly straight forward and easy. The only struggling part I had was trying to get the last end of the strap threaded through the "ears" of the holder. The thicker your shoulder strap, the more you'll have to tug. I suggest trying to get the top corner threaded through the "ear" on the B-Grip holder. Once you get enough through, slide the plastic peg through. This holds the strap in place. Slowly wiggle the remaining of the strap through the slot while pulling it at the same time. Once its in, slide the plastic peg completely into the hole of the strap.

Once the travel kit is securely in place, I was able to adjust the height but when the camera is placed on the B-Grip holder, it didn't slide down. Included a black with a thin string on each end. This helps prevent the B-Grip holder from sliding down but to me, this is optional.

Conclusion : Overall, the CPTech B-Grip Travel Kit Backpack Shoulder Strap is a great alternative other than having your camera hang on your side and on your belt. If you like to hike, walk or an active photographer who wears a backpack, this is a must. Having the camera near your shoulder gives you more mobility and easier access to your camera.

The total cost for the B-Grip holder and Travel Kit will run you $80.

Manufacturer: CPTech
Site: Buy from AmazonBuy from B&H Photo

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