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Kickstarter: Custom Bracket C-Plate: Camera Plate for Sling Strap / Holster & Tripods

Custom Brackets has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a Arca Swiss and Manfortto mount style camera plate with anti-twist plate. The C-Plate allows you to mount your camera on a tripod and also use a sling style or hostler style system without interfaces. The first thing when I saw this, it's a mash up of Custom SLR's M-Plate, Spider Holster and Carry Speed's F-1 Foldable Plate.

The C-Plate sits flat and never requires you to take your shoulder strap or holster pin off the plate. This is because of the offset connection point. The C-Plate has a built in slot to hold your allen wrench. Custom Brackets states that the C-Plate doesn't block access to battery door. This may be true for cameras like the Canon 5d Mark III or Nikon D800 but what about a small camera like the Canon Rebel series or even the SL1?

The funding period is Nov 5, 2013 – Dec 10, 2013 (35 days). Pricing starts at $40 for Early Bird but once the allotment of 100 is fulfilled, the regular Kickstarter price is $50. For $85, it gets you 2 plates.

More information about the C-Plate after the break. They also provide a comparison list on Kickstarter between the C-Plate vs the competitors on their Kickstarter page.

About the C-Plate:
  • Completely designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA! (Patent pending)
  • The last camera plate you will ever buy! Our plates will work with any DSLR camera, allowing you to use the same plate, even when you upgrade to your next camera.
  • Safety First – You can trust our plate with your camera. The main reason why the camera screw loosens over time is because of the camera twisting. Our plates use specially designed camera anti-twist arms. Once your camera is attached, the arms prevent the camera from twisting. This feature sets us apart from other plates, giving you peace-of-mind.
  • Always have the assembly tool available – the allen wrench is stored within the camera plate.
  • Battery door remains accessible when plate is installed.
  • Our plate sits flat and never requires you to take your shoulder strap or holster pin off the plate. We accomplished this by off-setting the connection point; which allows the plates to work on all quick releases and provides plenty of clearance under the lens to comfortably use the zoom.
  • Built-in hand strap attachment point (included, not an additional part for an extra cost).
  • Our plates are engineered to be lightweight and strong. Our current prototype of C-Plate AS2 weighs only 2.2 oz. and we expect to cut it down to less than 2 oz. in final production.
  • The C-Plate AS2 and C-Plate M2 allow you to leave your Black Rapid strap’s carabiner screw-lock gate safely screwed closed at all times. A stainless steel bushing in the plate prevents wear from the carabiner.
  • The C-Plate AS3 and C-Plate M3 use an added safety to ensure the strap will never unscrew itself accidentally over time.
  • Arca-Swiss style plates have laser engraved reference lines for easy setup.
  • Camera screw: Captive ¼”-20 screw (uses allen wrench stored within the C-Plate).
  • Main plate: Aluminum, tumbled, and hard anodized (type III).
  • Anti-twist arms: Aluminum, tumbled, and anodized (type II).
  • Anti-twist arms available in colors: black, green, or red. Green and red are only available on Kickstarter. The arms are adjustable with allen wrench stored within the C-Plate.
  • Anti-twist posts are machined from Delrin® acetal plastic to prevent any scratching of the camera body.
The Configurations for the C-Plate
Arca-Swiss style compatible:
  • C-Plate AS1 (For Spider Camera Holster™ & Carry Speed™)
  • C-Plate AS2 (For Black Rapid™)
  • C-Plate AS3 (For Sun Sniper™, Custom SLR™, & Joby™)
Manfrotto™ RC2 Series compatible:
  • C-Plate M1 (For Spider Camera Holster™ & Carry Speed™)
  • C-Plate M2 (For Black Rapid™)
  • C-Plate M3 (For Sun Sniper™, Custom SLR™, & Joby™)

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