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Deal: Canless Air Systems Special Edition for $80

Canless Air System, the manufacturer of O2 Hurricane Canless Air (Industrial - review) is having a special. For the months of February and March they have lowered the cost of their Special Edition unit from $159.95 to only $79.95. It is also available on Amazon for the same price.
The Canless Air System O2 Hurricane Special Edition is the most revolutionary cleaning tool since the vacuum. The cordless and rechargeable Special Edition O2 Hurricane blows air out at over 220mph and is perfect for cleaning and dusting anything you can think of. Each unit is rechargeable just like your cell phone and will provide you with hundreds of hours of cleaning time. The O2 Hurricane Special Edition is our strongest unit and comes in a brand new blue color. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, try it now!
  • Blows over 220MPH!
  • 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Comes with our 3 piece attachment kit!
  • This is our strongest unit yet!
  • Eco-friendly. It just uses the air we breathe!
They are also now offering a 3-pay option (three payments of $24.95 + shipping & handling) over at

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