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Review: Think Tank Photo CityWalker 20 Shoulder Bag

Overview : These lightweight, soft and refined messenger bags have a hip-hugging form and room for a tablet. The removable insert enables you go from a camera bag to messenger bag.

Features :
  • Dedicated compartment for iPad
  • Accommodates a 70 - 200, detached
  • Removable main insert increase functionality for multi-uses
  • Soft and flexible to conform to your body
Gear Profile:
  • Fits one standard size body w/ 24 - 70 attached + 1-3 extra lenses + flash + tablet. Accommodates 70-200 detached
Technical Specs:
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13.8” W x 9.8” H x 6.7” D (35 x 25 x 17 cm)
  • Interior Dimensions : 13” W x 8.7” H x 5.3” D (33 x 22x 13.5cm)
  • Tablet: 10.3” W x 8”H x 1” D (26.2 x 20.3 x 2 cm)
  • Weight: 2.0-2.3 Lbs. (0.9-1.0 kg)

Quality/Usability : I was starting to outgrow my ThinkTank Retrospective 10 after going full-frame with my purchase of the Canon 5D Mark III and L lenses. So I've been on the hunt for something a little bigger and lighter.

In comes ThinkTank CityWalker series. The CityWalker is also a shoulder bag but weighs less than the Retrospective series and is a soft bag which conforms to your body where as the Retrospective is much more solid and rigid.

There are loads of storage flaps. On the outside, the overall flap has a big zippered pocket. The back has another zippered pouch to hold your magazines or papers. On the left and right are mesh holders for water bottles or flashes.

The shoulder strap is a fat 2" (5cm) wide and has a foot-long (30 cm) soft grippy padded pad. There is also a smaller, shorter carry strap on top of the bag for just grabbing the bag as it sits.

On the inside of the flap there is a business card holder, and SoundSilencer for the velcro if you want silent access but sacrifices protection. In addition to velcro, there is a plastic latch to lock it closed.

Once you flip it open, there is another big flap on the outside of the bag for chargers, cables, batteries, and inside of which are lots of smaller pockets for memory cards and pens.

Each bag also has a place to hide an iPad (the CityWalker 30 will hide a laptop), and lots of other storage.

Each has three sections inside: a central one for your body and lens pointed down, and two more sections, one on each side, each for holding a lens, lenses or flash.

The biggest part of the bag is the three section camera and lens holders. You can take out this divider section to use the bag as a diaper or lunch bag with all one big compartment.

The above image on the left is with the center storage removed with a Canon 600EX-RT and Pixel TD-381 battery pack on the side pockets. The image on the right is with the center storage in the CityWalker with a Canon 5D Mark III with BG-E11 grip and a Canon 24-70 f2.8L II lens. A Canon 50mm f1.4 is also inside one of the pockets.

Conclusion : Overall, the ThinkTank CityWalker 20 Shoulder Bag has replaced my love for the ThinkTank Retrospective bag. Its lighter and soft enough to conform to my body. The shoulder pad is the same as the Retrospective which is very comfortable. There's plenty of storage and even a spot to hold your tablet. I'm even able to hold a water bottle thanks to the elastic mesh pockets on the side of the bag.

As with all ThinkTank products, you won't be disappointed with the quality and craftsmanship of the products. From all the products we've tested and reviewed, it's all been top notch.

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Manufacturer: Think Tank Photo
Site: Buy from Think Tank Photo / Buy from Amazon 
/ Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama 

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