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Review: MagMod Magnetic Modular Speedlite Modifiers for Hot-Shoe Flashes

Overview : MagMod is a magical flash modifier system that frees your speedlite flashes from velcro, straps, and adhesives by geniously incorporating the invisible powers of magnetism.

Each modifier is a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is sleek, compact, easy to use, and dead simple.

Features :
  • No velcro, straps, or adhesives!
  • One-size-fits-all compatibility. Works with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and just about every prosumer hot-shoe flash ever created.
  • Instantaneous attachment method using Neodymium "rare-earth" magnets
  • Strong grip on your flash prevents from accidentally falling off!
  • Sleek and compact so you can always leave it on your flash
  • Durable elastic silicone band is incredibly resilient against impact and snapping
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Compact size makes for easy storage, takes up less space in your bag!
  • Completely modular, stack as many grids + gels as you want!
  • No loose pieces to misplace, magnets come pre-assembled

Quality/Usability : We first heard about the MagMod through Kickstarter. After watching their video and what the product does, we were really interested in it. The MagMod is a flash modifier that doesn't require velcro, straps or any adhesives. Instead, it uses Neodymium rare-earth magnets to attach your grids, gels and other MagMod products.

The MagMod Basic Kit includes: (1) MagGrip, (1) MagGrid, (1) MagGel Kit (which includes 8 gel sheets). Also included is a Carrying Pouch and super awesome MagMod Transmitter Band with each kit. Everything can be purchased individually with the exception for the MagMod Transmitter Band and Carry Pouch.


The MagGrip is molded from a single piece of silicone rubber. You won't have to worry about it losing its elasticity. The MagGrip attaches to almost every hot-shoe flash on the market whether it be OEM such as Nikon SB-910, Canon 600EX-RT, etc. or 3rd party such as YongNuo, Cheetah, Godox, Nissin, etc. (flash heads must be rectangular — will not work with bare bulb flashes). For wider flash heads, it will require a little bit of effort to get it on but once it is on, it won't come off or budge.

No more noisy velcro, bulky straps and sticky adhesives. The revolutionary MagGrip replaces all of that. There are two small rare-earth magnets on each side of the MagGrip that provides strong, instantaneous, secure connection between the MagGrip and MagMod lighting modifiers. With the use of magnets, the MagGrid provides a quicker, easier and stronger attachment.


The MagGrid is also molded from a single piece of silicone rubber that makes it incredibly tough and able to withstand impact and tearing. It's sleek design reduces unnecessary bulk while saving space in your camera bag.

There are two small rare-earth magnets that allows you to attach the MagGrid to the MagGrip or MagGel Kit.

MagGel Kit
The MagGel is a kit that consists of a gel slot and rigid, polycarbonate color filters that are practically indestructible. Each gel-slot can fit up to 3 filters at once, allowing you seamlessly stack multiple filters to change your flashes color, density, or hue. When shipped, it comes with 3 filters inside the holder which is nice and snug but when you only need one filter, its loose and the filters wiggle around.

Like the MagGrip and MagGrid, the MagGel is also fitted with two small rare-earth magnets that allows you to attach the MagGel to either the MagGrip or MagGrid.

The MagGel Kit includes one of each gel:
  • Full CTO (Rosco #3407)
  • 1/2 CTO (Rosco #3408)
  • 1/4 CTO (Rosco #3409)
  • 1/2 Blue (Rosco #3204)
  • 1/2 Tough Plusgreen (Rosco #3315)
  • 1/2 CT Straw (Rosco #3442)
  • 3x Neutral Density (Rosco E-211)
  • Opal Frost Diffusion

Also available separately is the MagMod Creative Gel Set. This set contains an additional 8 polycarbonate color filters. It includes one of each of the following: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Purple.

The MagGrip is required for use with the MagGel modifiers.

PRODUCT ADVISORY: The MagGels will have some degree of scuffs and/or cosmetic scratches. MagMod is aware of this and is constantly trying to improve their manufacturing process. Working with clear plastic and keeping it scratch free is very hard. The blemishes will not effect the light quality from the flash. It will end up being scuffed when being used.

MagMod Transmitter Band

The Transmitter Band is only available with the Basic Kit. If you own a transmitter such as a PocketWizard, the band will allow you to attach the transmitter to the top of your flash without the need for it to dangle freely from a cable or string. You can also arrange the band to be on the side of your flash.

NOTE: At the time of this review, yellow is the only available color and was available with the Basic Kit only. Per their Facebook post, the transmitter band will be available in black with a larger transmitter opening and will be available to be purchased separately.

Conclusion : Overall, the MagMod Magnetic Modular Speedlite Modifiers for Hot-Shoe Flashes is an innovative flash modifier. You can not get any easier in terms of setup and use. No more bulkiness, adhesives or velcro sounds from a strap. It will pretty much fit any standard sized flashes except for bare bulb flashes. The MagMod setup has great potential to expand on accessories. I love that you can stack grids and gels without adding too much bulk. During its Kickstarter campaign, they teased of another product had it reached its stretch goal. Unfortunately, it was shy of meeting that goal but it looked like it was a bounce card.

My unit had a minor tear near the magnet. This is expected since silicone has a potential of tearing overtime. However, MagMod has informed me that they are improving the silicone. If you experience any tear or problems, MagMod stands behind their product and will replace them.

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