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Kickstarter: GoWorx GoKnuckles for GoPro HERO Cameras

We were contacted by Ryan over at GoWorx who informed us about their new Kickstarter campaign. GoKnuckles looks exactly like brass knuckles (without the brass) and with a GoPro HERO attached to the top of it. The GoKnuckles lets you hold your GoPro HERO securely while still also allowing you to use your fingers to hold or grab stuff.

Through Kickstarter, the GoKnuckles is $15. It's $2 off the retail price of $17.00.

Continue reading for more information about the GoWorx GoKnuckles.

Hit the streets, surf, and snow with GoKnuckles - the most awesome way to mount and use your GoPro® HERO camera.

If there is one thing GoPro fans around the world are demanding, it's more fun. Thus we designed GoKnuckles, an incredibly functional handheld mount for your GoPro® HERO camera inspired by the iconic form of Brass Knuckles.

Your GoPro camera can be mounted facing either way, which makes GoKnuckles the perfect tool for filming yourself and others during any action sports and adventures.


To spice up our campaign, we are offering our flagship product in addition to GoKnuckles for two of our top pledge tiers.

The Original Handle works with GoPro’s HERO® camera and enhances the control you have over your photos and video. Handheld, it’s perfect for capturing low angle, 3rd person, and alternative perspective shots that are usually difficult to film. Unmanned, it provides a stable base for recording yourself or shooting creative and secondary angles.

The Original Handle+ features our Grip Upgrade and a strap to easily attach your GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote and control it with your thumb.

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