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Review: PIXEL TD-381 TD-382 TD-384 Speedlite Speedlight Flash Battery Pack

Overview : Flashgun Battery Power Pack for Speedlite/Speedlight flashes. The external flashgun battery pack improves flash recycle times significantly and increases the number of firings before batteries need to be replaced. It can be loaded with up to 8 AA-size batteries - alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH - prior to a shoot to ensure fast and smooth transitions from one battery set to the next - important in critical shooting situations or to keep up momentum in the studio.

Features :
  • TD-381 for Canon; TD-382 for Nikon (SB-900); TD-383 for Nikon (SB-800 & older); TD-384 for Sony
  • It uses two groups of symmetrical charge system and have more stable charging voltage. It charges time twice as fast as any other battery pack.
  • Flexible and convenient design. You can use 4 or 8 AA batteries freely.
  • It uses a new charging method. You get a fastest recharge when using 8 AA batteries.
  • It saves more than 25% power consumption in stand-by mode compared with other similar products.

Quality/Usability : I've been looking for a flash battery pack to help with longer shoots and quicker refresh rates. I've looked at Quantum battery packs but they're at the top of the price range and I've looked at OEM battery packs which are a bit pricey. The Pixel battery pack caught my attention because people have used them with no complaints and the price was in my price range (I purchased mine used). The 8 cell external packs greatly reduce your flashes recycle time and the need for battery changes.

As a reminder, even with these battery packs, it still requires a set of batteries in the flash to power the controls and LCD etc. The battery pack plugs into a socket on the flash and bypasses all the normal circuitry delivering high voltage straight to the flash capacitor. This is how it delivers the fast recharge times.

Nothing much is included. Since mine was purchased used, it only came with the pouch and battery pack and tray. A new product would come with what was mentioned as well as manual and camera connecting screw.

Like any 3rd party item, the quality is sub-par compared to OEM Canon or Nikon versions, but it will do just fine. The pack has a hole that allows you to screw the battery pack to the bottom of your camera with the supplied camera connecting screw (not pictured).

The pack has two LED's on one end of the pack, one for each charging circuit. They blink constantly while on standby and turn solid while recharging the flash. The flash still requires batteries to be inserted into the flash to power controls and LCD. The battery pack will mainly focus on providing the flash output and recycle time.

To remove the battery tray, simply push the button and slide it out. When you push the tray back into the battery pack, it automatically locks into place.

The battery tray slides smoothly and once locked in place, it won't budge. It's designed as 2 sets of 4 batteries, one set at the top and the other set on the bottom. This makes it easy to identify which are a set and when you recharge them. The batteries are easy to insert and remove.

The Pixel pack also has a unique dual charging circuit which helps to achieve those fast recycle speeds. This also means you can use just 4 instead of the full 8 AA batteries if needed.

When using only 4 batteries in the pack it doesn't matter which side you put them in, the LED on that side will double blink to show there's only the one circuit with batteries running.

The padded case has two openings. One end uses velcro flap and the other end uses a button flap. The button flap end allows you to remove the battery tray without taking the entire battery pack out of the case. The back of the case has a belt slot that allows you to put a belt through it and 2 holes on the top so that you can still see the LED's.

Conclusion : Overall, the PIXEL TD-381 TD-382 TD-384 Speedlite Speedlight Flash Battery Pack is a must own accessory if you need quick recycling time. At first, I was hesitant of buying a battery pack that runs off of AA batteries because I thought it wouldn't last long. But I was proven wrong. This can last a full event and probably more depending on how much you use. I love the fact that it can still run and power your flash on four batteries. And if you run out of power, you can easily swap it out for a fresh set of batteries.

The battery pack gives off a slight buzzing sound. I did a quick search online and it seems to be normal.

Manufacturer: Pixel
Site: Buy from Amazon (Canon) / Buy from Amazon (Nikon SB-900) / Buy from Amazon (SB-800 & older) / Buy from Amazon (Sony)

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