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Review: Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount, Float, Bolt, Leash

Overview : You've seen all the pros and their perfect POV barrel shots. How do they do it? Well, until recently, you needed to rig up your own mouth mount.

Features :
  • Customize your colors to make it your own.
  • Durable materials can withstand any abuse you put it through.
  • Lightweight (1.4oz)
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Secure. Use with floaty or leash (or both) so you will never lose your GoPro.
  • Designed in California.
  • Compatible with all versions of GoPro cameras. (Hero, HD Hero, HD Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+ black and silver editions, and Hero4 black and silver editions)

Quality/Usability : Ever wondered how surfers were able to capture POV barrel shots? Yes, there are chest/head mounts or mounted to the surfboard. But they may not be aiming at the shot you want or has things obscuring the image such as the surfboard, water or arms.

The Ho Stevie! mouth mount helps you capture that perfect shot you're looking for. No wave or barrel is ever the same. So where ever you're looking, that's where your GoPro will see.

The mouth mount comes with your choice of colored mouthpiece, polycarbonate mount, band and bolt. You can also purchase a leash and floaty if you want.

The mouthpiece is made of soft silicone mouthpiece that keeps your mount secure and comfortable while holding it in your mouth. It's available in 10 different color options; clear or black but you can customize the teeth to the color of your choice.

There's absolutely no hard plastic that touches your mouth, only the same soft silicone used in scuba-diving equipment. Safe for your teeth, while at the same time making it incredibly effortless to hold in your mouth.

There's no specific size of these mouth pieces but it looks to fit all mouth sizes. The mouthpiece is actually comfortable and doesn't hurt my teeth or gums.

The mount is made of polycarbonate and is the plastic mount itself, which you attach your GoPro to. These mounts are designed so that the silicone mouthpieces lock on tightly and never come loose. The mount is available in 12 different colors as shown above. You can also get them in transparent as well.

The band (zip-ties) securely attaches the mouthpiece to the mount. You can't see it, but the polycarbonate mounts have a ridge on them, and the mouthpiece fits over top of this ridge. The band locks the mouthpiece to the mount, so no matter how severe your washing-machine wave hold-down is, there is no chance of the pieces separating. There are 7 colors to choose from.

These bolts are anodized aluminum bolts. They all look really cool, and they are extremely durable and light. It is available in 7 different colors. So you can match it with your mount or mix-and-match.

It would be nearly impossible to paddle out through any kind of waves if the mount didn't allow you to breathe. The mount has air channels in it that allows you to breathe as if you didn't have a mount in your mouth. Unfortunately, this doesn't prevent water from entering so you can't go swimming with it and you can possibly inhale water.

The float and leash are optional items. If you're surfing without a wetsuit, the leash (shown below) won't have anywhere to clip onto, so you will need a floaty if you want to be sure that you don't lose your GoPro to the bottom of the ocean. The float will keep your GoPro floating.

The float is also good for something else other than floatation. Stabilization. With the floaty, it adds an extra level of stabilization to your video because the float rests against your chin.

Applying the float to your GoPro case is easy. Just peel one side of the adhesive pad, and stick it to your case. Then peel the other side, and stick the floaty on. Unfortunately, the adhesive pad can not be reapplied multiple times. Once it's on, it must stay on. You have 2 color options for the floats: Plain orange or black with white Ho Stevie! logo.

You will never lose your GoPro with the leash! Nothing special about these leashes other then the fact that you can match your mouth mount or mix-and-match. The leashes are adjustable from 14 inches to 22 inches.

To attach the leash to your Ho Stevie! mouth mount, thread the loop through your mount, and then bolt on your GoPro. Then attach the clip to your wetsuit zipper, and adjust the length to whatever you prefer. It's suggest to keep it short as possible while still being able to turn your head freely but you can have it longer if you want to take your GoPro out of your mouth for a mid-wave selfie.

Conclusion : Overall, the Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount, Float, Bolt, Leash is a nice product. It's lightweight and comfortable. It looks durable and I'm sure the silicone will hold up fine from the bites and teeth marks. It's great that the float provides stability but I'm not fond of having the floaty attached when not needed. Removing it will cause the adhesive to not stick or damage the floaty.

This isn't for surfers/surfing only. You can use this while you're kayaking, white water rafting, dragon boating or any other water activities that doesn't involve your mouth being submerged under water. You can even use it if you do parkour, freerunning, jogger or videogamer. Pretty much, if you need to record and need both your hands, Ho Stevie! GoPro mouth mount is your answer.

Manufacturer: Ho Stevie!
Site: Buy from Ho Stevie! / Buy from Amazon

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