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Review: GRIP&SHOOT Bluetooth Smart Grip for Smartphones

Overview : We’ve all taken pictures and video with our smartphones; it’s a shaky and awkward process. The Grip and Shoot solves this problem by attaching a handle to the smartphone for comfort and support and then providing full one-handed control of the camera’s operation.

Features :
  • Wirelessly Control Your Phone
  • Reduces Shaky Video and Fatigue
  • Works with Free iOS App
  • Two Cases and Ergonomic Handle
  • Three Integrated Buttons
  • Capture Photos, Videos, Zoom In/Out
  • Includes Removable Stand

Quality/Usability : As smartphones become more advanced, people are starting to use their smartphones to take photographs. People are also starting to use their smartphone to do videos. But it can feel awkward or get tiring holding a huge phone. They require use of both hands in order to take a picture or to zoom in. What if you can do it all with one hand and not have your hand partially covering the screen?

GRIP&SHOOT aims to make photographing and video a more comfortable approach. The Smart Grip is a bluetooth grip for smartphones that lets you take pictures, record and zoom in and out all from a grip without using two hands or having shaking pictures/videos.

Bluetooth Smart Grip

GRIP&SHOOT's locking mechanism is both simple and secure. The grip features 3 buttons including a trigger, + and – button that controls a capture of a photo or start/stop a video, zoom in and zoom out. Because of the grips open API, developers can program these buttons to control various functions within their own app.

The side has TPE grips that provide comfort and no-slip security. On the back of the grip (palm side), there is a small LED that flashes blue letting you know that your grip and phone are connected via Bluetooth 4.0.

The grip is available in two colors; black and white.

On the front of the grip (finger side), there is a switch at the bottom of the grip to disengage the Removable Stand. This switch also helps you remove the CR2032 battery that is housed within the grip. This stand can be used to connect your phone to any standard tripod or can be used on its own.

Once the bottom has been separated, the remainder of the grip is now a remote control that can be used over 100ft away. In order to control your phone with the GRIP&SHOOT, you'll need to download their app [iTunes / Google Play]. It great for those shots that you can't reach and have a selfie stick.

Shooter Case

The Shooter Case is made out of a ballistic grade polycarbonate and features a locking shoe built into its side for convenient and secure attachment to the Bluetooth Smart Grip. Simply slip your iPhone 4S, 5/S into the case buttons first.

JawZ Adapter

The Shooter Case is the quickest and easiest way to connect your iPhone to the GRIP&SHOOT system; however, it's only for iPhones. What about for those who own a Samsung, Motorola or LG smartphones? The GRIP&SHOOT JawZ has two spring loaded jaws that extend out to accommodate multiple sized phones and cases. When not in use, the JawZ folds flat and can be tossed right into your pocket.

According to GRIP&SHOOT, they say it will fit ANY phone or case up to the Galaxy Note 3 with Otterbox. I think it will fit the iPhone 6Plus with no problem and possibly with a case. The image above is with a LG G3 smartphone and Seidio Surface case. The JawZ is able to extend even further to fit a larger phone. The phone was securely in place and didn't feel like it was going to fall off on its own. Unfortunately, it does not angle or tilt.

Grip Adapter

The Grip Adapter can be attached to any device stand with a ¼"-20 thread such as the Square Jellyfish, Glif, or Joby Micro Stand. This can help you attach an iPad Mini to the GRIP&SHOOT.

Even though the GRIP&SHOOT app doesn't work with a GoPro, you can use the GRIP&SHOOT as a hand grip.

Leather Carrying Pouch

The leather carrying pouch is made from durable water resistant leather and features 2 pockets: one for the grip and one for the phone. Magnets in the flaps keep the contents in place.

Conclusion : Overall, the GRIP&SHOOT Bluetooth Smart Grip for Smartphones is a nice product. The app works great and was easy to use. It would be nice if the JawZ or Shooter case allowed the ability to angle your smartphone.

Manufacturer: GRIP&SHOOT
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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