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Review: GoWing Lens Flipper Holder for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and A Mount Lenses

Overview : Think of the Lens Flipper as a double sided locking lens cap with a strap! The Lens Flipper serves two purposes. The first is to carry an extra lens, and the second, to make it easy to swap out lenses. It makes a lens change quick, easy, and safe.

Features :
  • GoWing Lens Flipper for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and A Mount Lenses
  • Two-Sided Locking Mount
  • Attach a Lens to One or Both Sides
  • Enables Quick Lens Switches
  • Sturdy Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • GoWing 1 Year Limited Warranty

Quality/Usability : GoWing Lens Flipper originated from South Korea but I never heard of the product until I saw them at the New York PhotoPlus Expo 2014. During my visit at the booth, it gained a lot of interests and attention from attendees.

The Lens Flipper allows you to swap lenses quickly and easily without fear of trying to juggle your gear or putting your gear down to swap lenses.

The Lens Flipper comes with the holder, strap and booklet. It is available for Canon EF mount lenses, Nikon F mount lenses as well as Sony E and A mount lenses.

The GoWing Lens Flipper has the same mount that you'll find on your camera body. So taking two lens caps and supergluing them together. That's pretty much what a Lens Flipper is but sturdier and better looking. It's made from durable plastic so it's lightweight and strong enough to hold your lenses.

The lenses are locked into place. To release them, there is a button on each side that lets you release the lens which will allow you to twist the lens off like you would on a camera body. The one I received was for the Canon EF mount lenses.

You can mount one or two lenses. Which ever lens is the heaviest will be the one aimed down. It's just the law of physics.

It has eyelets similar to those that are found on Nikon cameras. This allows you to attach a strap.

The strap shown is Peak Design Leash. There's nothing wrong with the included strap but I opted for the Peak Design because of the quick disconnects. Since it's on a strap, it will swing around and bump against your body.

Swapping out of lenses is convenient because you don't have to carry a bag to hold your lenses. The lenses are right next to you.

Conclusion : Overall, the GoWing Lens Flipper Holder for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and A Mount Lenses does a good job of holding up to two lenses. It's convenient and gives you easy access to your lenses. I would like to see maybe a belt clip or something like a waist strap to help prevent the lens from bouncing all over the place. A simple detaching from the belt or waist would allow you to easily swap lenses.

The price may scare some potential buyers away. I think a $50-$60 is where the price range should be for this.

Manufacturer: GoWing
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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