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Kickstarter: CaptureLENS and Lens Kit Added to Everyday Messenger Bag

Peak Design just introduced the CaptureLENS and Lens Kit, 2 new products that are the best camera lens carry and quick-change system ever made. And to celebrate, they're launching them exclusively on Kickstarter in conjunction with their Everyday Messenger Bag.

So what is the difference between the CaptureLENS and Lens Kit?
  • CaptureLENS: Lens Kit lens adapter + a standard Capture clip (no plate, just the clip). CaptureLENS is for people who don't already own a Capture clip, or want an additional Capture clip so they can carry a camera and a lens at the same time.
  • Lens Kit: Just the lens adapter, no clip. Lens Kit is for people who already own a Capture clip. Note that Lens Kit works with all versions of Capture.
Currently, it supports 3 types of interchangeable lenses: Canon (EF and EF-S-mounts), Nikon (F-mount) and Sony (E and EF-mounts).

This is only available through Kickstarter when you pledge for the Everyday Messenger Bag. The CaptureLENS is $80 additional and the Lens Kit is $40 additional. It will be shipped separately from the bag as it has a different production schedule. The target date is to start shipping sometime December 2015 but some backers won't receive it until early 2016.

But don't worry if you're not backing the Everyday Messenger Bag. You'll still be able to purchase the CaptureLENS and Lens Kit outside of Kickstarter. Peak Design expects the CaptureLENS will retail for $90 and Lens Kit will retail for $50. Essentially saving $10 each when you preorder.

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