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Kickstarter: Custom SLR Slim Strap - Minimalist Leather Camera Strap

Our good friends over at Custom SLR has just kicked off their 6th crowdfunding campaign with a versatile camera strap with quick-adjust slider and genuine leather. This strap is called the Slim Strap. It's great for mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras.

If you haven't heard about Custom SLR, like most small startup companies, they go to Kickstarter. All five of their previous projects were successfully funded. Custom SLR has made a name for itself in creating comfortable and innovative camera straps, from their Glide One Strap (ranked Best in Test by Advanced Photographer Magazine) to their Air Strap (which reached 880% of its funding goal on Kickstarter).

The Slim Strap is a minimalist leather camera strap. Its features include:
  • Genuine top grain leather on the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop.
  • Quick-adjust slider: Camera stays cinched securely at your side; to quickly snap a photo, just pull and slide.
  • Lightweight and compact: Its slim design make it perfect for photographers needing a lightweight yet comfortable strap solution.
  • Great for mirrorless, micro four thirds and compact cameras but also compatible with all cameras including DSLRs.

Early Bird special is starts at $27. You can also purchase bundles that include items such as C-Loop Mini for as low as $45 up to $300 which includes Slim Strap, C-Loop, M-Plate Pro, ProDots and dinner.

Continue reading for more information.

Bye Bye, Bulky Camera Straps

This one's for the adventurers. The explorers. The ones who dare to do things differently. You don't need another bulky camera strap holding you back. You need a lightweight strap that makes capturing life's moments effortless.

Introducing the Slim Strap, a minimalist sling strap made for mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras (also works great for DSLRs). Premium leather, low-profile black, and a unique quick-adjust slider make this a classy strap you'll be proud to wear.

Genuine Top Grain Leather

The Slim Strap features genuine top grain leather parts: On the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop. As time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder. The older it gets, the better it gets.

Quick-Adjust Slider

Never miss a moment. The Slim Strap keeps your camera cinched securely at your side; when you need to take a photo, just pull the leather loop and slide to quickly bring your camera up for the shot. The leather shoulder pad never leaves your shoulder.

Lightweight and compact

On the road and on the go, the Slim Strap is lightweight, compact, and ready for any adventure.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

The Slim Strap webbing is seatbelt grade; the material is smooth and durable. Genuine Duraflex buckles and micro loops quickly and securely attach to any strap mounting point. The Slim Strap is sewn together with the perfect combination of stitches.

Minimal Branding

No flashy logos here. Keep it classy with the sleek black of the Slim Strap.

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